Women Talk About The 81 Things They Would Change About Their Wedding


The happiest day of your life, your wedding, could always have been a bit brighter and brighter in your daydreams. At least, that’s what some people tell themselves during a moment of honesty when they look back at the occasion with their hindsight goggles on (remember, they always make your vision 20/20).

Reddit users frequenting the r/AskWomen subreddit have been opening up about some of the things they would love to have changed about their wedding day if only they could go back in time. In the viral thread, the women are offering a wealth of advice for brides-to-be. It’s thoroughly eye-opening to see how many things can potentially go wrong during the ceremony and reception. Things that you possibly wouldn’t even think of, unless you’ve already racked up the experience.

We’ve collected some of the best and most honest insights that internet users shared about their weddings, so take a peek if you’re curious, and don’t forget to upvote the answers that you found illuminating. Though with everything said and done, we do have to remember this simple fact—no wedding will ever be ‘perfect.’ All manner of things will go wrong, but, at the end of the day, it’s your love for one another that should be the focus. Not the photographer, place settings, and band.

The author of the original thread, Alyssa, aka u/Puzzleheaded-Yam-411, revealed to Bored Panda that she will be having her own wedding in May 2022, and was hoping for some advice from other brides. "I have found it so difficult to plan our wedding on my own. I wanted to get some advice from fellow brides on what they found helped them with the big day that might alleviate some of the pressure. Especially on the actual day, what they found important to remember," she told me in an exclusive interview.

In Alyssa's opinion, there isn't such a thing as 'perfect' wedding because everyone has their own idea of what this entails. "Plus, it is so much better when your wedding is original and different! That’s what people will remember about it," she mused. "Our wedding is in May 2022, and we know, just like in life, some things won’t go just as we planned. Ours was originally booked for 2021! It may be difficult on the day, but as long as you focus on what is the most important aspect, each other, then everything else will fade into the background. I won’t lie and say it won’t be stressful, but I’m sure a glass or two of champagne will wash that stress away!" Scroll down for Bored Panda's full chat with Alyssa as well as for my interview about wedding problems with Anna and Sarah, Team Leaders at The Wedding Society.


Married someone else

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Hired a photographer.

We eloped with siblings as witnesses because of some messy parent stuff. I really wish we would have hired someone to take a few posed pictures at the park or something.

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I would NOT have told anybody my wedding plans. Like just not offered any info whenever I was asked how wedding planning was going, and just say I was keeping it a surprise.

My mother in law and sister in law lost their shit over my flower selection. My mom told me I was an embarrassment over my catering selection (mind you my husband and I paid for everything ourselves). When showing my aunt my Pinterest board for wedding dresses she literally said “I know your style is better than this, these are terrible, it’s a good thing I caught it before you bought anything”. Everyone felt that they knew better than us. Up until the morning of our wedding day these women were trying to pressure me into making changes and spending money i didn’t have.

I still did everything I wanted and the day was lovely and everyone enjoyed/behaved themselves. but I just could have saved myself a ton a misery if I had only kept my mouth shut about my plans. I wish instead wasting all my energy on defending my choices, apologizing, and then second-guessing my plans, I spent that time enjoying being engaged. It seems petty because it only a one-day event. But seeing how judgmental and pushy they all were in trying to bully me into each of their own specific tastes really opened my eyes, and has caused a bit of a “strain in those relationships” (read: I’m no longer the easy to manipulate pushover they all needed me to be).

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Alyssa, the author of the thread, was candid with me that she has found the wedding preparations to be very stressful and overwhelming. Even now, once she's gotten more experience.

"If I had to start the planning all over again I would say, don’t be afraid to ask for help," she gave our readers here at Bored Panda some spot-on advice. "Whether that be hiring a wedding planner, or asking friends and family to deal with certain suppliers. The difference it would have made hiring a wedding planner is insurmountable. Even though our wedding is small (around 70 guests) you would be surprised how much detail needs to be covered in order to have everything come together seamlessly."

The bride-to-be shared exactly how many details planners have to be aware of. Details that many of us wouldn't even consider. "Think of a table, what is on that table? Plates, cutlery, crockery, glasses, table linen, candles, flower garlands, chairs, sashes, the table itself, the list goes on. And you have to organize all of this!" Alyssa pointed out how overwhelming things can get.


Remembered to grab my bouquet. It was sitting on the coffee table all day. Now we just laugh about it - I spent hundreds of hours crocheting it for it to be left at home.

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Chosen different bridesmaids. I had six. Two are still in my life and four left in two separate shitty incidents. I hate most of my wedding photos now

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I would have made sure to plan a bit of alone time for myself the day of. I didn’t get even 5 minutes to just be by myself before my wedding, to breathe or reflect or generally be in the moment. That morning was a blur of people and activity. I found it exhausting to have some kind of audience for an entire day, sunrise to well after sunset. A moment to happily freak out about the fact that holy shit, I’m about to get married! with no one watching would have been awesome.

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"If your fiancé is anything like mine, don’t even contemplate asking for his opinion as it will most likely be answered with, 'Errrr…' Though in all seriousness, I think it’s because he knows whatever he says I won’t listen to, haha! This is all of course relevant to people organizing a wedding where it is not in a package. Package weddings work completely differently and may be much more stress-free for future couples to look into."

Alyssa also advised other brides-to-be to do their homework on their supplies and read every single contract in detail before signing anything. That can save a lot of headaches in the future.

"Especially due to the current economic climate, many companies have changed their terms and conditions. So if you think you can just get a deposit back because of something Covid related, you may be disappointed. Many suppliers are friendly, to begin with, but the moment money is mentioned or involved they can completely turn in into different people. Trust us, we know. Covid broke out a few months after we booked with many suppliers."

However, the most important thing is to do your research. "Read reviews, look at the photographer’s portfolio before hiring, research what the food looks like or what other people’s thoughts were! Another silly detail would be what do the products look like in 'natural' light. It’s easy to spend loads on décor when you choose it from studio lighting, it may look completely different in person.


My ex husband loves to have fun at my expense. When we cut the cake, I tried to playfully get icing on his nose. He ducked, avoiding me, didn't even take a bite of the cake, then he grabbed a handful of cake and rubbed it into my hair. It took everything in me to not cry in front of the 150 people there. I put on the performance of a lifetime. I feigned a laugh and acted like it was all in good fun. I wish I had just let my tears fall and simply asked him in front of everyone "why would you do that?" In reality, I should have never married him, and then I should have left years before I did. But here we are. I don't necessarily regret that (we had beautiful children), but I always wish I had stood up for myself.

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It would've been much smaller and I would've told my dad that he wasnt planning it. I was 19 and my husband was 21 so we had no money but were in love. My dad decided since the FOB pays, then it's HIS wedding so whatever he wants is what I got.

If I could go back, I would've had a budget wedding with maybe 40 friends/family of MY choosing instead of 200 people that I'll never see again. Different gown (no train or veil this time). And REAL flowers instead of fake ones.

I also wouldn't have had it in a church. I'm not religious but was guilt-tripped into going to pre-cana classes at the church and having the ceremony there. I would've taken most of the "traditional" elements out.

Side Note: I still have a good relationship with my dad AND my husband and I have been married almost 20 yrs now. So really bottom line... the wedding day doesnt matter. It's all the days after it that matter.

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Sometimes I wish it wouldn't have had to happen during a global pandemic, but honestly it turned out so beautiful anyway that I wouldn't change a thing.

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Meanwhile, Anna and Sarah from The Wedding Society shared their professional perspectives on why things can go wrong during weddings and what the main issues tend to be. At the core of it all lies the importance of accepting that some things won't go smoothly. Plans are rarely (if ever!) perfect and some things will go wrong sooner or later. 

"From our experience, the main issues that pop up for couples usually revolve around family dynamics, which are almost impossible to avoid!" they were candid with Bored Panda. "It's hard to foresee everything that might go wrong from vendor mistakes or issues through to that drunk bridesmaid falling on the cake, so all you can really do is plan for what you might expect and accept that something definitely will go wrong. If you can just embrace the fact that not everything will go to plan. you'll have a much better day!"


My sister said she wished someone had packed her and her husband an extra to-go box of the food served at the wedding. She said they barely ate dinner because they were busy talking to people and they had an addrenial rush and not much of an appetite. They were starving when they got to their hotel.

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Would’ve gotten a dress that made me feel like a goddess. Mine was pretty but white ain’t my color and it could’ve been better. Also, don’t do strapless.

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I would have gotten married at 11am!

I spent so much time being nervous to walk down the aisle (because of all the people). I spent literally half the day being nervous! Get married in the morning so you can spend the rest of the day partying and having fun on your wedding day!

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Bored Panda wanted to know how the happy couple can ensure that their wedding is truly their own and how to not get lost in the maze of advice, coming from friends, family, and professionals. "It's important to remember the almost everyone with an opinion really does have good intentions," Anna and Sarah told me. However, having a clear vision of the happy day can help the couple focus.

"That said, it's useful to have a really good idea of what you and your partner want for the day before you share the details with family and friends, so that you can stand firmer in your discussions about those choices. "

There's also the old nod-and-smile technique that works in all walks of life, not just during wedding prep. "If all else fails, one of the best things you can do is nod your head, smile, and agree, then do it your own way anyway!!" they revealed to Bored Panda.


Have the posed cutesy/spicy pictures done on a different day. Scheduling all that on a day that you're supposed to celebrate is honestly a drag and felt like a job.

I would have just done it at the park, and had the reception at my favorite resturant. Organizing furniture and dishes and decorations to bring all of it on site was a job.

just do anything that doesn't make it feel like I worked instead of just enjoying my wedding day.

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Everything. Wanted a lavender dress but I was young and told I had to wear white. I would have it in an old bldg, gothic style with a garden outside for pics, pro photographer and very few people. Taco and margarita bar for the win next time if ever.

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I wouldn't have drank so much. I had loads of fun which is good but I wish I'd have been a bit more sober.

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“Trust us—you're only going to truly enjoy the day if you're focusing on what matters—the marriage. Everything else is just details,” Anna and Sarah from The Wedding Society told Bored Panda during an earlier interview that the happy couple should put the marriage first, not the party.

According to the wedding experts, some people get far too “caught up in the party and the image” of the wedding. This puts a lot of stress on the couple’s shoulders. They become worried about things going perfectly. When, obviously, minor (sometimes major) mishaps will occur. Instead of trying to impress their social circle, they should focus on each other.


Remembered to take a change of clothes with me to the hotel so I didn’t have to leave the next morning in my wedding dress like some kind of crazy-ass walk of shame

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Actually saved our vows. I have zero copies of it and neither of us remembers what all we said. Ugh.

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I would have waited 5 years.

Not because I regret marrying him, we are still together and still in love, and not necessarily because I was too young to be married (I was 21) but because I was a very different person at 26. We live in a different state now, and our lives are way different to when we were married. I have met so many more people and formed so many wonderful relationships with them, I'm actually sad they weren't at my wedding.

I would have held it in a different location, one that suited my personality more because I like different things now that I'm older. The venue we chose was lovely but in the end, it didn't feel personal, it was just a place to be married.

I also have far different taste in style now, and have hobbies that I would have liked to see included in my day.

So, short answer is I wish I waited to know exactly who I was before getting married, but I don't regret it entirely. I still married the man I love, and that's all that matters

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The same sentiment of wanting everything to go ‘perfectly’ extends to wedding dresses, too. Some brides believe their wedding will be a failure if they don’t have the most magnificent dress that is ‘perfect’ down to the last detail that they’ve been imagining for years and years. However important a dress might be, it’s still just a dress, at the end of the day.

“The concept of a ‘perfect wedding dress’ really only matters deeply to those who are probably focusing on the wrong thing,” Anna and Sarah noted that if someone finds themselves obsessing over a dress, it’s best to reevaluate their priorities for their big day. The person needs to consider why they’re getting married in the first place and if the image is more important to them than their partner.

“There are literally thousands of incredible dresses directly available to you—it's almost a physical impossibility for only one to be right for you and, if that's how you're feeling, it's probably worth stepping back, taking a deep breath, and re-shifting your priorities,” the experts told Bored Panda.


It's going to sound rough but I wouldn't have worried about inviting most of my family. It turned out to be more of a fiasco than it was worth. We had the whole thing at our house and it was amazing, except my mother and some other members refused to communicate when or even if they were attending until the evening before. I knew my mother was likely to derail the day by giving the silent treatment and then just showing up and expecting applause. I felt sort of shamed into inviting them when I should have just been confident with the decision in my heart that I just didn't need her there that day.

Other than that, I was so happy we had a small wedding by our garden and damn the desserts were so good...

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Not included my MIL in any of the planning/decorating what so ever! She forgot who’s wedding it really was and turned into a mom-zilla.


Left my mil out of alllll of the planning… omg she had an issue with everything. We got the tuxes for the groomsmen and the dads and the dads wore black. Well she said “I’ll go with dad when he gets his because i want him to match me” she wore purple. We said no 94835 times abs she was not happy. Then she needed a limo to get back and forth. She was way too involved and barely paid for anything.

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Following, because I look forward to my big day (whenever it happens lol) and I want to know what I shouldn’t waste time/money on.

My best friend got married in august. She interestingly said she would have eloped, and had more of a “party”/“gathering after. She said she still would have worn a cute dress, just nothing as uncomfortable and expensive as a bridal gown. She said she wishes she saved money and scrapped the whole walking down the aisle portion altogether. She would have instead put the ceremony money towards a nicer honeymoon than the one they’re going on (Disney world).

I kind of consider doing that sometimes.

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less people

spent less money

should’ve asked guests to take home the flowers (centerpieces, etc) because they were so beautiful and filled our tiny apartment before we abandoned them to die while on our honeymoon

should’ve steamed the antique veil before wearing it. I was so afraid of wrecking my grandmother’s veil that I didn’t take it out of its box until right before I walked down the aisle

less staged family photos and more candids

But… I’m an introvert and would’ve happily eloped. My husband loved the big party and I’d do it all again just the same to see him that happy.


Breathed. Slowed down. Spent more time with each person. Stopped worrying about all the things I couldn’t control. (It hailed and then poured rain on my outdoor wedding)

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I wish I'd had someone record the toasts. I didn't want video of the rest of it, but I wish I could remember what the best man, my uncle, etc actually said.

I am VERY glad I got myself a dress to match my bridesmaids for the reception. We did out first dance and the father/daughter dance, then I excused myself to change. I was wearing more comfortable shoes, could dance easier, and wasn't paranoid every time I had food or drink in my hand.


I wouldn’t have had my dad walk me down the aisle. He was late, left early, and tried to make the whole thing about him.


I wish I would have planned out who would be gathering/taking down the decorations from the chapel after the ceremony. I completely forgot to plan for AFTER the wedding and as a result my bin of decorations got left at the chapel and the chapel coordinator had to meet us on her day off so we could pick it up, it was kind of a mess. Plan for who is taking down the decorations & where they are going!


Worn comfortable shoes


I would have slept in my own bed with my husband the night before.

I have a hard time sleeping, especially when I am feeling anxious/have a lot on my mind or when I’m in an unfamiliar place. I rented a small hotel room with my sister MOH and mom to “follow the tradition” and ended up getting 3ish hours of sleep off and on.

I was totally exhausted all day and we ended up going home earlier than I wanted bc I literally could not keep my eyes open. When I was checking into hotel the night before I had a bad feeling I wasn’t going to sleep well and I really wanted to just go home and sleep in my own bed. We had a small non traditional wedding due to covid restriction in my province and I had it stuck in my head I needed the tradition of not seeing each other until our first look.

I also would have forced myself to scarf down a breakfast even though I was feeling anxiety nausea, and brought more snacks to eat before the ceremony.

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My friend is the assistant of a wedding coordinator and the biggest things she said was 1) definitely have a wedding coordinator and 2) don’t waste money on real flowers and greenery.

The coordinator is a thing because if something goes wrong they go to her and not the bride. The last thing you want is to be stressing about how the tables were set or this thing malfunctioning or that. The coordinator makes sure everything runs smoothly for the couple and is well worth the money

Second. My friend can’t tell you how many real flowers and greenery she’s seen being tossed in the trash. Soooo much money spent to ultimately get thrown away. They make really realistic fake flowers and greenery that are way cheaper and it’s honestly not worth all that money being thrown away. I was a stout advocate for real flowers but when she told me that it changed everything.


Taken more photos for myself. We eloped and I made a point of not using my phone the entire day and now I wish I had photos of the food we ate and just low key shots of husband. All we got were overly staged photos where we felt awkward having to pose so much in unnatural ways.


Not much to be honest. It was almost a perfect day. In hindsight I would have

Just invited more people I loved and not worried so much about money

Spent less time having photos taken and more time chatting to guests and having fun

Made sure to eat something that morning! I was so nervous. But then I got so lightheaded with champagne I nearly fainted walking up the aisle!


Everything but marry someone else.

My wedding day was not my wedding day. It was the wedding day I was expected to have by my parents and relatives, because they all knew that my sister and brother wouldn't have "proper" weddings, so being the oldest who has to 'set the good example' I was going to do so. Even if that's not what I wanted, which I didn't.

If it had been up to me, I would've been wearing a fancy ass black ballgown with a giant skirt and lace absolutely everywhere, carried a bouquet of daisies and gotten married in a local botanic garden. Instead, I had to wear a white beaded monstrosity with a 4 foot train , carry a bouquet of silk roses (my mom wanted REAL roses, which I can't stand the smell of because I think they stink) and got married in the church I grew up in.


Not going strapless. My dress got so heavy after a few hours and I spent so much time fussing with it.


Video, back in the 90's we didn't spend the money to video the wedding. Since then so many guests have passed away. I wish I could see them or hear their voices one more time. It's my biggest regret.


If you want to make sure to say hi to everyone, do a line at the reception if anything, but don’t take your time to walk around to each couple/person/table. You’ll spend all of your time doing that and won’t have time to do your own things


Planned it.

I was about to lose health insurance and didn‘t think the new one was going to kick in for 3 months so we got married in a hurry. We went to city hall, just had his parents there, and afterwards we were told we had a few minutes to take pictures… we took less than 5 minutes extra before a clerk came and said we needed to leave. After, we drove around looking for a bakery to buy any cake and there were none open. When we ordered dinner that night the guy on the phone was yelling at my MIL because it was an Italian named food at an Italian place.

Mostly, I just wish it had anything special. The man was right, but nothing else was.


Gotten a different catering. Everyone got food poisoning, was really pissed because it ruined wedding night. I got married on Halloween and we were all going to get together again and go to the bars at night, but that got ruined because literally everyone was shitting out their soul.


Try to relax A LOT more. I had a great day in the end, but all the worrying about other peoples' needs and if my divorced parents got all weren't worth it. I would just enjoy the day myself and the food and cake.


I would've chosen someone different to officiate, preferably a family member or close friend. Because we got married during covid we didn't have much knowledge of the officiants that we spoke to since we couldn't meet in person and get a proper sense of what they were like, and vice versa.


Hired a professional photographer. The one I got was recommended by a friend and only $100 (I was too young and inexperienced to realize this was a red flag).

She rushed us around the day of, left early, then we NEVER GOT THE PICTURES. We paid in full plus a tip, waited for months, contacted her again and again, but nothing. Not even a refund.

To this day, I only have candid pictures taken by family and friends. I've come to terms with it... and at least the marriage is going great. We celebrated 10 years recently.


Said "I don't".


(1) hired a better photographer; (2) carried a parasol / sun umbrella. We had boatloads of fun on a beautiful sunny California day, but with the champagne and being outside all day I got a really nasty dehydration headache near sunset.


I wish I didn't have it during lock down. Due to restrictions and social distancing only my two witnesses (my mum and sister) could attend and see us get married.

Then my husband (who was taking part in a COVID study where he got tested once a week) got a text, while we driving to our wedding breakfast, to say he had tested positive for COVID. So we had to miss our own wedding breakfast and go straight home and isolate. My mum and sister had to driven 2 hours to our wedding also had to get back in their cars and drove straight home and isolate as they had been in contact with us. So never got to celebrate.


A different best man, I more then likely wouldn't have one or just had my cat instead


Had the hem of my dress at the front so it was a little higher and not stood on it and ripped the inner layer straight after the ceremony.

But that's the only thing apart from a few swaps of guests but given it was several years ago and you meet new friends after occasions there isn't much to regret there.

Otherwise I had a good time!


If I could change anything I would have had it 6 months earlier so that the pandemic wouldn’t have started yet and we could actually have had all our friends and family there.

Our wedding was lovely, but my best friend (and matron of honor) wasn’t able to attend it because of travel restrictions. It made parts of the day sad. I wanted to have fun getting my hair and make up done and with my friends and sisters, drinking mimosas and goofing off. I ended up basically just doing it alone.


I would have gotten a massage.


Two things:

not invite some of my cousins I haven't seen for the last 10 years

this one is my biggest regret that would be easy to fix: make sure to tell the photographer who my close family members are so that he makes sure to capture them on the photos. I have a lot of pictures but my siblings are just in maybe two of them and I only have a few pictures with my parents on them, some of them were made only because I specifically requested we pose for them


I would've just eloped, not involved anyone, and then have a small party with friends later to celebrate


I would have delayed our wedding a little bit so that we could have a wedding we actually liked and enjoyed. My family is very strict and we had to get married in order to live together. Since my now husband had been offered a good job and was about to be relocated we rushed into things and didn't enjoy much of the process, we didn't even get a honey moon since we were in the process of moving


Not invite my in-laws, possibly even elope. They kept trying to take over the wedding and make it their way. They also kept telling her she isn't ready for marriage. A family friend from my side and my pregnant cousin kicked them out of the planning meeting so they'd stop forcing their ideas and let my spouse decide how she wanted the wedding to be.

My spouse wasn't ready to cut them off yet, but since then she realized just how toxic they are.


Make sure that the ONLY meal of the menu, that I picked personally, was put on my table.


Wished I’d paid for a photographer. Our wedding was super-small and low-key BUT everyone looked amazing and there’s only cruddy cellphone pictures to remember it.


I would have chosen a different dress. I picked one that I didn't love because it wasn't very expensive and I wouldn't need to get it tailored.

Ultimately, the dress was fine and my wedding was the best day of my life. The 17 most important people in our lives were there, the food and alcohol were incredible, and I married the love of my life. The planning took a total of 3 months and I experienced no stress. If all I have to complain about is that my dress was meh, then I really have nothing to complain about!


Chosen a different dress. I’m still in love with my dress but I chose a heavy satin dress and I got married in August. Several outside photos I have streaks in my makeup because I’m sweating so bad. Also I would have gotten someone better to do my makeup.


We forgot to tell the guests to sit down after I walked in ?‍♀️ Other than that it was the perfect wedding!


Spend all that money on a bomb-ass honeymoon and a trip abroad the year after.

So much money... not necessarily wasted, but we spent a lot for a "big party".


Nothing, it was absolutely perfect. I had a small ceremony at city hall with immediate family only. We took some nice pictures just the two of us and went out to eat with family for dinner. No fancy and expensive wedding dress, just an elegant champagne color dress. Such a lovely day.


I wish I hadn’t forgotten to take photos with his family. Before you make assumptions - my family wasn’t even there, we had a small wedding with only some friends, colleagues and his family there. There was no party, just dinner with his side of the family. Our initial wedding plans were destroyed/delayed by the pandemic. So we took a different day and got married in the local hall. It was a beautiful day, more people came to congratulate us than I expected. The regret came in the evening when I realized - the family photo! We didn’t take one! I still cringe when I think about it because I’m afraid his mom might think it wasn’t important to me. But we have talked about it and I hope she gets how overwhelmed I was that day.

We still plan on celebrating with my family, like the actual wedding party we had initially planned. So there’s still hope to correct this mistake!


We eloped, with plans to have a large wedding with family later, but then covid hit. So, I wish I would have worn my actual wedding dress. We've been married for 2 years and he hasn't seen it yet. I'm also pregnant now, so there's no way it would fit currently, so I can't even plan a fancy dinner or photos or something to show him.


We had a very small wedding but I think I would have probably just eloped, and I would have gone dress shopping with just him. We had a really lovely day with a handful of people we love so I don’t regret the way we did things but any time I spoke to someone else I was distracted because I just wanted to be with him!


I wish I would have gone with the wedding photographer I originally wanted but was out of my budget. I could have made it work by cutting costs elsewhere. I also regret inviting in-laws to hair and make up. Too many people and not as relaxing or fun as I hoped.


Gotten a videographer. Maybe a different dress. I loved my dress, but I was so focused on getting one that wasn’t pricey that I feel like I settled a bit. There are dresses now that I see that I’m like “man THAT is the kind of dress I should have gotten!” Everything else was golden.


I would have paid someone to be in control and make all the decisions that day. I made the cake, decorated, and arranged my entire wedding and on the day I couldn’t enjoy a second of it because I decided to be the wedding planner as well. I barely remember the event at all.


Nothing, it was an amazing day.

One small thing though, I wrote out all the place cards by hand. And our caterers chucked them all in the bin. Luckily we found them the next morning, but I didn’t think to ask the “please don’t throw my name card away”


I would have 100% told my photographer NO when he insisted me and my husband go outside for more photos (there was a pretty light installation) towards the end of our reception. I know they meant well and were trying to fulfill their duties to get the “best” photos, but taking those photos took time away from our guests - some of them were leaving and could not even find us.

Really wish we could’ve went around to each individual table to engage for a hot second/thank everyone for coming/take a group selfie lol

I would have cared less about having an even number of people in the wedding party - so stupid in hindsight.

Also would’ve worn a better long wear lipstick formula


Remember to put out the disposable cameras. Anything else that went "wrong" was completely out of my control. I am still miffed I missed the spat between my husband's cousins. 21 years later and they are STILL feuding. Great wedding. Would do again.


Nothing. Aside from doing it sooner. ☺️

We eloped in Hawaii with 2 sets of close friends as our witnesses. We had fancy photos taken and went to a resort for a fancy dinner afterwards. The dinner was in a gorgeous thatched hut over a koi pond.

It was everything I wanted and more. No stress, gorgeous photos, wonderful memories. 10/10 would recommend.



We eloped in another state and only told our close friends and family our plan. We got married on a beach with a photographer at 9am, photos over at 10, went back to take a nap, went to the beach, had sushi for dinner and went on a cruise the following day. Posted a photo to Facebook that we got married for everyone else to know lol. Surprise. (We had been together four years at that time and lived together, so not out of the blue) Not many people they can say they took a nap their wedding day though.

We had a reception half a year later in our home town with our friends and family, and I got to go wedding dress shopping with my mom since I wore a simple white beach dress for my wedding day.

Wouldn’t change anything.


I would have had a more set in stone schedule in mind and a list of pictures that I wanted written out. I had moments and pictures that I imagined. But I had a hard time communicating that vision to other people. So some of those moments and pictures didn't happen the way I envisioned.


Hired a photographer. All I have are memories and some cellphone pictures from family that I got off Facebook. Unprintable. Even if you can't afford a professional, look at portfolios of amateur photographers. My regret led me to purchase a nikon and start learning. 5 years later I've learned a lot and have started photographing weddings for very low fees (~$300) so that even if they aren't the BEST photos, they have good printable photos from their special day.


Not invited anyone.


I think I would have not bought decor and my dress. We had a micro ceremony and didn’t use any thing. And now we’re having an actual wedding and my venue is all inclusive and I want a different dress lol so I could have saved a lot of money if I knew there was going to be a pandemic and my grandpa was going to die


Bought more white stockings


Eloped and saved the money.


I wish I had paid a bit more for the second photographer. I also wish I had someone record just the speeches. Our caterers were awful but that’s not something we could’ve known before. Other than that, everything went so well it was shocking.


Ours was pretty perfect, but if I could change something, I'd change:

My nail color

My bouquet color

Filmed on a phone instead of a Go Pro (I thought the Go Pro would be better, but a phone definitely would have); This was to supplement a photographer, so it isn't a giant deal, but would have been an easy change.


Had it indoors! It was a bit chilly


Looked more extensively for a better photographer. I chose the first one based on a recommendation and he had a pretty decent portfolio. But I got his cheapest package, which definitely showed in what kinds of pictures we ended up with. The pictures were nice looking, but so many I could tell were random shots that did not make sense (There are so many pictures of my back?). He was also extremely unresponsive to communication which stressed me out immensely.


I wish I would have worn a veil

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