The Great Clothing ID of 2022 - Barbie


Greetings Friends!

So, about 3 weeks ago we all got Covid (except hubby. He skated by without it thank goodness!) Started with my 3 year old. He was perfect; high energy level with a mild cough. My 6 year old got it. He had a cough and runny nose but overall energy level seemed okay. Then I got it. And I was laid out for 3 days. It takes 14 steps to get from the bed to the kitchen counter and by the time I got there, I was so exhausted I had to drag myself back to bed. So getting out of bed, even a little bit was out of the question. Coupled with a sore throat, extreme sinus blockage, coughing and a headache I was in no shape to leave the bed (not that I even wanted to anyway!) So here was my setup on hubbys side of the bed while he camped out on the airbed in the living room.

My laptop, my work laptop was on a stool at the end of the bed and a bunch of doll clothes. So while I was awake but had no energy to even stand up, I researched doll clothes from the lot that I showed in my last post. So now that I have some more ID's completed, It's time for the blog post to show them all. This will be the Barbie/Disney Princess lot and a few of them are pretty fun and exciting! Let's get to it!

These are the pants from the 1998 Cool Sitter Teen Skipper. In the last post there was a Teen Skipper with hinged arms. This is the doll from the set so she can hold the babies.

Skirt from 1998 Barbie Fashion Avenue Evening Wear Fashion Pack.

I thought that I had this doll but I looked in my archives and I do not! This outfit is in perfect condition and is the 1996 Winter Rhapsody Barbie.

This is the shirt from the 2008 Hannah Montana Holiday Pop Star doll. I have an unboxed version of her!

Disney Princess dresses are so hard to ID sometimes. You have the Disney Store dolls, than the Mattel Disney dolls than the Hasbro Disney dolls. This is the 2008 Disney Store Snow White Sparkling Princess. And fun fact, Mattel also won back the rights to make Disney Princess from Hasbro.

The shorts and suspenders from 1994 Dance Moves Barbie. The shiny is coming off of the straps so I'll have to glue that back down.

This single Cinderella skirt kind of threw me though a loop because I had never seen a Disney Princess with a molded on top. But they have them! The 2015 Mattel Disney Sparkling Princess Cinderella.

Recognize this dress? It's from the 2002 Happy Family Midge (Mom) and Baby set.

Top from 2011 Barbie Strollin' Pups. Too short for a dress!

Another Disney Princess. 2006 Mattel Disney Gem Princess Belle.

The skirt from the 2006 Barbie Pom Pom Divas Twirl Girls

Dress from 1998 Beyond Pink Barbie. This dress had the sleeves cut off of it.

This is from the 2005 Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus Prince Aiden doll.

Top from 2007 Barbie as the Island Princess Prince Antonio doll.

This is a shirt from a 2018 Despicable Me Single Fashion Pack.

Tail and Fins from the 1995 Jewel Hair Mermaid Barbie. The top was not in the lot however. I have the Teresa!

After my heart! Pepsi is my favorite soda! This is from the 1989 Pepsi Spirit Barbie.

This one was a treasure! It's from the Jem dolls! The 1985 Pizzazz of the Misfits doll.

I have a lot of wedding dresses for Barbie but they're not usually my favorite (Except for the 1989 Wedding Fantasy Barbie!) But something about this one is just to die for! 1996 Barbie and Ken Wedding Fantasy Gift Set.

Tunic from 2004 Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper King Dominick doll.

Dress from a 2004 Tube Fashion Fever Teresa.

Dress from 2008 Barbie and the Three Musketeers Aramina doll

The cutest Easter dress! 1995 Easter Basket Barbie.

Barbie and the Rockers! 1986 Real Dancing Action Dana.

From the 1998 Fashion Avenue Boutique Fashion pack.

Love this one and in good condition. 2005 Tube Fashion Fever Barbie

From 1996 Fashion Avenue Boutique Denim fashion pack. The short sleeves have been cut off.

It took me a minute to ID this heavily altered fashion. The 1992 Earring Magic Barbie dress. I actually found this doll wrapped up under the tree when I was a kid.

Dress from a 2016 Budget Basic Playline Barbie. It's cute with the little Barbie logos on it!

This top is in two pieces (and been trimmed, it's supposed to be tunic length) so I'll have to repair this one. It's from a 2016 Barbie Fashion 2 Pack Sports Set.

The shorts from Ken in the 2010 Barbie She Said Yes Gift Set

Skirt from a 2013 Budget Barbie with pink ring for you. She has a molded on top.

Skirt from 1983 Loving You Barbie.

Pieces from 2000 Jewel Girl Barbie. I have this doll that I pieced together from yard sale finds and I have another spare skirt. But in all the times I've found Jewel Girl, I have never gotten the pants she wears! I may have to buy those from eBay.

 Kelly! Love the teeny tiny Kelly clothes.The Pink dress is from the 2006 Kelly Party Fashions Birthday Dresses. The lace tights could come from the 1994 Kelly New Little Sister of Barbie doll but i'm sure there were a few fashions that came with these tights. And the leotard is from the 2000 Kelly Club Performer Maria.

Hat from the 1997 Fashion Avenue Barbie and Kelly Matchin' Styles.

Tux from 2009 Ken Formal Date Fashions. This is the one that came with a pink jacket.

From a 2018 Hello Kitty Single Fashion Pack.

Top from the 2018 Barbie A Fairy Secret Transforming 2 in 1 doll.

And lastly, another altered dress from the 2001 Amazing Nails Kayla.

Remember in my last post that a lot of the dolls had altered hair? I thought maybe the girl who played with these was an aspiring hair stylist. Maybe she was an aspiring clothing stylist too? (Or maybe she was just negligent and didn't take care of her dolls.) 

So friends, have any of these in your collection? Any ideas of how to repair some of these fashions? Maybe, for instance in the example above for Amazing Nails dress, cut it off even and make a hem for a short dress? What do you all think?

I'll have another post of fashions that I've identified...Bratz! I'll have that up in the next couple of weeks. Until then!

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