Sweet Honesty The One: A heartwarming fragrance that will remind you of sweet youth


Before I even had the chance to try Avon’s revamped Sweet Honesty perfume, I’ve already heard a lot of good feedback about the OG version of it from my mom, who used to be the youngest “Avon Beauty Counselor” when she was in her teens! The perfume line has been around even before I was born and luckily, it was relaunched with a new look in 2014 so I got the chance to try and appreciate something that my mom used to wear when she was still single.

This 2022, Avon released another scent dubbed as “The One”, which smells like nostalgia in a bottle. They describe the scent as “a heart-warming fine fragrance for women that captures the feeling of choosing the right and deserving love for you”. It has this sweet scent composed of red berries, jasmine sambac, and tonka beans – a fresh combination that would definitely remind you of your youth. If there’s a memory that I would associate with it, it would be my first legitimate date with the love of my life! It’s the type of light scent that I’d wear during days when I want to feel preppy and younger.

The packaging also looks like something that my teenage self would appreciate as it’s in a glass bottle with a blue flower-shaped cap and violet-and-blue design. Plus, the price is also more affordable compared with typical scents sold in malls. Sweet Honest The One only costs Php 429 for the 50mL bottle, but it’s currently on sale at Php 309.

To fully appreciate the scent, I spray it on my pulse points behind the ears, neck area, and wrists. I also like putting a bit behind my legs as I’ve read somewhere that it helps reinvigorate the scent as you move around or cross your legs – especially when wearing a dress, skirt or shorts. Feel free to try this before you go on a date on Valentine’s Day! 😉 I usually spritz some more after 6-8 hours to make the scent stronger.

My mom also told me stories about how she used to combine her Sweet Honesty roll-on with its fragrant cream to make it last longer, so I did a bit of sleuthing to see if it’s still available now. As per Avon’s latest catalogue, there’s still a roll-on deodorant (Php 100) and skin softener (Php 185) with the same scent if you want something more long-lasting. My mom swears by it so I’m confident that it will have the same magical effect now. Getting the 3-piece set via Avon’s online shop or from your local Avon lady will only cost you Php 479 – that’s Php 235 worth of savings!

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Note: Avon Sweet Honesty in photo is a PR sample.

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