Storm Keating shares gorgeous snap of baby Coco out in the sunshine


Considering we’re all at home at the moment, we have been exceptionally lucky with the weather and our Instagram feeds have been full of people enjoying the sunshine in their back gardens.

Ronan and Storm Keating have been doing exactly that, and have brought newborn Coco out to enjoy the sun too.

Storm shared a gorgeous snap of her in an adorable frilly skirt captioned; “First Frills.”

They shared another photo last week from when they first brought baby Coco Knox home and Storm shared her disbelief that she’s already three weeks old;
When we first brought her home. Can’t believe she’s 3 weeks old already!”


The couple had previously blurred Coco’s face, and have already shared snaps of just after she was born and of their little boy, Cooper meeting his new baby sister.

Ronan shared a picture to Instagram of him holding the newborn hilariously captioned with; “A week ago today. Wow time flies she is already asking for pocket money.”

Storm shared a gorgeous photo of baby Coco and her big brother, Cooper who looks totally enthralled with his little sister.

“He’s so in love. #Cooperandcoco #alwaysbyherside #kissesandcuddles #sharinghistoys #beautifulboy #mybabies #oneweekoldtoday

Ronan had previously revealed it was quite strange welcoming baby Coco Knox to the world during the Covid19 lockdown, admitting it was tough not being able to introduce the baby to his other kids; Cooper, Jack, Missy and Ali due to isolation.

Speaking on Magic Radio, he said, “It was obviously very strange, because nobody could come into the hospital.

“Cooper couldn’t come in, his other brothers and sisters couldn’t come. So it was a strange one, it was very different.”

He continued, “It was just Storm and myself and little Coco in lockdown in the hospital. The nurses were amazing, the staff were brilliant.

“But it was just so different, it was so quiet, which was kind of nice in a way. We had all of that time just to ourselves.”

Ronan revealed that both mum and baby are home now, happy and healthy.

“Storm is flying, she’s doing wonderful; feeling great and enjoying this whole process once again,” he said.

“It’s lovely. I mean, it’s obviously strange times as we know, but we don’t need to go on about it, we’re all in the same boat.

“It’s working for us right now because we’re enjoying just being in the house, spending all this time together.”

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