MAJOR Lilly Pulitzer 30% off Sitewide Sale

This is major!! I know these "once in a lifetime" kind of deals are exciting, but also sad. Our favorite businesses are struggling right now. I also know some of you are struggling right now too. While I am sharing this sale, and my excitement, I want you all to know there is NO pressure to buy Lilly (or anything) right now. Do what is best for you and your family.
As always, links are affiliate, which means when you shop, I get a commission for driving your sale (at no cost to you)! So if you're looking to support a small business (me) and my family, I would love for you to shop my links. No pressure, either way, you guys are always the best!

Lilly Pulitzer: Daniela Stretch Shift Dress c/o (it also comes in white!) / Lisi Lerch: Natalie Earring / Tory Burch: Mini Lee Radzwil Bag / Lilly Pulitzer: Gold Heels (sold out; similar here)
I was kind of saving this dress for three reasons. One, they are my last photos from Palm Beach. Two, they were from our last night (and what I'll forever look back on as my last night of freedom). And three, I've never felt prettier in a summer dress.
I don't know what it is about this dress but I just feel AMAZING in it. I feel like a total knockout. Sometimes you need a dress like that in your closet. I'm wearing my TTS size 6 and the dress has a little stretch and pull to it so it hugs my body. I'm also very into the trend of the poofy sleeve/shoulder, so I just love this dress. 
I have saved about 90% of my Lilly dresses since college. Each one of them holds a memory, but few have given me serious feelings. For example, I have my favorite Lilly, my first Lilly, what I wore to bid day, my favorite print, etc. Now this one will be added to that list.
The last time I wore it I got rip-roaring drunk off of Whispering Angel with my best friend and cousin in Palm Beach. We had originally planned to go home the day before, but last minute (like seriously, the last minute when we were walking out to catch an Uber) we decided to stay another day. It's so dumb, but I keep thinking back to the fact that I was meant to stay and have a fun girls night out. But who knew it would be my last for a least a month?? This was the day the NBA shut down, the travel ban to Europe was announced, and Tom Hanks tested positive for Covid-19. It's so weird knowing these photos were. taken before the world changed.
BUT ANYWAY, I'll stop rambling and leave that for another day. SOOOO Lilly is having a 30% off sale!!!!
They never have sales -- like ever -- outside of their twice yearly After Party Sale, which usually consists of older seasonal collections. A couple of weeks ago, they offered a discount on their new spring items. Now it's the whole site!
I've been shopping a lot less. Teetering between being sad over the clothes I can't wear and buying new things to wear inside the house to make me happy lol. Lilly was gracious to send along some other items (that you'll see in IG stories today!) that have brightened up my week. Can you even be sad when you're wearing Lilly?
I bought this skirt and this robe. It's the softest thing ever!
Some other classics are on sale like my favorite UPF Popover, my cashmere wrap, and (the ever popular) Elsa top.
I've personally been VERY into their athletic skorts and swear by them! I'm actually wearing this white Elowen skirt as I write this post, and I have this Aila skort (in multi fished my wish), which I actually love a littttlllee bit more.
Then if you're trying to get fancy, my Jackie-O pearl collar shift is included as well at the Franci gold dress! 
And of course, one of my MOST popular (ever sold) dresses: the Joella silk dress, that I now also have in the Bermuda blue color!
I wanted to also round up some of my favorites that are included in the sale for you here that have been featured on the blog lately. If you click the image, it will take you directly to the blog post for full details:

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