Queen Letizia wore an ikat dress at a Red Cross event in Madrid: tragic or cute?


Here are some photos of Spain’s Queen Letizia at the World Red Cross-Red Crescent Day of Commemoration in Madrid. Letizia is a long-time supporter and patron of Spain’s Red Cross organization, and she often attends Red Cross events solo. On Tuesday, she was honoring different people, one of whom tripped on her way up to the podium. That’s the kind of sh-t that would happen to me. On a big day, all cameras on me and the queen, and I would be the one to go ass over tea kettle.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about these photos because I really dislike Letizia’s dress! Usually, I think Letizia gets it right, even if I don’t always love her style. She worked as a professional woman for years and she brought that professional-woman aesthetic to her royal style. She often wears pantsuits and simple sheath dresses. But this is… bad, right? I’m not even flatly opposed to ikat prints, but the colors and material look so cheap, as does the construction. The tiers on the skirt, the way this looks so dated and too casual, it’s a rare moment when Letizia really got it wrong.

The one positive thing about Letizia is that she works all the time, so she’ll probably give us a better fashion moment by the end of the week.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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