Nicole Kidman wore Balenciaga for Paris Fashion Week: wacky, tragic or cool?


Nicole Kidman is in Paris this week for fashion week. It looks like she was requested specifically by Balenciaga, which is pretty interesting to me. While Nicole has a fascinating history as a fashionista, she’s never been particularly aligned to Balenciaga in particular. I would even argue that she’s more closely aligned in fashion history to Dior, Gucci and Tom Ford (specifically Tom Ford-for-Gucci). Anyway, here are some photos of Nicole arriving to the Balenciaga Fall/winter ‘22-23 show in Paris today. That skirt… that pussybow blouse… I don’t know, y’all. Like, if the skirt looked less stiff, I would actually like it. The blouse is just a huge NO though. I feel like Balenciaga is trying to do “updated ‘80s secretary with unexpected materials.”

On Tuesday, Nicole also stopped by the Balenciaga atelier in Paris, likely for the fitting of the ensemble she wore today (which didn’t work because she’s swimming in that black ensemble). She exited the atelier in a Balenciaga ensemble – these tragique jeans, a black leotard and the Balenciaga wrap-around sunglasses. I love that Nicole is trying out those sunglasses. They actually look kind of cool on her.

Can we talk about the jeans? My God. I don’t mind that baggy jeans are coming back, mostly because the skinny jean trend needs to f–king die already. I will be sitting right here when the bootleg jean trend comes back too, idgaf. But these jeans are so bad. I think it’s the wash which offends me the most? If these were a darker wash, I might consider these.

PS…Nicole walked the Balenciaga show today in Paris.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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