34 Unwritten Rules Among Women That They Secretly Agree On Without Having To Talk About, As Shared Online


Having someone who you can rely on can enrich your existence in so many ways; good friends can bring out the best in you, and they're always ready to give you a hand whenever you feel like your life may start to crumble apart. 

However, it’s important to give back and remember that every connection has its do’s and don'ts, and there are certain ethics that nobody communicates yet everyone always follows, even if the person in question is a random passer-by:

"Girls of Reddit, what is an unspoken rule of 'Girl Code?’" – this online user took to one of Reddit’s most thought-provoking communities to ask about the unwritten rules that women tend to live by. The question has managed to receive over 30K upvotes and 7.8K worth of comments discussing the most important rules of girlhood. 

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#1 You Help Other Women Who Seem To Be In Trouble

You help other women who seem to be in trouble. When I was a teenager my mom and I went to Walmart to get groceries. We split up to save time and a man started stalking me through the aisles. I finally got out to a main area and saw a lady with two kids. Walked right up to her and stood as close as possible. She was confused but when I made a motion at the guy, she understood. She loudly thanked me for getting the milk and called me honey. Also referred to her son as my brother. Once the guy left she stayed with me until I saw my mom, and then stayed where she was until I got to my mom and motioned that I was okay. That lady deserves an award for helping me that day.

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#2 If Your Dress Has Pockets, You Let Them Know

Person 1: I like your dress!

Person 2: Thanks! It has pockets!

If your dress has pockets, you let them know.

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#3 If A Girl Comes Over And Pretends To Know You, Don’t Ask Any Questions

If another girl comes over to you and pretends to know you, no questions asked we've been friends for 30 years and haven't seen each other in 5.

And always give a tampon if you have one, and someone needs one.

Edit: never lend tampons, always give.

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#4 If There’s A Period Stain On Someone’s Pants, You Tell Them Immediately

If there's a red spot on her pants you tell her discreetly and immediately.

EDIT: A lot of guys are asking what to do if they see a woman with a blood stain. You have two options. You could tell her yourself which may or may not be appreciated depending on the woman. Or you could simply ask another woman to tell her. I love how many guys wanna help look out for the ladies who end up in this predicament! :D

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#5 Always Give Out Feminine Hygiene Products If Needed

Always give each other tampons and pads when needed.

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#6 No Woman Gets Left Behind At The Club

No women left behind at the club. You look out for and take care of your girls and don’t let random men drag them away without their explicit permission.

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#7 Keep An Eye On Other Girls’ Drinks When You’re At The Bar

My personal unspoken rule is keep an eye on other girls drinks when you are at the bar. Even if I don't know them. I have asked random strangers to keep an eye on mine and they are always like, "GIRL YES we have to look out for each other!"

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#8 If She’s Dating An Abuser, Make Sure She Knows She’s Welcome Anytime

If she's dating a known abuser, take turns getting her out of the house. Play cards, shop for shoes, ask her to help you lay out the garden, make pie. Never broach the subject yourself - just make sure she knows she's welcome any time, day or night, with or without advance notice.

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#9 Tell Her When You See Him Cheating

Tell her when you see him cheating, snap a pic for proof if you can. I've lost friends for this but I'll still do it every time.

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#10 If Someone’s Being Harassed, You Link Up And Walk With Them

If their strap is twisted, untwist it. Always carry extra feminine products, and extra hair Ties. And if she’s being harassed, you just link up and walk with her, no questions asked.

Also, my daughters have a literal code... if they ever text me the secret code, I will drop everything I’m doing and call them immediately, make up a major crisis and demand to come get them immediately. Make it 100% my fault, but give them an immediate out to any situation they don’t feel able to simply walk away from.

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#11 If You Walk Into The Bathroom And Someone’s Being Quiet, You Do Your Business And Leave Quickly

If you walk into the bathroom and the girl in there is being quiet, you do your business and leave as quickly as you can. Girl is trying to poop!

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#12 If There’s Lipstick On Their Teeth, You Let Them Know Without Making A Huge Deal About It

Lipstick on their teeth, eyeliner in the corner of their eye, skirt tucked into pantyhose. You let them know without making a huge deal about it.

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#13 When You See “The Look,” You Step In

As far as I've ever seen, every girl knows 'the look'. 'The look' is a look a girl gets on her face when she is in a situation that she doesn't want to be in, it's part 'help me' and part 'get me out of here'.

When you see this look, you step in. Doesn't matter if you know the girl or not.

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#14 Do Not Get Together With Your Friend’s Ex

Do not....f**k your friends boyfriend or ex-boyfriend

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#15 Do Not Post Group Pics Unless Everyone Approves

Do not post group pictures on social media with friends unless everyone involved knows & approves of said pic.

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#16 Always Give A Hair Tie If Someone Asks For It

if you're wearing a hair tie on your wrist and someone asks for a hair tie, you give it to them (and accept that you likely will never see it again)

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#17 If Your Friend Starts To Puke, You Always Hold Her Hair Back

if friend drinks too much and starts to puke, always hold her hair back for her

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#18 Protect Each Other

- Protect each other. Don't care if it's your sister or a complete stranger.
- text your friends to check if they got home safe
- stay with them while their uber or taxi etc comes
- Check over that message she is going to send to the guy she likes to see if it sounds okay. Some communications require a group effort
- Sanitary items to all vaginal having humans who need.

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#19 If You Get Breast Cancer, Let As Many People As Possible Feel Your Lump

If you get breast cancer, let as many people as possible feel your lump so they know what they are looking for! Before my mastectomy, my breast made a lot of new friends—early detection can mean the difference between life and death.

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#20 Everyone Is Friends In The Bar Bathroom

Everyone is friends in the bar bathroom after 11, no matter what.

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#21 When Your Friend Gets Back With Her Ex, You Support Her, But You Also Tell Her The Truth

If your friend gets back with her s***ty ex you always support your friend but you also tell her the truth and say if the relationship is toxic.

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#22 “Human Wall” A Girl If The Only Option Is To Pee In Public

Human wall any girl if the only option is to pee in public

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#23 If Someone Says They Love Something You’re Wearing, You Always Tell Them Where You Bought It From

This could be a trend across genders too but when a girl says they love something you are wearing you always tell her where you bought it and how much it was and ESPECIALLY if you got it for a discount.

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#24 If You See A Girl Doing Something She Might Regret The Next Day, You Go Over And Ask If She’s Okay

This one especially applies to college girls. If you're at a party and you see a girl doing something she might regret the next day due to drinking WAY too much, you go over there and make sure shes okay.

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#25 Carry Some Extra Pain Killers

Also added to sanitary products, pain killers!! If you got em handy, help a b***h out!

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#26 Once You Have Any Sort Of Link To A Guy, He’s Off-Limits To All Friends

Stupid or not, the original Girl Code is that once you have any sort of sexual/romantic link to a guy (even just saying you like him) he is 100% off-limits to all friends.

(This rule is more nuanced when the object of desire is another woman.)

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#27 Always Console The Crying One

Console the crying one

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#28 If It Can Be Fixed In 5 Minutes Or Less, Tell Her; If It Can’t, Then There’s No Need To Say Anything

The 5-minute rule. If it can be fixed in 5 minutes or less tell her!

If it can't (bloat situation etc..) then there's no need to say anything because it will literally only make her feel bad.

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#29 Always Wait To Be Confided In

There is an almost imperceptible line between intrusive prurience and interest in the sex lives of your friends that's defined by their inclination to share rather than you inquiring or making insinuations. Many friends will discuss sex candidly, others will use discretion, and some will resent the intrusion; always wait to be confided in rather than commit an indiscretion.

There are weird assumptions about the 'sisterhood' that we talk about penis sizes etc without reserve. This is untrue.

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#30 You Always Pretend To Know Each Other When A Guy Is Being A Jerk

You always pretend that you know each other when a guy is being a jerk and you (or they) need a way out of a conversation.

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#31 When Bra Straps Are Loose, You Help Adjusting Them

When bra straps are on the loose you help adjusting them. Only question asked is how far up (or down) they prefer.

Edit: there was some confusement about consent and I think it great people think about that! But in this scenario girls usually come to you asking if you can help so consent is given. Keep up the thinking and helping!

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#32 If Someone Asks If They Look Fat, Always Say “No”

If another female asks if they look fat the answer is always "no" followed by a compliment.

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#33 If You Receive A Compliment, Immediately Give Details As To How To Acquire The Same

Much like a code among smokers (you can ask anyone smoking to bum one) there are no barriers among complete strangers if she likes your dress/glasses/haircut/etc. You receive the compliment with delight and immediately give details as to how to acquire the same. Then you move on again like the total strangers that you are.

I had a woman just ask me once how I wash my hair (I have curly hair, so it's a big thing to know your "routine") and I spend 10 minutes speaking to a complete stranger on the streets of DC like she was my BFF about co-washing, hair twisting, hair products, and all that jazz.

(Once caveat to this is that, if there is a significant age difference between the compliment giver - being the older one - and the receiver, then there is a chance it might not be received well, it's a fine line.)

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#34 Insult The Bad Ex When She’s Talking About Him

Insult the bad ex when she's talking about him.

I get it ok, sometimes the girl might be in the wrong too. But when consoling your girlfriend, it helps to insult their ex boyfriend and call them an idiot for not noticing nor appreciating how amazing she is.

Her: "My boyfriend just dumped me over a text.*sniffle*"


[Aaaaaaand then it gets weird when they get back together again. Sigh.]

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