Dua Lipa’s ‘Demeanor’ Music Video Look Proves She Def Watched ‘Bridgerton’


Dua Lipa, known retro fashion icon, is kicking it old school when it comes to her look for Pop Smoke’s “Demeanor” music video. Like, very old school. She’s taking it way back, all the way to Regency era England! She may just be a feature on the song, but Lipa seriously steals the show in the music video. Is it too late to cast her in season two of Bridgerton?

The “Demeanor” video just dropped on Pop Smoke’s YouTube channel and I am freaking! out! To start with, let’s honestly talk about this fashion. To quote the singer herself, “I think I’m in love again.” Real OG Dua Lipa stans know that she loves to play with vintage fashion, but this video takes her affinity to an entirely new level.

I knew she could pull off ‘70s-era glam and an early-aughts-inspired prep aesthetic, but Bridgerton-era? I’m shocked—in a good way, of course! Lipa tends to show some skin in her videos, but she looks just as sexy all dolled up in this gorgeous, massive gown.

In the video, Dua wears a stunning gold and white ballgown, complete with frilly trim at the collar and a voluminous white skirt. Instead of a tiara, the singer coiffed her hair into two big bows at the crown of her head. Oh–and she shows off some very slick, straight-across bangs for the occasion!

The type of bling usually afforded by a crown instead comes in the form of an emerald pendant necklace and some very shimmery drop earrings. Yes, it’s safe to say our girl looks like regal British royalty.

Lipa took to Instagram yesterday to preview the video and of course, I was obsessed with the look well before it even debuted. The BTS images, taken by Los Angeles-based photographer and fashion set favorite Lauren Leekley, feature Lipa partaking in a few casually-glam activities.

In one shot, she brushes her hair with a vintage pink hairbrush. In another, she sits at a table outfitted with gold dishware while her hairdo gets pinned into place. In the final photo from the carousel, Lipa grins, eyes closed, in what has to be the cutest candid shot I’ve ever seen.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

In the video itself, the singer gets all dolled up for a very fancy soiree alongside several ladies in waiting. By the time she arrives at the party, it’s already in full swing, with attendees drinking, dancing, kissing and running wild beneath a portrait of a very royal Pop Smoke, who passed away last year. “Demeanor” appears on Smoke’s second posthumous LP, Faith, which came out earlier this month.

During Lipa’s verse, she and her ladies in waiting have a choreo moment that definitely delivers “that je ne sais quoi energy” she sings about. To put it plainly, I am nothing if not a Dua Lipa stan and this video and her gown certainly did not disappoint.

If you see me dressing up as anything other than Lady Lipa for Halloween this year, no you didn’t.

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