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by Cascia Talbert


If you have money and socialize with elites you may want to dress your children in designer kids clothes. Children must wear the best fashion if they are attending a holiday party with President Trump.  This article shares information about two designer kids outfits and the designers that created them.

Designer Kids Clothes for Boys

Designer Kids Clothes for Boys

This example outfit (no longer available to purchase) includes a stylish hat from Boss, Lacoste blue striped shirt, Boss orange shorts (model is pictured with orange pants, brand unknown), Paul Smith Junior belt, shoes by Carrement Beau (model is wearing white shoes, brand unknown) and orange and blue jacket by Little Marc Jacobs.  The total cost of this outfit is roughly $375. If you are worth millions of dollars this is just spare change.

Here is a little background on the brands mentioned above.

Hugo Boss

According to Wikipedia, Hugo Boss is a German luxury fashion house. It was founded by Hugo Boss in 1924. Boss is headquartered in Metzingen, Germany.  In the beginning Boss only manufactured uniforms. After WW II and the founder’s death in 1948, the company shifted and focused on men’s suits. In 1988 Hugo Boss went public and launched a fragrance.  They launched their women’s clothing line in 2000 and introduced  children’s clothing in 2006.  The average cost of a Hugo Boss suit for men is between $600-1,000.


Lacoste is a French fashion company started by by tennis player René Lacoste and André Gillier in 1933. They sell clothing, footwear, eye wear, leather goods, perfume, towels and watches. The brand’s symbol is a crocodile and it is present on just about all of their clothing. The average cost of  Lacoste children’s clothing is $45-150. This is affordable for upper-middle class Americans. The Lacoste brand can be found in stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Belk, Halls, and other independent retailers.

Paul Smith Junior

Paul Smith Junior is a British designer kids clothing line. The designs are stylish and fun with colors that pop. According to, Designer Paul Smith is known for his creative aesthetic, which combines tradition and modernity. Paul Smith’s designs or sold in over 70 countries.   A Paul Smith hoodie for boys retails for $125 and a winter hat will cost you $75.  For those prices you better be taking your kid on a ski trip to the Alps with royalty.

Carrement Beau

Carrement Beau offers designer kids clothes from Paris France. Their clothing line is unavailable to purchase in the United States.  The average cost of a shirt by Carrement Beau is roughly 30 euros or $35.  You will have to travel to France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain or the UK to find a store selling this clothing line.

Little Marc Jacobs

If you are willing and able to spend over $100 on one article of clothing for your child, you must take a look at Little Marc Jacobs luxury children’s clothing.  Marc Jacobs is an American fashion designer. His designs are unique.

Marc believes, “we are each the star of our own movie.  Through the joy of the ritual of fashion, makeup and fragrance, we can help define our individuality and personality.”

Little Marc Jacobs designer kids clothes are smart, whimsical and colorful.   High end department stores including Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus carry Marc Jacobs clothing.

Designer Kids Clothing for Girls

Designer Kids Clothes for Girls

The above example outfit for girls includes a floral headband by Simonetta, sweater by Billieblush, shirt by Carrement Beau,  purse by Stella McCartney Kids, skirt by Une Fille and Sophia Webster Mini shoes.  This outfit is no longer available to purchase from our sponsor.  We estimate the total cost of the clothes and accessories comes out to $544.57.  Stella McCartney purses retail for $150 and up.  Go ahead and spend that kind of money if it will keep your little Veruca Salt happy.

Below is a little information on the brands in this outfit.


Simonetta is an Italian designer girls clothing company founded by Maria Bianca Mazzarini Stronati. She began by opening a small dressmaker’s shop for children in Jesi, a small medieval town in the Marche region, Italy. Maria Bianca named her company after her daughter Simonetta.  Simonetta clothing and accessories are sold in department stores and boutiques throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and New York City.  A Simonetta headband retails for around $50.  The average retail price of their dresses starts at around $185 to $385.  If you purchase clothing and accessories from Simonetta for your little princess you must be taking her to a really fancy party. The Queen of England must be in attendance.


We were not able to find information on this brand.  Billieblush does not have a website or Wikipedia page.   Their designer kids clothes are sold on Amazon and many other online boutiques.  The Billieblush clothing line for girls is cute and frilly.  They sell shirts, skirts, dresses, shoes, jackets and accessories in colors girls love.   Everything is reasonably affordable with prices ranging from $20 on up to $90.

Stella McCartney Kids

Stella McCartney is a fashion designer and the daughter of former Beatles member Paul McCartney and American musician, photographer and animal rights activist Linda McCartney. In October of 2001 Stella launched her own fashion house under her name in a partnership with Kering. Today you can find Stella McCartney’s clothing line in 77 countries including specialty shops and department stores. Stella McCartney Kids clothes retail for $70 and up. Her designs appear casual and comfortable.  If you are going to invest that kind of money into children’s clothes your kid better be hanging out in a luxurious mansion.

Une Fille

According to Child Boutique, an online designer kids clothing store, “Une Fille is a renowned fashion brand that is wholly dedicated to the creation of fashionable kids’ wear designed especially for girls. The products of the brand are oriented on girls aged from 10-18 years old. The brand is proud to present easy to wear collections of girls’ clothes.” Une Fille is a French brand that can be purchased online from European retailers.  The average retail price for this brand is between $40-70. This isn’t too expensive for upper middle class American families.

Sophia Webster Mini

Sophia Webster Mini is a designer shoe line for kids created by British fashion designer Sophia Webster.  Her designs are fairly new. She launched her first collection in 2013.  Sophia Webster Mini shoes are adorable and colorful. Most of them feature butterflies.  You can purchase these shoes at high end department stores and online boutiques.  The average retail price of a pair of Sophia Webster Mini shoes is $200. With those shoes on you better make sure your little princess does not step outside and get dirty!

If your family can afford expensive clothes for your children these are the brands to look for.  Designer children’s clothing is not trendy and you can’t purchase it at your local Wal-Mart.  Royalty, celebrities, world leaders and business leaders  can find a wide selection of designer children’s clothing by visiting children’s clothing online boutique.  Middle class busy moms like myself may wish to shop at more affordable clothing stores closer to home.


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