Clean Living Gift Guide 2019 - Small Businesses, Women-Owned, and B Corps


The Ultimate #Paleo #Holiday #Gift Guide - over 70 items! //

I wanted to do something different this year for my holiday gift guide and focus on sharing products from small businesses and women and minority owned businesses. There are four categories: Kitchen, Home, & Art; Non-toxic Skincare & Cosmetics; Jewelry & Apparel; Books & Cookbooks.

Included in this are brands with various certifications that make them more sustainable and ethical, with a few B Corporations (Benefit Corporations) who meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

I am also highlighting a number of talented artisans that I know personally here in Memphis.

Did you know that I have another business that I run with my husband Andy called Mobius Theory? We hope that youll find some of your gift needs from us, too! I do fine art photography and he does t-shirts and other graphic design.

As a small business owner x3 myself, I can tell you how much every. single. purchase. means to me and my family. I encourage you to take a moment to ask yourself: can I support a small business with this purchase instead of a big box store? I promise it is easier than you may think to shop small, shop local, and support individuals rather than megacorporations with unethical business practices.

This post contains some affiliate links, and if you purchase through those links I may receive a tiny commission. Many of these, however, are not monetized links and I am just sharing to lift up and support other women-owned small businesses because it is the right thing to do.

Kitchen, Home, & Art

Kitchen, home, and art gifts from (mostly) small businesses, artisans, women- and minority owned //

Kitchen, home, and art gifts from (mostly) small businesses, artisans, women- and minority owned //

Unfortunately for kitchen appliances finding fair trade, eco-friendly, options is tough. But at least you can choose products that wont expose you to toxic chemicals (like Teflon) and make your life easier.

Both my mother and grandma were fine art oil painters. So it is second nature to me to only buy art from actual artists and never from big box stores (who often rip off the designs of artists without paying them royalties or giving them credit). A few of my favorite artists I have gotten to know here in Memphis (including ME!) are highlighted here, but I suggest you also look to see if there are artists local to YOU that you can support for your art and home decor needs!

  1. Mobius Theory Fine Art Photography Print - Thats me! I do Surrealist and Dada inspired fine art photography (and sometimes just plain gorgeous normal work) for the business I have in partnership with my husband.
    Discount - 20% off and free shipping for orders $40+ through 12/2
    *Small business, woman owned, artisan

  2. Conscious Soul Tarot Deck - My dear friend Blake illustrated this deck that is meat to feel inclusive to everyone no matter their race, gender, or sexual orientation. The artwork was also done to make it possible to read the cards without needing a separate manual to do so.
    Discount - 20% off and free shipping for orders $40+ through 12/2
    *Small business, artisan

  3. Perfect Supplements Grass-Fed Collagen, Gelatin, and more - This is my go-to brand for many of the supplements that I rely on. They are the worlds first certified glyphosate-free brand of collagen (aka Roundup-free). They are obsessive about ensuring that their products are all sustainably and ethically sourced and free from harmful contaminants.I love their collagen peptides (best price on the best quality available!), desiccated liver capsules, aquatic greens (chlorella & spirulina), and type II collagen for joints.
    Discount - use code CURIOUS at checkout to take 10% off. From 11/28-12/2 take an additional 35% off everything Perfect brand!
    *Small business, fair trade, environmentally friendly practices, family owned

  4. Legit Bread Paleo & Allergen-Friendly Mixes - My good friend Jen from Predominantly Paleo launched this bread business to fill a void in the market for delicious, easy Paleo and AIP mixes for things like sandwich breads, bagels, and pancakes.
    Discount - 20% off all mixes with code STUFFME through 12/2
    *Small business, woman owned

  5. Viridian Tea Company - I met Kimberly at the Cooper Young Community Farmers Market (where I get my groceries every Saturday of the year) and I love her skillful and artistic take on tea blends, inspired by nerd/geek/sci-fi/goth culture. There is something for everyone, whether you prefer black, green, white, or herbal (tisane) blends. You wont be disappointed with any of the masterfully blended offerings, be sure to check out the Goth Librarian, Bohemian Tea, and Bombay Sapphire.
    *Small business, woman and minority owned

  6. Jess Tinsley Fine Art Print - I have a few prints from my friend Jess hanging in my home, as well as her calendar. I love her abstract, line-focused style and her story that brought her to art is compelling: it was a way to heal after a traumatic car accident. This and this are two of my favorites from her, but browse her whole store to see what speaks to you!

    Discount - 25% off prints for Small Business Saturday 11/30 onlywith code IMTHANKFUL25

    *Small business, woman owned, artisan

  7. Erika Roberts Studio - I am lucky enough to have the original painting of this print hanging in my office. My friend Erika does a lot of Memphis and other city-specific work, but she has a wide range of offerings (like the iris painting I linked to) that anyone can enjoy. I also have a tote bag with her art on it and a few other prints in my home. Browse her expansive store to find something perfect to gift!
    *Small business, woman owned, artisan

  8. Himalayan Salt Lamp - I have to admit when I first bought Himalayan salt lamps for my house I wasnt aware that horribly unethical practices can be used in the mining of the salt (child labor, unsafe conditions, extremely low pay). I found these adorable ethical fair trade carved salt lamps by Evolution Salt on Amazon, you better believe I am adding the cat one to my home!
    *Small business, fair trade, socially and environmentally friendly

  9. 8 Qt Instant Pot Pressure Cooker - I actually own both a 6 and 8 qt Instant Pot and find myself using them both at the same time sometimes. I made gallons and gallons of bone broth every year with them, and even more congee during the fall and winter. The storage space required for the 8qt really isnt that much more compared to the 6qt and its so much easier to cook with.

  10. Non-toxic Ceramic or Stainless Steel Air Fryer - I am way late to the air fryer game, I know. I have not purchased one yet but plan to this weekend when one goes on sale. Early on during the air fryer craze most of them were coated with toxic Teflon nonstick surfaces, but luckily now there are some options that are either stainless steel or that use a safe ceramic nonstick coating. I have narrowed it down between a few different combination appliances and it may ultimately come down to which one has the best price: the Ninja Foodi Indoor Grill/Air Fryer Combo, Ninja Foodi Flip Away Toaster/Air Fryer Combo, Cuisinart Toaster Oven/Air Fryer Combo, and Breville Smart Oven.

Non-toxic Skincare & Cosmetics

non-toxic skincare and cosmetics small businesses women-owned B corp
  1. Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm - Newly reformulated and improved version of the hero product that does double duty as a cleanser AND moisturizer. Now features lotus flower stem cell extracts for an antioxidant boost. New to oil cleansing? Watch my YouTube video demonstrating how to use the cleansing balm (with the old formula, but the technique is the same!) Bonus: you can use this to do gua sha!
    Discount - 15% off through Dec 1st. Special edition size available (50% larger, only $8 more than the normal price of the regular size during the sale)
    *Woman owned, B Corp, EWG Verified, Leaping Bunny Certified

  2. Gua Sha Stones - If you are new to gua sha please read my comprehensive how-to article. It is an ancient practice used in Chinese medicine to relieve muscle tension, move Qi, move lymph, and when done on the face can create a significant lifting and sculpting effect, remove puffiness, fade fine lines and wrinkles, and bring a glow to the complexion. It is a part of my morning routine because I see a huge difference in my eyes when I do it! Here are my top 3 choices for you:
    #1) Primally Pure, with a comb edge for anti-aging work, economically priced and well-rounded shape
    Lanshin Pro, the Ferrari of gua sha tools but with the equivalent price tag
    3-piece rose quartz set from Amazon for the very budget-conscious shopper
    *Primally Pure and Lanshin are women-owned small businesses, Lanshin is minority-owned

  3. Ridged Facial Roller (in rose quartz, yellow or green jade)- Using a facial roller is like gua sha lite since it doesnt have the benefits of lifting and sculpting the skin, and I find it is not effective for lymphatic drainage except around the eyes - it is great to use under your eye area to remove puffiness. These ridged rollers are more effective at invigorating the skin and improving blood flow vs a smooth roller. Rolling on top of your skincare products also helps them absorb more completely (especially if you use a facial oil). Be careful not to get your hair caught in the roller!
    Discount - use code CURIOUS20 for 20% off your first order with Primally Pure through 12/2!
    *Small business, woman owned

  4. Counter+ Overnight Resurfacing Peel - This sophisticated blend of 15 botanical acids is a glow up in a bottle. AHA, BHAs, and soothing acids work together to be gentle enough to use every other night for cellular turnover, to help keep pores clean and minimized, leave a smooth and soft texture, and help fade hyperpigmentation. Dont just take my word for it either, read the 1500+ 5-star reviews. Most of my clients report noticing a radiant complexion after the first night!
    Discount - 15% off through 12/1, or get it for FREE and FREE shipping with Band of Beauty membership and $100+ in products purchased with membership. Members also earn 10% product credit back on every order.
    *Woman owned, B Corp, EWG Verified, Leaping Bunny Certified

  5. Mini Lip Gloss Vault - an excellent way to replace all your glosses with stunning safer colors. Beautycounter 3rd party tests each new batch of color cosmetics six times for heavy metals (did you know that when the FDA screened lipsticks for heavy metals in 2012 that over 400 came back contaminated with lead?) You can keep all 10 gorgeous shades for yourself or keep a few and use the rest for stocking stuffers or tie a bow on them to use as gifts.
    Discount - 15% off through 12/1
    *Woman owned, B Corp, EWG Verified, Leaping Bunny Certified

  6. Better Balm Duo - Ive been using anti-aging skincare for years, but recently I asked myself what about my lips? Then this anti-aging lip duo came out, featuring a non-toxic alternative to retinol (Bidens pilosa, or black jack flower). YALL. This balm is the best lip balm I have ever used. I normally have chronically chapped lips this time of year despite religious balm use and adequate hydration. This is the first year I have had zero chapping and my lips instead feel soft and super smooth. Comes with invisible and lightly tinted berry.
    Discount - 15% off through 12/1
    *Woman owned, B Corp, EWG Verified, Leaping Bunny Certified

  7. Divine Bio-Adaptive Cleanser - This is the best exfoliating cleanser I have ever used. It features finely milled mother-of-pearl powder for the absolute gentlest possible physical exfoliation without irritation or over-stripping your skin. I use it before applying the Overnight Resurfacing Peel to allow better product penetration.
    Discount - 20% off with code FF2019 through 12/1, and free Hydrolat ($45 value) with $150 purchase.
    *Small business, woman and minority owned, non-toxic

  8. TCM herb-infused facial oil - since adopting a daily facial gua sha practice I have become a bit of a facial oil junkie, since you must use an oil to do gua sha. I have many that I love, but if I had to pick just one as my top favorite, it would be the 5YINA Quiescent Oil, which I use since it is anti-aging and addresses dryness. There are 3 other oils you can choose from depending on your skin type. If you need help choosing, reach out to ask me!
    Discount - 20% off with code FF2019 through 12/1, and free Hydrolat ($45 value) with $150 purchase.
    *Small business, woman and minority owned, non-toxic

  9. Guiying Decolletage Treatment - I found 5YINA when searching for an anti-aging treatment for my decolletage. This balm is crafted with TCM herbs, feels luxurious, has a heavenly aroma, and is perfect for doing daily breast massage. The herbs help clear stagnation and move Qi, important for our breasts (especially for me, with a family history of breast cancer). The nourishing butters and oils work to restore skin elasticity, repair free radical damage, and stretch marks
    Discount - 20% off with code FF2019 through 12/1, and free Hydrolat ($45 value) with $150 purchase.
    *Small business, woman and minority owned, non-toxic

  10. The Jellies - These are so nostalgic! Comes in 5 sheer colors with unique scents and FLAVORS! These are keto-friendly since they have a hint of sweetness from stevia, not sugar. And of course the scents and flavors are safe and non-toxic. These are also incredibly hydrating and great to use in place of a lip balm. I love the beautiful shine! These are perfect stocking stuffers.
    Discount - 15% off through 12/1
    *Woman owned, B Corp, EWG Verified, Leaping Bunny Certified

  11. Clarifying Serum - This has been a great addition to my skincare collection to use during those times I may get hormonal acne. It has anti-bacterial and brightening ingredients (including Turmeric Oil, Marula Oil and Green Tea) to balance oil production, purify pores, diminish discoloration from scarring + sun damage, and even skin tone to create clear, glowing skin. Serums are meant to be used after cleansing and prepping the skin and under your moisturizer.
    *Small business, woman owned

  12. Facial Cupping Set - Cupping is another traditional therapy used in Chinese medicine (and that was brought into the world eye by Michael Phelps during the Olympics). When done on the face with tiny non-toxic silicone cups like this, you can get a similar effect as with gua sha. Use after applying a good facial oil to your skin so that the cups glide effortlessly to move lymph, clear stagnation, and sculpt the skin. Just be careful not to leave the suction in one place too long or youll end up with a red mark!

Here are more details about the brands I am highlighting here. Truly, they each have too many wonderful items for me to list them all. If you need help navigating the choices available please dont hesitate to reach out to me via email amanda @

  • Beautycounter - Leader in the clean and sustainable beauty movement, they produce exceptionally high-performance products that also meet the most rigorous human and environmental health and safety standards I have ever seen, which includes screening every new batch of color cosmetics six times for heavy metals and screening every ingredient in 17 research databases for 23 endpoints. Products are formulated with the most vulnerable populations in mind (the very young and old, pregnant and breastfeeding women).

    My fave: Their groundbreaking anti-aging line Countertime has been the best thing to ever happen to my skin! Read all about the intriguing botanical ingredients (some with a history in TCM!) and the science of why it works so well in my article here.

    Discount - save 15% off individual products and holiday gift sets through Dec 1st, get a free Overnight Resurfacing Peel ($63 value), free shipping, and get 10% back in product credits as a Band of Beauty member with $100+ product purchase.

  • Primally Pure - The founder Bethany got into clean skincare after her family started an organic livestock farm. Several products are actually formulated with tallow from grass-fed cows. Other ingredients are sourced with the utmost care and they support small family farms whenever possible.

    My fave: their DEODORANT! Which is kind of weird to list in a gift guide, which is why I didnt. I love both the Charcoal (better for when I know I am going to sweat, like an ashtanga yoga class) and Blue Tansy (every day, very soothing!). Theirs is the first ever non-toxic deodorant Ive been able to use with baking soda without any irritation.


    • Take 20% off with coupon code CURIOUS20 (cant be stacked with these other offers, though)

    • Black Friday: Spend $50 get a FREE 1.7 oz deodorant of your choosing

    • Small Biz Saturday + Sunday: Free Shipping!

    • Cyber Monday: BOGO (buy one get one) on ALL Kits (Spa/Starter/Baby)

  • 5YINA - traditional wisdom meets modern alchemy with this acupuncturist-owned company. All products are formulated with potent TCM herbs in well-balanced formulas to address your specific skin type. All herbs stringently tested to ensure they are free of pesticides, sulphur, preservatives and heavy metals for the cleanest possible products.

    My fave: hands down the Quiescent Facial Oil, which I already gushed about above! It is worth every penny!
    Discount - 20% off with code FF2019 through 12/1, and free Hydrolat ($45 value) with $150 purchase.

  • Innersense Organic Haircare - Finally, non-toxic haircare that works just as well as the icky salon lines! You can read more about my current volumizing haircare routine using their products here. Instead of offering a discount this weekend, they are donating 20% of profits on purchases made through 12/1 to Feed America.
    My fave: Their volumizing serum is seriously one of the best haircare products I have ever used! I love the soft fluffy volume it gives me without feeling like anything is in my hair!

Jewelry & Apparel

jewelry and apparel from small businesses,  women and minority owned, clean living gift guide
  1. Handmade Gemstone Intention Bracelet - My friend Kathy makes absolutely beautiful jewelry with gemstones, and this one has an intention charm built in. Browse her whole Etsy shop for more incredible artisan jewelry, especially for dog lovers. I have necklaces, earrings, and bracelets from her and get complemented every time I wear them.
    Discount - 20% off and free shipping on orders of $35+ through 12/3
    *Small business, woman owned, artisan

  2. Etched Copper Peacock Cuff - My friend Greg does exceptional metalworking to create beautiful pieces of jewelry like this cuff. But be sure to peruse his whole Etsy shop to see his other gifts that are great for your sci-fi, fantasy, and music fans. He has things any die hard Harry Potter or Game of Thrones fan will adore!
    Discount - 20% off and free shipping on orders of $35+ through 12/3
    *Small business, artisan

  3. Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace from Nautilus Pottery - Rose Conway is another friend and artisan here in Memphis who makes gorgeous essential oil diffuser jewelry and other pottery items. I love her flower diffuser necklaces!
    Discount - Free 1.8ml lavender essential oil with purchase of any essential oil diffuser jewelry through Cyber Monday 12/2 (no code needed)
    *Small business, artisan, woman, Latina, and veteran owned

  4. Cat T-shirts - My own Insta-famous kitties Dexter and Bubo are also becoming IRL famous thanks to stylized images of their faces adorning sweatshop-free t-shirts sold via the business I own with my husband Andy called Mobius Theory. We have a hard time keeping them in stock they are so popular, so if your size is out of stock, make sure you use the wishlist function to be notified when we do a reprint!
    Discount - from 12:01AM PST Friday 11/29 through 11:59PM PST 12/2 take 20% off and get free shipping on orders of $40+
    *Small business, woman and Latino owned, artisan

  5. Organic Cotton Clothing - Pact is one of my favorite sources for ethically made organic cotton clothing, from basics like underwear, bralettes, t-shirts, leggings with POCKETS, and loungewear, to incredibly flattering and comfortable dresses. I also finally snagged some of their organic sheets and cant wait to use them!
    Discount - use this link to take 20% off your order.
    *GOTS certified, 100% organic, fair trade certified factories

  6. Shop Mucho - Angelique honors her Mexican heritage by finding a variety of treasures from both Mexican and other Latinx makers. Her shop mixes the latest fashions and trends with traditional Latino clothing, accessories, and decor. Shout out to her for also keeping my Latin American Paleo Cookbook and my fine art prints in stock at her storefront Primas! If you live in Memphis, visit her at 523 S. Main downtown.
    *Small business, woman and Latina owned

  7. WANDERLVST901 - Owner J. Renee travels the world to find incredible apparel handcrafted by local artisans who she pays a fair wage. I have a one-of-a-kind skirt from Jamaica and stunning beaded earrings from Kenya that I got from her shop. If you are into the resurgence in popularity of fanny packs, she has quite a few on offer right now that I have to admit are a lot of fun!
    *Small business, woman and minority owned

  8. Bombas - Ive had these on my wishlist for a while, but they make high-quality (and high-tech) socks from both cotton and Merino wool. For every pair purchased they donate a pair to a homeless shelter, a great example of what B Corps are all about by using business as a force for good.
    Discount - 20% off with code HOLIDAY20 through 12/2
    *B Corp

  9. The Faint of Heart - Nicki handcrafts eye-catching jewelry with metal and gemstones that will have people asking you where did you get that?? Her work is inspired by the natural world and the sense of wonder it cultivates in us. She also has a shop here in Memphis at the same location where Andy and I have a shop: Arrow, located at 2535 Broad Ave. Come hang out with us!
    *Small business, woman owned, artisan

Book & Cookbooks

the curious coconut holiday gift guide books
  1. Latin American Paleo Cooking - my first cookbook full of traditional dishes from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Venezuela, and many more countries. Nearly every recipe is AIP or easily adaptable without sacrificing flavor. Learn tons more about it here. If youd like to purchase a special autographed copy you can do that right here on my website.

  2. Fast & Flavorful Paleo Cooking - my second cookbook, releasing in March 2020! Pre-order now to lock in the lowest price, you wont be charged until release day and it helps me SO MUCH for you to pre-order. This book is weeknight-friendly dishes that are on the table in 15-45 minutes using ONLY your stovetop and oven, no special appliances needed. I jokingly call it the anti-batch cooking book, since it is all about whipping up something quickly on a busy weeknight. Its very vegetable-centric, too, to empower you to make veggies taste good for your whole family! Get tons more details about this book here.

  3. Korean Paleo - My dear friend Jean Choi of wrote this incredible book with traditional Korean recipes from her family. The recipes are bold, vibrant, and sure to make Paleo fun for you again if youre in a rut. Read my full review and get a sample recipe here.

  4. Amazing Mexican Favorites with your Instant Pot - Another dear friend of mine, Emily Sunwell-Vidauri of published this book this year. It is not a Paleo cookbook, but is gluten-free and 100% real food and many recipes are naturally paleo or easy to make them so. I do include rice and properly prepared beans in my diet, so I appreciate the authentic recipes for them.

  5. The Primal Blueprint - This is the book that started it all for me and gave me my life back. I would not have the success story that I do without Mark's book and website.

  6. The Wahls Protocol - Terry Wahls, MD is one of my heroes. Take 10 minutes and watch her incredible TEDx talk here. Her story of using food as medicine is incredibly compelling, and her book explains WHY choosing nutrient-dense foods that feed your mitochondria can result in a new lease on life if youre dealing with an autoimmune disease. I advise starting with her protocol first before considering something like the AIP diet.

  7. The Web That Has No Weaver - For those who are Chinese medicine-curious, this is an excellent introductory text that explains the theory and practice of this ancient healing art. I am vocal about how Chinese medicine care has been as important as diet and other lifestyle factors in maintaining my health, and this book is great if you need to understand more about how and why TCM works before undergoing treatment. It gives a robust review of the scientific evidence.

  8. Between Heaven and Earth - Another great introductory text to Chinese medicine. It focuses on the 5 archetypes in TCM (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) which is great for people who are into personality tests like Enneagram. I have learned a lot about my own unhealthy tendencies

  9. The Body Keeps The Score - This book explores how traumatic experiences reshape our minds, bodies, and brains and details recent scientific research for techniques that aid healing and tap into neuroplasticity. As someone who has a very high adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) score who is also dealing with autoimmunity, this book was a revelation for me. It started my journey of healing from trauma which has caused profound shifts in my health and wellbeing. Once you start this one you cant put it down!

  10. Childhood Disrupted - I read this book next in my trauma healing journey. Donna Jackson Nakazawa dives deep into the concept of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs - find your score here) and what the compelling science tells us about the link between a high ACEs score and later chronic health and autoimmunity, especially in women. The statistics are staggering, but the book empowers you to not become just another statistic with 1/3 of the book dedicated to healing strategies. This has been indispensable in my journey!

  11. Turning the Mind Into An Ally - This is one of my top recommendations if you are looking for a book to help you start a meditation practice. The title is exactly what this book will do for you, and it is written to make it easily understandable and approachable for us Westerners.

  12. The Heart-Centered Healing Journal - the journal for the non-journaler, written by my dear friend Jessica of and laid out for print by my husband. It features writing prompts, coloring pages, and inspirational quotes. If youre intimidated by a blank journal, this is the one for you!

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