13 Festive Christmas Tree Collars That Will Make You Put Your Tree Skirt in Storage


The lights, ornaments, and tree topper may be the first things that come to mind when it's time to decorate your Christmas tree, but there's one accessory you might be overlooking. If you've grown tired of tree skirts and have had the same one for way too long, consider swapping it for a basket or festive box. It's serves the same purpose as the skirt by hiding the tree stand, but it's bigger and can really elevate the look of your completed tree. And if you're looking to further personalize your decorations, this could be a great option to do just that! There are Christmas tree baskets with lots of patterns, colors, and aesthetics to choose from that will certainly give the bottom of your tree the attention it deserves. We've rounded up some options that will hopefully spark some inspiration.

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