Aleali May Drops A New Color Way For MAYDE Worldwide


By Kerane Marcellus ·Updated February 2, 2023

The streetwear fashion “it” girl Aleali May, known for her perfect juxtaposition of chill and dressy, tomboy and femme outfits, launched her own unisex label in 2022 and has since dropped some of the coziest, dopest collections. This newest addition is an all-black drop; before was cobalt blue and earthy olive green. The brand is all about having solid staples that are comfortable — a very LA practice, might I add. She’s had the internet in her palms from a style standpoint, often shot for street-style stories during cycling fashion weeks.

This drop features sports bras that are supportive, a ribbed tank with some stretch to it, bike shorts, sweatpants, slim-fit hoodies, and pullovers. “MAYDE essentials would be incomplete without providing one of the most necessary colors, especially in my personal closet – black,” says the fashionista. “Powerful, mysterious, seductive, and always in style, black compliments every skin tone and flatters all body types. MAYDE’s new silhouettes dipped in sophisticated black are anything but basic.”

The Cali girl, known for her Jordan collaborations, influential street style, and cool factor, speaks with ESSENCE on her brand and Black brands showing at nyfw that she loves to support.

How do you incorporate LA style into your brand?

I incorporate LA style into my brand MAYDE by providing a laid-back lifestyle. MAYDE is cozy, comfortable, and most importantly home. Heavy fleece or open pieces like the ribbed tanks are reminiscent to how free-flowing and breezy the weather can be. In regards to landscape, Mayde is made for the long drives and running around – or just chilling on the beach, hiking, and hanging with friends. 

Aleali May Drops A New Color Way For MAYDE Worldwide

What made you want to start MAYDE?

When getting dressed, we tend to mirror current emotions. Depending on what colors you’re attracted to and what you have scheduled that day, you need to have room in your personal style to bend with the times. I started MAYDE to help build closets of this newer generation with many different lifestyles. Something that provides a piece of everyday luxury. We think of luxury pieces where we wear it sometimes – always put on the top shelf and only comes out on special occasions. With MAYDE, it is made to be worn more frequently and comes in many variations of cuts and colors.

Aleali May Drops A New Color Way For MAYDE Worldwide

Who/what is a fashion inspiration to you right now?

My fashion inspiration right now are the current runways during Couture week and Men’s PFW. There’s a lot to take in and follow where fashion is going. With more advancements with materials and technology, I get excited when I see new brands come into the space or make their way from the underground. And, of course, there are people like Rihanna getting ready for the Super Bowl. I’m so excited to see what she’s going to wear and what I will probably buy next. I love how she’s done so many things in different spaces, and it inspires me to do the same. 

What other Black brands/designers are you excited to see this upcoming NYFW?

Black Brands I’m excited to see this upcoming fashion week include Who Decides War, Heron Preston, and LaQuan Smith. I love each brand very equally because my style reflects their concepts. One day I can wear baggy denim and a bucket hat. The next, I’m in workwear and construction boots with Heron, and at events, I’m stepping in with a body suit and mini skirt or pants. All important highlights to New York fashion this season.

The collection is available now on and ranges from sizes XS to 4XL. Prices range from $50 to $185.

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