86 Horrible Wedding Guests That These People Still Haven’t Forgotten About


Every soon-to-be-married couple hopes that tying the knot will be an absolute blast. This day is supposed to be filled with thrill, joy, and beautiful memories they will cherish for years to come. But when you have distant relatives, jealous siblings, and dodgy plus-ones in inappropriate outfits all under one roof, things are bound to go terribly wrong.

You see, weddings are notorious for bringing out the worst in some people. Whether they had one drink too many or decided to do their best to wreck the event, disrespectful friends and family who make the celebration unforgettable for all the wrong reasons are every bride’s and groom’s worst nightmare.

So to better understand these mishaps, Redditor BewareOfTrips started up a thread asking: "Who was the rudest guest at your wedding?" Fellow members over on 'Wedding Shaming' opened up about the worst behaviors they witnessed, detailing firsthand tales of awkward, vile, and jaw-droppingly impolite incidents from their big day. We at Bored Panda have gathered some of the most surprising responses, so be sure to read them right below. And if you have any similar stories to share, let us know about them in the comments!


My grandfather. Less than 30 minutes into the reception, he decides that he was ready to leave. In an effort to "hurry my gram along", he went and sat in the car. And she LET HIM. She didn't decide to leave until over 3 hours later! My gram didn't normally have this shiny of a spine. But I was not only the oldest grandkid, I was also the first to get married, so she wasn't letting him ruin it for her (or me)! My gram is easily one of my favorite people on this planet, so I choose to remember most her shiny spine than my grandfather's dickish one on that day.

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My husband's cousin complained about the music. It was too 'happy.' He was single at the time, and the wedding was making him feel sad and lonely, so he requested blues to be played. Not one song. Blues only. Because he was sad. At my wedding. He tried to argue with me several times until I told him to go home and listen to his music in the privacy of his own room. I had to explain to him that even though he felt sad, I was in a rather positive mood.

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Not mine, but my sisters wedding. An aunt brought a piñata in the shape of a woman so the groom could have something to “pop” that night since my sister wasn’t a virgin (she had a child from her 1st marriage)
My cousin and I took care of it and it never made its way into the reception thank goodness.

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My BIL. He got belligerently drunk and kept tossing empty glasses into the little koi pond at the venue. My nephew, who was 7 at the time was in hysterics, worried about the fish.

Thanks for the award! Who knew my obnoxious BIL would earn me an award?!

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My wife’s aunt ignored our signs and announcements to not take photos during the ceremony and leave it to our paid, professional, photographers. That a*****e aunt stood in the main aisle taking photos of my wife and her father walking down the aisle, ruining our photographer’s photos of the procession. When I finally got the photos she took 6 months later, they were low resolution and out of focus. I spent upwards of 10 hours in Photoshop trying to composite one, single, decent, photo but ended up losing hope. She also got overly drunk and wouldn’t stop harassing my already married Uncle. Years later and I still don’t like that lady.

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My FIL. As Best Man, he carried my ring in his pocket. He went outside to smoke his pipe before the ceremony and was fiddling with the ring and dropped it in the grass. It was night. The wedding was delayed as everyone got flashlights to help look for it. No one told me what was going on. They couldn't find it, so my MIL let my husband borrow her anniversary band, that was fancy and had diamonds in it. When the time came, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a fancier ring than we had chosen. I thought it was a surprise for me. My MIL approached me after the ceremony and told me there was no way I was keeping it. A few minutes later someone out in the yard actually FOUND MY RING! At the reception, my FIL vomited on my dress.

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I invited my cousin and her husband. She showed up with her husband, her MIL, both of his brothers and one of their girlfriends. Six people!

The only reason it turned out okay was that a hurricane came through two days before our wedding and several guests weren't able to make it. She hasn't gotten any more thoughtful.

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In October 2020, I went with my wife to her younger sister's wedding, which was attended by their vehemently anti-mask grandmother. Leading up to the big day, she'd nearly been kicked out of every hotel from Tennessee to Colorado because whenever she was asked to put a mask on in the lobby, she responded by covering her mouth with her hand and saying, 'How about this?' At the wedding, she was asked to limit physical contact, so she naturally hugged everyone she did — and didn't — know. My wife, who is a doctor, refused her hug, resulting in the grandmother's brother calling her 'not a great doctor.'
After she found out the woman the maid of honor was picking up from the airport was her wife, she refused to acknowledge it — first referring to her as a 'friend,' 'girlfriend,' and, naturally, 'nobody really cares about titles.' She also told the groom's father that 'immigrants are the worst thing to happen to this country.' The father responded in his thick native Bulgarian accent, 'I'm an immigrant.'

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My officiant was over an hour late, brought her adult daughter, and ate all my bacon wrapped scallops. When we asked for a refund, she wrote a letter telling us we were going to hell.

I tried giving her poor reviews; she changed her business name and kept going.

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My husband’s uncle. About two weeks before the wedding, we asked our wedding party, parents, and siblings if anyone wanted to give a speech. We ended up with a total of five speeches and a toast from my dad. My dad was supposed to go at the end to give the toast, and then we would go back to partying. Husband’s uncle must have figured it was an open mic for anyone to give a speech and stepped up behind my dad. I tried to get my coordinator’s attention to ask him to go sit back down, but to no avail. He gave a 10 minute sermon. Yeah, a sermon. Now, I’m a practicing Catholic, and I had some elements of religion in the ceremony, but I made a conscious decision not to make people feel like my beliefs were being shoved down their throats. The fact that he got up and gave a speech all about Jesus without even asking still gets me worked up.

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At the reception, my mother went around to all the tables, not to greet anyone, but to ask if she could have their leftovers for her dog. She had a large ziplock bag in her purse that she opened up and asked them to drop the leftovers/bones in the bag. She would hover behind people and ask for specific pieces. My sister ran interference and took me to the other side of the room while our husbands dealt with her. Only by promising that the kitchen staff would save everything for her, did they finally get her to sit down.

Well, the staff saved nothing, and she was pissed. The next morning, she returned to dig it out of the trash bins. She stood on a cardboard box, it collapsed, and she fell in it. She broke two ribs and couldn't climb out, so 911 was called. She was hospitalized. When I found out about her broken ribs, she refused to tell me how it happened. I kept asking until her sister finally shouted, 'For God's sake, just tell her you went back to get the damn bones.'

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When I was 16 I sat next to my uncle at my other uncles wedding. He kept offering me more and more money to object. I didn’t do it, but at 16, $500 to make a fool of yourself at a wedding is very tempting.

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My sister was the maid of honor and my husband had a best man. They were both to give a speech. My dad wanted go give a speech too so I said okay and he was scheduled after the other two. My attention-seeking dad cut my sister's speech short, taking the mic and did his speech before the best man. One of the points in his speech was something about how he was supposed to do the first speech. Another point was how my husband and I didn't know each other that long (15 months) and basically that we were rushing. I was so hurt and embarrassed, it took a lot of strength to not tear up and run out of the room. I just tried to forget about it after it was said and done because I didn't want him to ruin my wedding day.

I feel like I should also add that when he walked me down the aisle, he didn't want to sit down after handing me off to my husband. I was not paying attention to him because he was standing behind me, but my mom (his ex wife) in the front row had to tell him to sit down.

Attention-seekers will do anything to get eyes on them.

Bonus: he caused some wedding planning f**k ups as well.

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One of my husbands friends who's given me the cold shoulder for years. I suspect she had either some kind of thing for him or was mad she wasn't like a daughter to my in-laws like I now legally would be, because she had been a close neighbor to him growing up.

Well, she was in a group of friends from high school we have invited to our wedding (we went to the same high school and hung out with the same people) and she rounded everyone up to take one of those reunion photos with the everyone. Excluding me. The bride. Who went to her high school. And everyone else was too drunk to notice, I guess... She posted it all over social media.

Meanwhile husband's college friends, who i hadn't even met until he was out of college (went to different schools) insisted I be front and center of their reunion photo with husband anyway.

That was the last straw of me trying to be nice to her.

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Guests didn’t RSVP. Then showed up towards the end of dinner. Toasts had already started. They had pikachu faces when they were sat at the table I had put for the photographer and other service people in case they got hungry because I had two extra spaces there just in case. A friend later told me she complained we didn’t wait for them to start serving dinner? I was like wtf?

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My ex MIL. One of my bridesmaids was dancing with a drink in her hand at our reception and my MIL tapped her on the arm and loudly asked if she could put the drink down while she danced because "she was looking trashy". Bridesmaid told me later, because "her gift to me was not tearing that woman apart on the spot".

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In lieu of giving a toast at the rehearsal dinner, my MiL got up to announce that she was getting married that next Wednesday. She wore her winter-white micro-mini skirt wedding suit to the ceremony the next day.

This was a quiet, Methodist-church wedding in the upper South. My husband’s childhood best friend showed up with his girlfriend absolutely stoned out of their gourds (some cocktail of pot and a passel of pharmaceuticals and probably a few things snorted to top it all off). HIS mom stood at the buffet table and ate more than half of the groom cake (I’ve been told it was absolutely amazing, perhaps the best chocolate cake ever, but we didn’t get any of it).

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My ex friend at my friend’s wedding. She requested a vegan meal. She wasn’t
vegan. She ate her meal plus a ton of other non vegan food throughout the reception.

She got really drunk and tried to fight the groom. He didn’t engage so she tried to fight me. Apparently she was angry about a slight from years prior. I ignored her and ended up calling a cab to go home.
She was screaming and carrying on as I left.
The venue called the cops on her.

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The +1 of my partner’s work buddy offered to blow the groom under the head table while I was on the dance floor.

That wasn’t the only thing she did that night that is still talked about 20 years later.

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It was another bride. I’ve talked about this before, but we were in a venue with two ballrooms. We had an open bar and I guess the other wedding had a cash bar. The bartender started to suspect people from the other wedding were coming in and stealing free drinks from ours (he said because they didn’t tip, and we had been) and our groomsmen were dealing with it. Then the BRIDE in her full gown and train walked up to our bar to get a drink. The bartender shut her down, the event manager canvased the bartender and the groomsmen who saw and asked for an estimate for how much they stole and it was a lot. They had been doing it more subtly all night and this was later. But eventually there were about 30-35 people from their (much smaller) wedding doing it one at a time. We had 150 people so it was easy to not get seen. This was pretty-COVID.

The bride walked past me with the manager lecturing her about the extra charge and I just laughed. I didn’t mean to, but I was drunk, and I just felt bad for this poor cheapskate who couldn’t even get someone to get her drinks on her wedding.

We were paying one price for dinner and unlimited alcohol per guest, but she didn’t know that. So she got a nice bill for like $500 afterwards and I think her party shut down early, but I don’t think that’s why. Their party wasn’t even near ours, so they had to go searching for it. What a weirdo.

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One of my college friends who showed up late then called my wedding boring during the reception to my face.

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My best friend’s wedding.

Her grandma made a point to personally insult every bridesmaid.

In the group wedding photo, grandma is literally doing a nazi salute. I’ve since learned it’s a Catholic thing and not in fact a nazi salute; but she’s the only one doing it and it 100% looks like a nazi salute right over the groom’s shoulder.

It was a early afternoon wedding reception and we had to be out of the venue by 6. No joke, as soon as everyone was done eating at 4pm, grandma started singlehandedly packing up the decorations and tables while people were still eating at them. It totally killed the vibe and everyone started leaving in droves because they thought they were being rushed out.

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We had a formal wedding by the side of a lake and one of my uncles brought his fishing pole and started fishing in the middle of the reception. He brought bait and everything, dude was prepared.


I guess this is a common one but once during my brother’s wedding I invited a friend and plus one because she was married. This chick was on the phone with me for 20 mins begging to invite her mother as well who wanted to see a different type of wedding (they are from a different culture). I relented only because one of my other friends canceled. Guess what, none of them showed up. Ex-friend I should say.

Same thing at my wedding. A family of five RSVPd no. Then a week before the wedding contacted us to say sorry but they really wanna come. Ok, despite our protests my mom says it’s ok (she was paying) and we scramble to make room. And they didn’t come nor did they call.

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Husbands cousin who brought their child to our child free wedding

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We invited the best man's entire family because my husband basically grew up in their house. The parents are divorced and apparently take turns going to events. So we got the dad and his new wife (best man's stepmother). I don't know what her problem was but she spent the entire wedding and reception dramatically sulking. The photographers mostly worked around her but there's one photo where you can clearly see a grown as woman literally pouting like a five year old. Also I did a non traditional wedding dress and at one point she walked up to me and said "I thought this was a wedding, where's the bride?"

Not sure what she was trying to achieve, but no one cared and I thought it was hilarious.


We sent my MIL a one page single spaced list of all the problems she caused at our wedding. Her response was “I didn’t yell at the musicians before the service, it was after.”

She also said “We’ll we’re family now so that means we all have to get along since we’ll see each other the rest of our lives.” I think after a few years of me never speaking to her, she’s starting to reconsider that thought


My husband's aunt pregamed before our ceremony started. She was trashed and kept photobombing my family pictures.

Then she went out on the street in front of the venue and tried to invite random several strangers into our reception. One of my guests informed me, so my husband and I sent her daughter to retrieve her.

She also got on top of tables during the reception to dance.

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As soon as gay marriage (well civil partnership at the time) became legalised here, my friend ‘Bob’ married his long term partner ‘Tom’, it was the best wedding I ever went to, beautiful, meaningful, wonderful.
After the short, but poignant (best kind in my view) service, I was sort of helping both sets of elderly parents (the lads couldn’t get even civil partners until they were in the 40’s, so parents were 70’s+), the few minutes walk to the reception, when……….
All four of them started going off about how hard it was having gay children, how difficult it was for them, they’d never be a proper family, etc, you average older aged homophonic sh|t, very loudly.
With ‘Bob’ and ‘Tom’ right there, ‘Tom’ looked like he’s was on the edge of tears.
I shuffled them (the parents not the grooms) off as quick as I could,

It was hardly a surprise for them, ‘Bob’ had been out for 30 years, and the lads had been living together 10 or so years.
Call me old fashioned, but even if you don’t agree that some people deserve love, the time and place not to bring it up, loudly, in front of all their friends and family is most definitely between your son’s wedding ceremony and reception.

I was still the best wedding I’ve ever been too, even if I had to spend most of it standing up, as I hadn’t worn that dress before, so didn’t know that though it looked classy, while sitting the slip in the skirt, um, yep, standing up of me


Mine was the bride (+ random bridal party members) who crashed my ceremony; and made a big stink at the back of the venue about how she couldn’t believe they had double booked when sheeee was supposed have her wedding photos… all to discover she was meant to be next door.


My dad - 30sec into the father-daughter dance (which I had already had the DJ edit down to a reasonable 2.5min), he asks “are we done yet?” Ummmmm….

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At my wedding I was trying to make a point to say hi to as many people as I could during cocktail hour so I could enjoy the reception. My brother in law was our officiant and he asked if he could invited his best friend with a plus 1. Seemed reasonable enough. I'd met the best friend enough times but never his girlfriend. So I spot them and go to say hi. Best friend hugs and kisses me. I turn to the girl he's with and say, "Oh you must be Nick's girlfriend!"

Girl nearly spills her drink. She gives me such a look of contempt and says loud enough that everyone with in 30 feet can hear, "Excuse me? I'm not his girlfriend I'm his FIANCÉ." And she turns and walks away from me. Nick just shrugs and walks away. Obviously we weren't invited to their wedding the next year...

Runner up goes to my sister who wanted to take the top tier of my cake home for her in laws because they had to leave early and thought I was being unreasonable when I said I wanted to freeze it for our one year anniversary.


I had someone bring in a Tupperware container of pot brownies to my wedding at a country club. Then someone snuck into the air bnb my husband and I were staying in on the venue property and smoke weed inside. I’m a substance use disorder therapist with several family members in recovery from drugs and alcohol. Just felt seriously disrespectful and it’s not like we were having a dry wedding but really lol smoke weed at another time or damn at least do it in your car not my freakin wedding night air bnb


My husband’s cousin. She wore a pretty revealing dress and is typically an attention-seeker. We were all dancing when she went to the DJ and asked him to announce she lost a ring. So everyone started looking for it, thinking it must be an important ring if she asked the DJ to announce it. My brother ended up finding it and returned it to her. She told him it was a ring she bought at Target, went to the middle of the dance floor, and loudly announced she found it, making a huge deal of putting it back on and throwing her hand up in the air to show it off. At the time (aka before knowing it wasn’t an important/nice ring), I was just glad she found it. It was really embarrassing, and a few people thought she had gotten engaged by her movement.


My uncle kept demanding that god doesn't recognize my marriage because it wasn't done in a Catholic church and that my husband and I will never last bc he'll probably cheat on me in a few years when things "inevitably become stale".

I tried telling him I don't believe in the same things as him and wasn't concerned, so he got louder instead and I had to just walk away. Definitely gave my surrounding cousins a good laugh though, he does stuff like this a lot.

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LOOOOL this memory. My uncle’s wife (not the aunt I grew up with) was bitching to one of my BRIDESMAIDS about having to be at the wedding and not knowing anyone (aside from that whole half of the family I guess??). It was incredibly clear she was talking to a bridesmaid.

Apparently she was also complaining about the bar because we chose a couple signature cocktails and then had wine and beer. Pretty standard stuff but she was mad she couldn’t just order whatever.

Didn’t phase me, I thought it was hilarious, but I did (accidentally) cause drama with that part of the family when I backed one of my cousins up about her being a grinch. He used it in a family argument with his dad. Oop.


Well, the photographer mixed up the date so I didn't get pictures and someone showed up with their kids in pajamas and halloween costumes. It was not an October wedding.

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My wedding planner ripped my bouquet out of my hands as soon as the ceremony was over, plopped it in a vase, and placed it on a random table. An unwitting guest took it home thinking it was a centerpiece! I had no idea what happened to my bouquet until I went looking for it at the end of the night.

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My mom and dad walked from table to table and “quietly” told everyone that they were separating.


My sister’s wedding. One of her new in-laws wore pajamas.


My first wedding, ex-MIL was basically an emotional terrorist. Just the worst kind of person. Made my mom cry while we we all doing pictures because she was loudly complaining to everyone within earshot that she wasn’t allowed to help plan or do anything. She was asked several times to help but was always “too busy”. She also started a fight with my ex the week of the wedding and threatened not to come. Anyway, dodged the mother of all mother in law bullets when we divorced a year later lol


Not my wedding, but a dear friend. The bride's mom insisted on inviting one of her coworkers who had never even met the bride. The friend showed up in an ankle-length lacy white dress. Thankfully there was no way anyone could possibly mistake her for the bride, but imagine the audacity of showing up in that to a wedding where you're already only there because the bride did her mother a very generous favor.


My dad's sister (who hadn't been in my life for about 25 years, but was my parents only request, so I invited her), she thought that my seating plan for her table (that my mother arranged herself after multiple trips to the venue and sitting in every seat to pick her ideal seat at the reception), wasn't thought out enough and I was so rude for sitting my parents separately (they asked for it, wanted to talk with relatives they never see). So she rearranged all the placecards and sat my mom in the worst spot at the table. Thankfully I wasn't told until the after the honeymoon or I would have moved my mom back to her spot right then and there!
Oh she also thought it appropriate to wear HUGE fluffy slippers and a house coat at the reception after dinner?


One of my bridesmaids was talking to an elderly guest, he was sitting down & she was standing in front of him, bent so she could speak directly to him (hard of hearing). Another guest walked up behind her & grabbed the zipper to her dress & yanked. Bridesmaid’s dress fell completely off/down in 1 swoop.
As a side note same guest came from out of town with a +1. However, her ex husband was a guest as well, he was local. She ended up hooking up w the ex in her hotel room & left +1 to fend for himself.
Rest of the wedding was completely uneventful & just a nice time…


My mom’s (now ex) boyfriend sexually harassed the bridesmaids at my wedding. And the officiant. Annnd the wedding planner’s assistant. I had no idea that any of this happened until my recap meeting with the planner a few weeks after my honeymoon. I immediately called my mom and broke the news that her boyfriend was a creep, and thankfully she broke up with him that day.


My brother.

The only part of planning my husband took interest in was the music. So he set up the entire wedding/reception playlist. While we were off taking a couple pictures, my brother changed it to a stereotypical dance playlist with the Cha Cha Slide, Cotton-Eyed Joe, etc. All of the songs my husband and I didn't want. And got pissed when we tried to change it back.

Or my aunt who posted pictures of the wedding on Facebook in the 5 minute time span between ceremony and reception.


I had an old boss that hired and fired me a total of three times. He tried to sneak into our reception. My wife and I walked out to the balcony overlooking the honeymoon suite, and she immediately saw him from 6 stories up. She saw him because he showed up wearing jorts. The look on her face was apparently pretty obvious even from up there because he was gone by the time I went down to tell him to gtfo.


My friend who is also an acid dealer gave everyone acid. And I mean everyone. Including my 19 year-old cousin, an elderly relative of my wife, our friend who had never done it before and then wandered off into a pile of wooden logs and spent a long period of time talking to bugs, and me, the next day, without me realizing he was giving me acid while I was cleaning up.

I love the guy to death, but god damn, dude.


My Ex-MIL and her entire damn family. I was scheduled to show up at the venue 2 hours early to get into my dress and get ready. My MOH and I show up with my parents just behind to find MIL and family sitting there in the parking lot, waiting for us. She waves and yells “We beat you here! We just had to be first!”
Bonus-a small (50 person) semi-formal wedding and half of them were in jeans and NASCAR t-shirts. My dad had to play bouncer to the dressing area because they all kept wandering down there.

Additional bonus: one of my ex’s aunts gave me a large, cartoon character novelty lollipop for a wedding gift.


My sister.

We had a child free reception but kids were welcome to attend the ceremony, this was written on the invitation but S1 didn’t read it correctly. When she arrived at the ceremony(our wedding was in our town but most of our family had to travel around 400km to attend) she saw S2 & B1 as well as others had their kids there and apparently lost her ever loving mind at S2(her emotional punching bag) about it. In all my wedding photos she has the worst sneer face.


My Momster in law...
Not only did she do a couples photo shoot for my SIL and her bf at the time pretty much as soon as they showed up to the venue, but she encouraged her brother to take his sons senior photos during our reception (where we had our wedding was on a creek and very private and gorgeous.) Then on top of that she went home with an entire tray of food from our caterer that was mean for MY parents after she contributed literally 0 to the wedding itself, leaving my parents with nothing.

God I do not miss that c**t, or her son.. he was just like her. Thank f**k for divorce.


My stepbrother who (from least to worst):

1. Left after an hour
2. Turns out the restaurant owner kicked him out
3. Because he was stealing wine from behind the bar (it was unlimited alcohol AND he's a police officer who knows serving laws)
4. And then tried to invite a homeless man into my 40 person reception


During our special dances (first dance, father/daughter, mother/son) we had two toddlers running around on the dancefloor. Both of their families were sitting at tables closest to the dance floor and could have easily grabbed them or done something but they didn’t even attempt to stop them. Our photographer tried her best to not get them in the photos but they still are in some of them, and it was super distracting and rude.


At my sisters wedding my aunt turned up in jeans, then called rose gold (one of the wedding colours) “tacky”, and criticised her own daughters, our cousins, for turning up in jumpsuits which she deemed “classless”. They were beautiful floral jumpsuits, much more appropriate for a wedding than jeans…

We later found out she’s a racist so she’s not invited to mine.

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My step mom. Who in the months leading up to the wedding tried to insist on inviting people at the last minute, tried to get me to cancel the wedding in the town we lived in and move it 5 hours away to my hometown even though no family lived there anymore. And then weekend of, argued with me because we skipped favors and she didn’t like my centerpieces. Then tried to dictate what the photographer did. I finally gave up and told her to stop or risk getting booted by the police the venue insisted we hire.


Groomsman professed his love for bride days before the wedding and then passed out from heat exhaustion at the altar.


Not a huge deal, but we set up a table for the kids at our wedding with colored play sand and little bottles for kids to make sand art to take home. My SIL (we’ve always had problems, and haven’t spoken in 4 years) let her kids use all of them. Our own 2 kids in attendance didn’t even get to make one because she let her kids use up all the bottle and dump the sand everywhere. She’s usually that selfish when it comes to her kids, though. There was enough for about 20-30 kids to each make one.


Went to a wedding where one of the speeches given was just a guy talking c**p about his children. Didn't even say anything nice about the bride or groom either, just literally listed all the ways his children disappointed him. It was probably only a couple minutes long, but it felt like ages. Everyone was so uncomfortable. It was pointless, cruel, and bizarre. The DJ eventually got the microphone from him and tried so hard to segue everyone into dancing, but the mood was pretty sour.


My grandmother walked out halfway through my vows. Still don't actually know why cause we haven't spoke since. She just said to my aunt "right, I've had enough" and off she went to wait in my aunts car. My uncle had to miss the first half of our reception just driving the old hag home


Not my wedding but MAID of honor got super drunk and put no effort into writing or giving a speech. Just got on the microphone screaming whooo you got married while fist pumping like a frat boy.


Divorced from this family now thankfully, but my ex sil.
She is a very unhappy woman who has never been in a relationship and is lonely, I would feel bad if she wasn't a horrible person as well. At our wedding she got very very drunk and began yelling about how marriage is a false institution and only pathetic people do it, blah blah. That was annoying enough and my sisters were trying to get her to just leave as nicely as possible, SIL was pissed and raged away and in the process fell down the front stairs of the venue and broke her ankle and bruised a bunch of things, plus a concussion. The rest of the night was about her, and everyone feeling sorry for her. I should have known then.


My grandma (bio dad's mother) who threatened to not attend the wedding at all because I disowned my bio dad 8 months before the wedding, and so my step dad was doing the father duties and she had a very big problem with this.

According to Mom, as the bride and father dance started, grandma took a nice, long walk out of the reception venue, in-between the dance floor and most of the guests rather than along the back of the room. Stay classy, grandma. Your shenanigans won't change anything.


My husband and I had a sweetheart table at our wedding, which I appreciated because it allowed us to have time together during the hectic schedule of a wedding. When we finally got a chance to sit with each other after making our rounds and taking more photos, we were served dessert and were enjoying each other’s company. A few people from one family thought it was appropriate to grab seats and pull them up to our sweetheart table. Slowly that entire family started pulling more chairs to our table and completely blocked me out. To make matters worse, they also thought it was a great idea to drag a guest who got way too drunk at the open bar for us to babysit for the night. I got up and sat with friends while my husband stayed at the table (it was his side of the family so he felt obligated to stay in the conversation)


My aunt lied to me that they didn't rsvp because I had addressed their invitation incorrectly and they missed the deadline because of my error..

I knew it was a lie because they called my dad before the rsvp date to ask if they could bring their kids to my childfree wedding. My dad told them to call me to ask. They never did.


My out of town relatives were rough. They insisted on a ton of family photos to the point my husband and i lost almost all our time to take pictures together. Before the reception we took 5 photos right next to a dumpster and i honestly was and still am upset we couldn't get more personal photos together on our day.


My cousin who just wouldn't get out of my face and kept sending her precocious kid over to show me photos she'd taken and drawings she'd done. And then cos she was sitting near the buffet table she decided to start bossing the caterers around and then came over and told me she was my unofficial wedding organiser, basically implying I'd done a s**t job and no one knew what they were doing (everything was fine without her involvement).

Then later on the dance floor she kept trying to talk to me over the music and was just generally trying to make herself/kids centre of attention. She really f****d me off the whole time.

I didn't even want to invite her but there was a whole heap of family obligation and I didn't actually expect her to turn up cos she had to come from interstate, on new year's eve. She's your typical oldest sister and she's also the oldest cousin on my dads side so she is just a complete bossyboots. And her kids are the most important/woke kids that ever did walk the earth and we should all know that and treat them as such *eye roll*.



Meet a friend's boyfriend at a wedding. We carpooled since it was out in the middle of nowhere. He started by insisting she buy him new jeans at Costco so he could wear his "good boots". This wedding was in August in a barn. Most of the men were wearing nice shorts and button up shirts, so this guy was sweating his a*s off.

During the service, we were standing at the back because of limited seating. He started saying things like "don't do it" "marriage is b******t" & "let's get to the libations". It was loud enough that rows of people were glaring back at us. By this point, we were distancing ourselves as much as possible from him.

After the ceremony, which we thankfully found out they couldn't hear him up front, the reception got started. He threw some tantrum about being tired from working all day and went to rest in his truck. I think he was too hot and refused to admit he overdressed He ended up sleeping in his truck with the engine running and air conditioner blasting. So we enjoyed the rest of the evening in peace. My friend would go check on him sporadically but that's it. It was a really fun reception.

On the way home, he said other really rude stuff. I decided to stay away from that guy. Within a few months, he'd been so awful that the entire friend group made it clear he was unwelcome. My friend chose to him. He was banned from multiple bars for getting drunk and picking fights with random people over made up stuff and alienated my friend from all of us. Last I heard, they were still together. He cheated on her, she ran her small business under because she would day drink with him and lost clients.


Called me several months before the wedding and advised the prime rib we were serving was not “standard wedding fare.” Then requested the prime rib for her meal. I really wanted to indicate she chose the chicken but I could not give her a reason to be rude to the staff. This was 2008 and a true Karen ahead of her time.


We had a couple at our wedding who got married a week before us. We couldn’t attend their wedding (across country, didn’t have time off with our own wedding) but I made sure to send a gift. They did not give a gift or card at our wedding, nor did we receive a thank you card from them for our gift. And then when I was going through our wedding pictures, I realized the woman wore white to my wedding, which I did not notice day of. I couldn’t even be mad. Just astounded how social graces are lost on so many people.


The one who came to my Jewish wedding, had a blast, but turned out to be an antisemite. There’s a very long, complicated story that I will not share publicly, but suffice it to say, I served that b***h steak and lobster, a wedding cake made by a celebrity baker, and TONS of Veueve, and she rewarded me by stealing part of the table centerpiece and then a few years later insulting my parents and my entire family during an anti-Jewish tirade in front of a roomful of people.

I did have a friend who begged for a last minute plus one, but despite being accommodated didn’t show. I was annoyed but he formally apologized later, so all is forgiven.


My stomach was very upset during our reception due to super rich food plus sweet wine. I ran out of the reception area to throw up and didn’t notice an aunt of mine on the way out. She proceeded to tell people that I snubbed her because I didn’t say hi on my way out.


Minor stuff only....

1) An old friend--former friend now--noticed some differences between the bridesmaids' gowns. They'd been made by two different seamstresses, so weren't exactly the same. She could not WAIT to chase me down at the wedding and ask for an explanation. (This same person came to my mother's funeral and said I should watch my father because he'd likely die soon, too. I pointed out that her mother had died years earlier, and her father was still going strong. "My father is in better shape than your father." Oh what a charmer.)

2) Another friend told my husband afterward that he was glad our wedding was first so they could learn from our mistakes. (Was inviting him one of the mistakes? Hmm.....)


Haven’t had the wedding yet, but I’d say the two rudest guests so far is my fiancé’s Aunty who got upset at us because we wouldn’t reschedule the entire wedding to line up with Chinese New Year, and his cousin who informed me she intends to wear her wedding dress to our wedding!

I’m not even sure what’s going through either of their heads to think that this stuff is okay?


My best friend’s stepmom. Everyone in the wedding party were all at the bottom of a curved staircase with the groom waiting for her to come down for the first look and to sign the ketubah.

This b***h won’t shut up and is talking and laughing at full volume, even when friend starts walking down the stairs. So I shushed her and she looks at me and loudly goes, “RESPECT YOUR ELDERS.”

She thankfully shut up after that but every family event, every wedding, funeral, party, gathering she has to be the focus. I dislike her immensely.


My nice aunt, drama uncle (sibling of nice aunt), and drama uncle's wife were in a fight. My aunt didn't want to come because she didn't want to cause drama. I asked her to come because I think she's awesome.

Drama aunt and drama uncle waited for nice aunt to go to the bathroom, then drama aunt tried to follow nice aunt so she could start a fight. Good thing we had multiple attendees acting as nice aunt's security...


So this probably isn't the rudest guest ever but the whole situation was sooooo awkward.


At my best friend's wedding, I'm a bridesmaid and the groom grew up in the same town as the bride and I but was slightly older so none of us ever met in school.

One of the groom's best friends turns out to be a neighbor boy that sexually harassed both me and my sister for years.

I first hear second hand that he pitched a fit about not being a groomsman. He hadn't been picked because he was going through (or had just gotten) divorced from his wife and mother of his two children because he was cheating with any piece of tail he could get his hands on.

Next I find out that not only is he dating a women in her *very* early 20s (we are all in our 30s at this point) but that she is his sons' BABYSITTER.

This young woman then inserts herself into all sorts of social functions with us and tells everyone that he's going to marry her and give her a baby soon. It's painfully obvious to everyone except these two that we are all in a very different phase of life than her.

Back to the wedding:

So the MC calls for all the unmarried ladies to come trot out onto the dance floor for the bouquet toss.

I haul myself away from my martini and cheesecake to join them and jump around to 'Single Ladies' by Beyonce.

Best friend throws the bouquet and tries to aim it towards me and her sister just to give our partner's a friendly *nudge nudge*.

So flowers whirl towards me and hit the floor and I go to pick them up and the non-groomsman's barely legal date is there also holding onto the bouquet.

We're standing there, both holding these flowers. Everyone is staring at us and whispering 'Why won't she let go?'

I'm also staring at her, she grabbed onto the bouquet after I had already picked it up. Like c'mon, that's not how this works lady.

The stalemate ends as she *rips* the flowers out of my hands and almost hits me in the face with them and yells 'I caught the bouquet!'

The face on the non-groomsman falls. She goes back over to him and announces loudly that they will be the next to get married and does he like this wedding venue? His friends are all sorta snickering at him on the side as she gushes that they are 'SO committed!'

There's a video of all this somewhere. Somebody tells him to take his drunk girlfriend home before she names their babies.

They broke up like three months later.


I don't know about "rude" so much as just... *weird*. For some background, my husband and I met at work several years ago. This one woman kept going around to almost every guest at my wedding saying that she's the one who got us to meet and get together. We had no idea what she was talking about until we found out she thought we had met at a dinner party she threw for a bunch of people about 2 years ago. By that times we were already dating... like excuse me, what??


Seen at a friend's wedding: the groom's father answered a phone call during the ceremony.

That happened at the civil ceremony in the town hall. The mayor himself was officiating and was doing the formal part where he had to read some articles of the civil code related to marriage. Anyone who has attended a wedding here knows that at this stage, it is just a matter of minutes before the officiant will ask THE question to the bride and the groom.

Then, we could hear a phone was ringing (with a very loud and annoying tune). Guests chuckled and looked around, and it turned out it was the phone of the groom's father. He was sitting on the first line of seats, so he was very close to the bride and the groom, and everyone could see him; the guy then answered his phone (!) and talked so loud that everyone could hear him: "hey, hello. What's up ? Nah, not a good time to talk, but tell me..."... and he stood up and walked out of the room !

The mayor was kind and sensitive enough to then just make a couple of jokes and lose some time for a few minutes, until the father came back, and then he moved on the part where he asks the bride and the groom the much-awaited question.

The bride is an old friend of my wife, and she had complained multiple times that her future in-laws were real asses and that she actually hated them secretly, but made her best to be civil with them...


My Brother brought his girlfriend to our wedding.
They broke up couple weeks prior but hadnt told anybody to not ruin the mood? Now we have a girl in many of our family group photos we didn't really like to begin with who we've never seen since.


My husband’s cousin didn’t show up to our intimate wedding (think 30pax). No warning, never reached out to us and until this day I have no idea why she didn’t come. The venue had a limit on the number of guests allowed so I’m extra annoyed that we wasted a spot.


My second cousin called my mom the morning of my wedding and demanded that she bring her friend with her as a +1 (even though she'd RSVP'd without one) and said she wouldn't come if she couldn't bring her.
I said whatever and texted my coordinator about getting her one more chair/meal.
Then my second cousin proceeds to show up to the wedding 3 hours late, missing the ceremony, dinner, etc. No apologies or anything.


I think I may have been the rudest guest at a wedding. To be fair, I was only ~9 years old and I had been learning about how dangerous smoking was for you in school, and during that lesson they had mentioned that pregnant women shouldn’t smoke. Me being the unfiltered kid I was decided to tell the pregnant bride that fact while she was outside smoking a cigarette at her reception. Oops ?


My biological father and my cousin from that side snuck out of the reception a half-hour in without saying goodbye because it was dry. They posted pics of the two of them drunk at a bar on Facebook hours later.


We didn’t have +1’s at our wedding. We paid for the wedding ourselves and we did what we could with our budget. 99.9% of our wedding guests were actually super cool with it. Well, one of our friends shows up to our wedding with a +1 in tow. Honestly, I didn’t even notice because we were having such a great day.

Turns out that our friend didn’t bring his boyfriend or even someone he was dating. No, he just brought a RANDOM GUY he met THAT DAY. Like, he just met someone earlier in the day at a coffee shop and was like ‘wanna go to a wedding with me?’ Didn’t call us. Didn’t ask. Just brought the rando.


Not a guest, but my crazy estranged mother forbid the rest of my family who I was trying to reconnect with from coming.

I was using the wedding as restarting point with my brothers and their families. I walked away from the whole family for my own mental health as a teen, but as an adult wanted to try and reconnect with the people I wanted in my life.

So, my mother found out about it by from one of nephews. Asked him why she couldn't she him the weekend of the wedding, that his mom and dad wouldn't tell her. Being 7 and not knowing any better yet the his grandma is a loon, he said he was Going to Uncle Ben's wedding. Apparently my mother dropped him off at my brother's and the forbid them from going. Basically said it's me or him. Called the rest of my brothers and said the same thing.

The best thing about it is that the all showed up. They took the harassment from my mother for weeks, the guilt trips, the threats. They protected me by making sure she didn't know where the wedding was despite her best efforts, and apparently had a plan in place if she did, knowing what would happen if she showed.

I like my new family, built of people I chose to have in my life, both blood and otherwise. So I guess I can thank her for that at least.


These are so tame in comparison, bur we had a guest walk in and find a seat between my husband getting set and me walking down the aisle. Because of the small number of guests and the chapel setup it was super obvious.

Then we had another guest mistake the time of the ceremony (it happens!) and go straight to the reception where he proceeded to sit wherever he wanted (displacing someone else) and start drinking before anyone else got there (due to the small wedding we had arranged coordinated food and alcohol service). He then wouldn’t shut up about his own conservative Christian beliefs and made the guests he wasn’t supposed to be sitting with really uncomfortable.

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