25 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas


What do you think of when you hear the words Christmas tree decorations? Many of us have that old fashioned idea of a beautiful Christmas tree with lights shining through it and a load of gifts under the tree. But, what if you wanted something a little different? It may be time to look at some new ideas and have a different Christmas this year.

Get plenty of wonderful and creative Christmas tree decoration ideas with these beautiful and creative Christmas tree decorating tips. From rustic Christmas evergreen trees to country Christmas trees, there are many rustic Christmas tree decoration ideas to suit every style of home. There are lots of color scheme suggestions for the Christmas tree ranging from gold, white, silver, red and so much more! Let’s take a look at a few ideas…

Go Classic

Classic Christmas tree decoration ideas are usually based on the idea that the Christmas tree should be the centre of attention at any celebration. There is nothing more beautiful than decorating your Christmas tree with a classic theme and classic ornaments. Decorating a Christmas tree with jingle bells, Christmas balls, red ribbons, with an angel topper are the keys.


If you want to keep the traditional holiday color but too red, try plum. Adding some flowers, red ribbon wrapped around the tree and these fairy lights would make for an interesting tree decoration. At the top of this tree you can add an angel symbol for the perfect decoration idea. Classic Christmast tree from housebeautiful.


The idea of decorating a Christmas tree with long red ribbons and Christmas ball decorations will make it look unique and steal the attention of many people. Some gifts under this Christmas tree also provide an attractive appearance. The fairy lights around this tree provide perfect lighting. Christmas tree from housebeautiful.


Adding some Christmas balls, red ribbon and fairy lights to this Christmas tree decoration will make your home decor more stylish. This Santa Klous doll hanging from the tree will make a charming room decoration. Add some gifts at the bottom of the tree to create a unique look. Christmast ball ornament from housebeautiful.


This “Little Drummer Boy”-inspired tree features drumsticks and a cute black-and-white cut. You can also add some red ribbon complete with ball ornaments, carn berries, and fairy lights for a unique look. Here is a charming autumn room decoration idea that you can try. Classic Christmast tree from housebeautiful.

Floral Themed Decorations

Let’s start with a unique Christmas ornament. You can try a floral theme for your Christmas tree decorations. A beautiful orchid can adorn your tree. You can even use the flowers picked as the ornaments for your Christmas Tree. You can combine it with other ornaments like tiny birds, snowmen, Santa Claus, snowflakes, angels, etc. You can place small ornaments on the branches or you can mix flowers and ornaments to create a “highway to Christmas” sign.

Rifle paper co

This very pretty tree is a Christmas dream. You will love the beautiful flowers made of paper. You can add some of these flowers all over the tree branches for a stylish look. You will love how paper flowers appear on bare trees. This is one of those Christmas decoration displays that you can repeat this winter. Faux flowers Christmast tree from bhg.


If you like bright flowers on dark green trees, you can add them to your Christmas tree decorations. This will make an attractive tree decoration and will attract the attention of many people. This decoration will give a refined look that is more suitable for the room. The pastel artificial flowers on the Christmas tree appear on the white branches without filling the room. Flower-themed Christmast tree from bhg.


There are few things more beautiful than a bright red poinsettia. You can add blue poinsettia flowers to your Christmas tree decorations for a charming look. Pair it with gold leaf accents and a burlap ribbon for an elegant and luxurious look. Adding tree branches in this brown color will provide the perfect contrast. Blue poinsettia from countryliving.


There is hardly any green to be seen on this Christmas tree. You can add some red flowers that you stick on this Christmas tree for a charming room decoration. You can use snow accents on the branches of this tree to give the room an interesting look. This red ribbon will give a bold look. Red blooming flower from countryliving.


Old-Fashioned Decorations

Even though it is an old-fashioned Christmas tree decoration but it’s able to show its charm. With some candle lights this Christmas decoration is able to amaze all eyes and become the center of attention.


The tree features details that hark back to the past, such as electric candles, a gingerbread wreath, and a straw star on top. Some of these red and gold ball ornaments will give a charming room design and steal the attention of many people. At the top of this tree you can add an angel sign for a unique look. Electric Christmast candle ornament from countryliving.


Decorating an old-fashioned Christmas tree with a touch of decorative candles placed on a tree branch provides a stylish treat. You can also add forest accents decorated with owls and deer ornaments, pieces of snowflakes and pinecones, and twinkling lights that will remind you of the stars in the night sky. You can add some vintage gifts and ornaments at the bottom of the tree for a charming design. Old-fashioned Christmas tree from countryliving.


This rustic tree decorated with fake candles hanging on the branches of this Christmas tree makes the room decor emantic and will give the perfect rustic style. Wrapping these string lights will also make the tree unique and steal the attention of many people. Fake candles for Christmast tree from countryliving.


A vintage Christmas tree decorated with fake candles, string lights, orange slices, stars, cranberry garlands, paper chains, and other items will present the perfect Christmas tree decoration and steal the attention of many. Placing it in the corner of this room will make your Christmas even more festive. A few gifts at the bottom of this tree would make for a unique display. Old Christmast tree decoration from digsdigs.

Decorate it with Fruits

If you are a little low on budget but you want to celebrate Christmas in style this year, you should try out some Christmas tree decoration ideas with fruits. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on this. You can use dried citrus to decorate your Christmas tree. This fruit will blend well with other natural accents. This can also be an option if you want an eco-friendly Christmas tree decoration.


Choosing a homemade ornament from this dried fruit will make your room decor more stylish and have natural accents. You can hang this dried fruit on a Christmas tree branch and you can add string lights for the perfect result. Placing it in the corner of this rustic-style house will create an attractive appearance and steal the attention of many people. Dried fruit Christmas ornament from countryliving.


Make the Christmas tree in this winter home decor even more fragrant with the addition of dried fruit decorations. Hanging on a tree branch this Christmas will make a charming tree decoration. You can use wicker basket pots to bring a rustic feel to your room. Dried fruit and decorations from countryliving.


This little Christmas tree on the table makes a charming winter decoration. You can easily spruce it up and give a touch of dried citrus fruit to a tree branch for the perfect room decor. You can also use large copper pots to create a rustic look. Citrus fruit for Christmas tree ornament from countryliving.

Farmhouse Christmas Tree

If you want a decoration that embrace simplicity and naturalness, farmhouse-style Christmas tree decorations can be your choice. Decorate your Christmas tree with burlap ribbon, some big white bulbs, pine cones, and place the Christmas tree in a wooden or galvanized container to emphasize its farmhouse vibe.


Using a Christmas tree with snow accents on this Christmas tree brings a winter feel to the room. Adding some red ornament balls and string lights will create a festive Christmas look. Antique linens made into stockings and a collection of wooden candle holders complete the room’s natural rustic look. Famhouse Christmas tree from bhg.


A country rooster makes a rustic setting for this farm-fresh Christmas tree. Flannel barn animals, wavy barns, mini-embroidery-hoop farmhouses, and dishtowel stars give it a homemade feel. A few of these ornament balls complete the look of your farmhouse Christmas tree. Farm-fresh Christmas tree from bhg.


Dress up the buffet with a winter look to match the holidays and the new year. Adding a small Christmas tree with this little urn plant will make for an attractive display and grab the attention of many. Adding this pine cone will give the room a charming look. Antique windows, chalkboards, wooden shadow boxes, white shutters and carved mirrors create the perfect display. Small christmast tree from bhg.


This farmhouse-style room features a rustic Christmas tree, and you can place it in the middle of your bed. Use pink and coral ornaments on the tree to give it a bit of color. This faux tannenbaum with a base wrapped in a knitted blanket creates the perfect focal point. Rustic Christmas tree from bhg.


Choosing a tree that is short and few branches provides the perfect look to enliven your farmhouse living room. Using plants from this wicker basket will give your room a natural touch. Hanging a silver ball ornament on a tree branch gives it a unique look. Wicker basket farmhouse style from bhg.


Add a taller tree with a few smaller trees to spread a holiday glow throughout this farmhouse-style dining area. On this Christmas tree, you can add some red ball ornaments and string lights to make a charming decoration and steal the attention of many people. Using plants from wooden boxes will amplify natural vibes into the room. Christmast tree farmhouse style from bhg.

Gold Colored Christmas Tree

Gold is the color which seems to reflect the Christmas spirit and if you wish to decorate your tree with gold theme, then you need to think about the gold colored Christmas ornaments. Find ribbons, Christmas balls, jingle bells, and other ornaments in gold colors. This theme will make your Christmas decoration more festive and elegant.


This creative gold lit Christmas tree with white ornaments and faux fur skirt will offer the perfect Christmas decoration. This string light will give it a unique look and will create the perfect focal point of the room. Complete the decor with a large gold-framed mirror complete with greenery wreath for a charming room design. Gold lit Christmas tree from shelterness.


Gold mini Christmas tree with string lights and placed on the table is an interesting idea for your winter decoration. The addition of ornaments to the basket below will produce an attractive room appearance and steal the attention of every guest who comes. Gold mini Christmas tree from shelterness.


A golden Christmas tree decorated with white ornaments looks bold and unusual. This makes your Christmas decorations look more elegant and luxurious. Placing this near the window will present an attractive room decoration and will steal the attention of every guest who comes. Some gifts under this tree would make for an interesting display. White ball ornament from shelterness.


The gold lit Christmas tree does not require any ornaments or decorations because that in itself looks bolder. This theme will make your Christmas decoration more festive and elegant. Adding some gifts with gold wrappers at the bottom of this tree will make for an eye-catching display and will grab the attention of many. Gold Christmast tree from shelterness.

Christmas trees make wonderful decorate items at any time of the year but especially during Christmas time. There are lots of beautiful, creative Christmas tree toppers to choose from so if you’re not sure what kind to get or how to decorate your tree, you should check out some of the ideas above. Your friends and family will certainly enjoy having your beautiful homemade decorations.

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