20 Wedding Pant Suits for the Bride Who Doesn’t Want To Wear a Dress

It was a long time ago when women began to wear dresses and gowns on their wedding day. But our society is changing, and so is our confidence to baulk tradition!

Nowadays, there are women who want to be less feminine and aren’t comfortable with flowers and lace. They want to present themselves as individuals, and so they opt to wear something that would somewhat show who they are. The number of people who ditch gowns for pants is increasing, so it’s not anymore unusual at all.

Here are 20 wedding pantsuits that you can use as a pattern or an inspiration for your wedding attire if you don’t want a traditional wedding dress.

1. Modern Two-Piece Wedding Trouser Suit

If you don’t want to wear overalls, you can choose to wear a two-piece wedding trouser suit that is comfortable to wear, like this Modern Two-Piece Wedding Trouser Suit, which is also a conservative outfit. This super-feminine wedding trouser suit comes in white and light ivory and is made from chiffon, crepe and lace.

Stockist: Apilat Wedding via Etsy

2. Modern Two-Piece Halter Neck Trouser Suit

If you want to reveal some parts of your body, this Modern Two-Piece Halter Neck Trouser Suit is perfect because it isn’t too revealing.  Made from crepe, lace and light crepe, this is a unique take on the traditional wedding suit outfit for women.

Stockist: Apilat Wedding via Etsy


3. Modern Wedding Jumpsuit Made of Silk

This Modern Wedding Jumpsuit Made of Silk is for ladies who don’t want their pants to be too long. This also has pockets so it would be very convenient if ever there’s something that you have to keep near you, like a handkerchief or a lipstick for a retouch. Made from 100% silk. Hand made in Germany.

Stockist: Little White Ivy via Etsy


4. Ivory Bridal Jumpsuit with Overall Jacket

A beautiful hand made jumpsuit with a delicate hand-beaded bodice and slim-fitting satin pants.  Very well priced too with the whole outfit coming in under $300.

Stockist: Etsy

5. Ivory Bridal Suit with Cape

As you can see, this Ivory Bridal Suit with a gorgeous cape is both modern and perfect for the inner-city wedding reception.  Perfect for the girl who ‘doesn’t do dresses’.

Hand made to order from Russia.

Stockist: Edelweiss Bride via Etsy


6. Alternative White Wedding Minimalist Suit

If you aren’t into dresses, but still aren’t sure about wearing pants to your wedding, then this outfit is a fantastic compromise!  Made from soft and high-quality fabric, with high-waisted pants, a basic top and gorgeous atlas skirt.

Hand made to order from Ukraine.

Stockist: Be Twins via Etsy

7. Asymmetric Silk Suit

A super feminine yet modern silk suit that is available in a variety of colours.  The fabric has a slight elastic and it falls heavily and gives the body a sense of freedom.  Made from high-quality flax.

Hand made to order from Bulgaria.

Stockist: Paradox BG Via Etsy

8. Bridal Pants Suit with Lace Top

A mixture of elegance and power. This ivory maxi wide pants that are super comfortable to wear and fall to the ground seamlessly.

Hand made to order from Israel.

Stockist: Blush Fashion via Etsy

9. White Bridal Jumpsuit

This beautiful bridal jumpsuit is simple, yet classic and beautiful.  Made to order through Etsy, you provide your exact body measurement and the outfit will be lovingly handmade for your figure.  Production takes 2-3 weeks.

Stockist: Etsy

10. White Sleeveless Ruffle Jumpsuit

A feminine yet stylishly simple white jumpsuit with a flattering ruffle.  Handmade to order.

Stockist: Hacy A Clothing via Etsy

11. Sexy and Sleek Lace Wedding Jumpsuit

Sleek and sexy, this lace jumpsuit has a fitted straight leg, long narrow sleeves and an elongated v-neckline.  There is an overlay organdy skirt that doubles as a train as an added extra if you want that bit of feminine touch.  Made from stretch French lace.

Stockist: Milamira Bridal

12. Boho Style Overall Wedding Jumpsuit

This Minimal Lace Pant Suit can be worn as an alternative for a wedding gown perfect for a casual beach wedding.  The Boho Style Jumpsuit is handcrafted with high-end satin fabric and has a silky lace overlay.  The perfect alternative wedding attire.

Stockist: Studio Sharon Guy

13. Satin Luxury Pantsuit

Handmade in Vietnam, this beautiful satin pantsuit is made with only the best fabrics available. Peplum style with long sleeves, a hanging ruffle and classy belt, it is the perfect ‘Wedding Suit’ for women.

Stockist: Yin Bridal

14. Boho Style Lace Wedding Overalls

With delicate floral lace, flared legs and sheer delicate kimono sleeves, this soft Boho Style Wedding Overall is the perfect wedding outfit from a garden wedding through to a formal shin-dig.  Handmade to your exact sizing, the outfit is made from two layers of delicate floral lace over a crepe lining.  Comes from a 5-star rating on Etsy with over 2000 sales – you know you will be in the right hands.

Stockist: Barzelai

15. Unusual Skirt Over Shorts Lace Wedding Jumpsuit

This is a gorgeous light blue jumpsuit with short lace shorts, with a beautiful chiffon overlay skirt.  Handmade to order.  Perfect for a beach wedding!

Stockist: I J Bridal Official

16. Vivian Pleated Sweetheart Strapless Bridal Jumpsuit

Perfectly posh, the Vivian Bridal Jumpsuit is chic and simplistic with a beautifully pleated sweetheart bodice that really makes a statement.  Handcrafted in the United States.

Stockist: Daniela Tabois

17. Rhinestone Halter Cape Bridal Jumpsuit

The ‘Monique Halter Cape Bridal Jumpsuit’ is a beautiful statement bridal outfit that features a beautiful ruffle halter neckline that has a soft flowing chiffon panelling cape.  The cape extends through to the hem making a very eye-catching statement.  The neckline and waistline are embellished with hand-stitched rhinestones.  Handcrafted to order in the United States

Stockist: Daniela Tabois

18. Satin Wedding Pantsuit

A high-couture wedding pantsuit made from high-quality Italian silk.  Made to order with your exact sizing.

Stockist: Victoria Spirina

19. Elegant Wedding Suit with Corset and Detached Sleeves

This beautiful wedding suit is made of matte satin.  It has puffy sleeves that are detached, and the empire style bodice is separate to the Palazzo style pants.  Made to measure to fit you perfectly.

Stockist: Lavenir Boutique Bridal

20. Ivory Boho Soft Satin Wedding Pantsuit

Made from high-quality soft satin, this Ivory Boho Wedding Pantsuit also comes in a blush colour.  Made to order to your exact sizing, this is a flattering Boho style suitable for a rooftop wedding to your dream partner.

Stockist: Vanilla WFG

Which of these wedding pantsuits do you like the most?

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