How I Get the Most Out of a Build Your Bundle Sale


I get pretty pumped every year when the Build Your Bundle Curriculum Sale comes up! Here’s what I’ve learned during the past several years that I’ve been taking advantage of these savings.

What will you build this year? Save over 80% on bundles and up to 50% on premium products!

First, let me tell you what the Build Your Bundle sale is!

It’s an amazing homeschool curriculum sale that offers you dozens and dozens of digital books for 75-90% off! It offers books from preschool to high school, resources for parents, items for kids with special needs, and much more. This sale truly is wonderful, which is why I share it with you every year and take advantage of it for my family!

Now that we’re back to homeschooling littles again, I’m back to needing resources for them. I scored BIG yesterday on tons of amazing books for Brayden!!! Here’s how I did it and what I’ve found I like best…

I’ll give it to you in two simple points:

  1. I’ve found that the Pre-Packaged Bundles they offer are super enticing and make it so easy for educators! But I don’t end up using all of the books in the individual packages. Therefore:
  2. I like taking advantage, instead, of the Build Your Own Bundle option.

I love that this sale gives so many options and ways to save! My favorite way to get books that I know we’ll use and love is to shop through the entire list of options. I put everything into my cart that I think I might possibly want/like/need. Then I narrow it back down until I’ve settled on what I think is truly best for our family. And then I watch the total number go down BIG TIME.

As in, if I’ve put $100 worth of books into my cart, at checkout the total automatically goes down to $25 (75% off)!! If I have $200 in my cart, the total suddenly becomes only $40 (80% off). If you want and need even more, you can save up to 90% off the total price. It’s truly amazing!

It is worth your time to shop through this book sale to see what your family might need and enjoy. I’m having so much fun looking at my big purchase from yesterday (that ended up costing me so very little!). I can’t believe all that I got for such a small price tag.

In case you’re curious, here is a list of some of my favorites that I bought:

  • Big Book of Color and Copywork Solar System Edition
  • Book Activities after Reading
  • Fairy Tales Story Sequencing Crowns
  • History by the Decade Coloring Book Series
  • MATH ART: Daily “Math for Fun” bite-sized activities
  • Math on the Farm
  • Pattern Block Mat Bundle (I have this set of Pattern Blocks that I saved from when we were schooling our first round of boys, so I was very happy to see this book being offered!)
  • Preschool Star

Brayden and I are going to have a blast! He’ll be learning, though he may not realize it. :)

Head here to see what is offered in this sale —>

What will you build this year? Save over 80% on bundles and up to 50% on premium products!

Offer ends May 18, 2020. :)

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