Easy and Fun Art Projects for Kids to Do at Home or School


Below you’ll find tons of fun art projects for kids to do. They’re part of a huge list of over 100 activities for preschoolers at home (or school!), so be sure to check that out too.

The focus here is, of course, FUN art for kids! Preferably, fun art that is also simple and engaging. Even better if it uses just a few materials or materials you likely already have on-hand.

So these art ideas are just right whether you’re in the classroom or at home with the kids during an extended school break.

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Simple, Fun Art Projects for Kids

Below, I’ve broken the art ideas down into a few different categories. Hopefully that will make things even easier for you to find.

I hope you’re able to try out some of these fun art projects with the kids soon.

Most of the art ideas are focused in on process art, so don’t be too worried about how the kids’ creations turn out.

Remember, the whole point is fun! Along with fun, the kids can also explore different art materials and creative techniques along the way.

What is Process Art?

Before we jump into all of the fun art projects for kids, let’s take a moment to chat about process art.

Basically, process art that is more focused on the process of creation (rather than the end result).

There are so many benefits to process art . . . you can read all about it here:

What is Process Art for Kids?

Once you’ve read up on it, come back and choose a few art projects to try with the children.

Easy Art Projects for Kids

Let’s start with the fun art projects that can be done any time of the year!

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Splat Preschool Art with Watercolors – Explore gravity using art.

Easy Dot Art for Kids – Let the kids dabble in pointillism.

Starry Night Glitter Art – Use sparkly paint two ways.

Color Collage Art Project – Help children learn more about the colors of the rainbow.

Ribbon Weaving Art – Grab some ribbon and make art.

Fun Art Based on “Quick as a Cricket” – Read the book and then create active art.

Tape and Watercolor Art – This is a student favorite, and you just need washi tape and watercolors.

Truffula Tree Art – Create Truffula tree “paintbrushes” and make beautiful art.

Mixed-Up Chameleon Activity with Art – Make some “scaly” art with the kids.

Day and Night Art – Explore the differences between day and night through art.

Rainbow Art Puzzle – Use colorful tissue paper to make an art “puzzle.”

Pine Tree Art Project – Natural items make wonderful art materials.

Castles Made Out of Recycled Materials – Challenge the kids to make castles, big and small.

Gear Painting for Kids – Take a favorite (and easily washed) toy and use it to make art.

Pet Art Activity – Perfect for a preschool pet theme.

Easy Bird Art – Break out the feathers (or make your own) for these bird creations.

Child-Made Bulletin Board Borders – Use the kids’ art to add borders to your bulletin boards.

Pet Rocks – Who doesn’t love pet rocks?!

Painting with Marshmallows – We love doing this during a camping theme, but it would work any time of year.

Painting with Nature – Go on a nature walk and bring back some art materials.

Circle Painting – Explore circles with art (or adapt to other shapes).

Melted Crayon Art – Perfect for using up crayon stubs.

Easy Spring Art Projects

Now let’s jump into fun art projects for kids to make this spring!

Even though I have them labeled as “spring” art, you can definitely adapt each of the ideas for other seasons.

So you don’t HAVE to only make this art during the spring time.

spring art images with text that reads easy spring art fun and engaging for kids

Scented Shaving Cream Art – Add scent to the traditional shaving cream art.

Tissue Paper Stained Glass – Explore different ways of making stained glass art with a spring theme.

Flower Coffee Filter Art – Another favorite of the preschoolers (seriously, we’ve made so many over the years!). Science and art lead to gorgeous spring flowers.

Plastic Egg Easter Art Project – Grab your leftover plastic eggs and make a sculpture with them.

Easter Egg Art – Roll, stamp, and glue plastic eggs to make your own egg masterpiece.

Super Summer Art

Let’s jump into some ideas for summer now.

Remember, you can make these fun art projects for kids at any point in the year. Just make a few tweaks if you don’t want them to be too “summery.”

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Painting with Coconuts – Exactly what it says. Break out the coconuts and paint. Add a slide and/or a wading pool. Then watch as the kids get creative.

Car Painting Summer Art Project – If you have access to an old car, let the children paint it (and then let them scrub it clean once the art is done).

Splat Art Fireworks Painting – We’ve done these around July 4th a few times, with much success. You can also try it around New Year’s Eve or any other special days where the fireworks come out.

Shell Painting – If you have an excess of shells, try painting and creating with them!

Simple Fall Art to Wow the Kids

Fall is the perfect time to break out your fun art projects for kids.

As I said above, though, you can definitely make a few changes and use these art ideas any time of year.

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Corn Mosaics – Use colorful corn kernels to make mosaics of all kinds.

Scarecrow Art – Use cloth and straw to create scarecrow-inspired art.

Acorn Painting – If the kids love hunting for acorns, see if they’d like to use some of their collection to create.

Coffee Filter Halloween Art Activities – Show the kids how to make coffee filter pumpkin prints or coffee filter jack-o’-lanterns.

Corn Painting – Old corn cobs make great painting tools.

Pumpkin Seed Art – Dye pumpkin seeds and create fall trees (or anything else they want).

Turkey Tracks Turkey Art – You just need pipe cleaners and paint for these turkey tracks. Take a peek in this video:

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Art – Kids use crayons and watercolors to share what they’re thankful about.

Halloween Sticky Table Art – You’ll need Contact paper as the base for this transient art. Then add to it a variety of Halloween-themed loose parts to inspire the kids.

Pumpkin Pie Fall Process Art – Spice up pumpkin prints.

Negative Space Fall Hand Print Art – Let the kids use their hands to create fall trees AND explore negative space.

Fun Winter Art for Kids

Last, but not least, let’s jump into some winter art ideas.

You can definitely make these fun art projects for kids any time of the year with a few adjustments.

preschool art images with text that reads fun and easy winter art

Straw Art for Valentine’s Day – Two different ways to create with straws.

Coffee Filter Valentine Art – Coffee filters, markers, water, and paper are just what you need for these gorgeous heart prints.

Valentine’s Day Craft with Pastels – Set up an invitation for the children to create around Valentine’s Day. This would be perfect around any gift-giving holidays too.

Hand Print Heart Tree – If the kids like using their hands in art, have them make heart trees.

Marble Art Homemade Christmas Card – Use traditional marble art to create Christmas cards with the children.

Winter Hand Print Tree – Kids can use their hands to explore what trees look like during the winter.

Christmas Contact Paper Art – Use a variety of Christmas-themed loose parts to create transient art on a sticky table.

Simple Art Materials for Kids

These art ideas don’t use too many materials. So find a few projects and check your art stash, your kitchen, or your recycling bin. Then get to it!

If you don’t have all of the materials needed for the art projects, don’t worry. You can do many of these art activities without all of the supplies. Or you can replace a material or two with something else you have on-hand.

Here are a few of the materials you might use with these fun art projects for kids:

Leave me a comment and tell me some of YOUR favorite fun art projects for kids.

Done-For-You Resources

Preschool Teacher 101 has some amazing resources for kids. And they’re all ready for you!

Click on the photos below for more information about some of these resources. If you’re a preschool teacher, be sure to check out the membership options (and grab a free set of lesson plans while you’re there).

ABC Letter Mats
Shape Monster Process Art
STEM Challenges Bundle
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