The Amazing Sock Clip Sock Holder, Original Assorted 32 Clips, (8 Each of 4 Colors) Made in U.S.A.


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The Amazing Sock Clip Sock Holder, Original Assorted 32 Clips, (8 Each of 4 Colors) Made in U.S.A.

Never Sort or Pair Your Socks Again! - No More Lost Socks! - Made in U.S.A.
32 Clips per package and 4 different colors. Each family member has their own color! Great for kids and Teaches children responsibility
Sock Clips keep your socks together! When the socks come off your feet, you clip them together! It's that easy!
Once clipped drop in hamper. Wash them, dry them and back in drawer, still together with the Sock Clip! And our Special Hook snaps right onto Plastic Hangers!
Washer and Dryer Safe. Will not damage socks, washer or dryer!

America's Original supplier of the One and Only Sock Clip, the only one that actually works! Don't be fooled by inferior deceptive imitations! We are passionate and proud to be able to say that our Sock Clips is the Original and are made right here in the U.S.A. and that we provide work for the developmentally disabled. We are also very proud to say that our Sock Clip works and we stand behind it, guaranteeing them forever! We are committed to making your life a little easier by you never having to sort socks, pair socks, look for lost socks again, and to save you time and money by not having to replace lost socks. And guess what, Sock Clips aren't just for socks. they make a great Chip Clip too! As the clip opens wide and clamps down tightly our Clip can clip just about anything. Try them on your chip bags, cereal bags, dog food bags, frozen foods, etc., any size, any bag! The uses are endless! Imagine the other uses throughout your household! Great for baby clothes also, and our Special Hook snaps right onto Plastic Hangers for hanging skirts, etc. Our Sock Clip is superior to any and all sock locks, sock cops, sock holders, sock sorters, sock tabs, sock star, sock ring, clip it's, etc., etc. As seen on the Nate Berkus Show, featured on the CBS News, and written about in Good Housekeeping and numerous newspapers and magazines.

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