JS HANGER Suit Hangers Solid Wood Extra-Wide Shoulder with Natural Finish, 6-Pack


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JS HANGER Suit Hangers Solid Wood Extra-Wide Shoulder with Natural Finish, 6-Pack

SET OF 6 WOOD COAT HANGERS – Extra wide shoulder hangers made of 100% solid wood in 17.7 X 9.4 X 2.2 inch. Suit hangers come with box package is securely padded for protection during shipment.
EXTRA WIDE SHOULDERS – Apply for all types of clothes like men/women’s suits, coats, jacket, fur etc
PREMIUM FINISH – Each suit hanger is finished in rich retro which accents the wood grain, and a layer of gloss for absolute beauty. The art of this craftsmanship defines sophistication
NON-SLIP RUBBERERIZED ROUNDED BAR – With secure non slip pant bar, prevent trousers and skirts from slipping off and creasing or wrinkling
360 DEGREE ROTATING CHROM SWIVEL HOOK - With a heavy duty design, great for heavy winter coats, suits, trousers and more and hang your dress shirts and slacks or heavy pants too

The J.S Hanger Extra-Wide Shoulder Natural Wood Suit Hangers are designed to hold all shapes and large sizes of suits, while saving space. These smooth finished natural hangers provide an elegant, sophisticated look to any wardrobe or closet space. Although they are very lightweight, these hangers are made from superior solid wood (Guger Tree) and can withstand a heavy load. They contain a polished chrome 360 degree swivel hook, a rod for corresponding garments or accessories, and thick rounded shoulder ends, which safely keeps even the most delicate of garments from slipping off. It¡¯s the perfect design to keep your clothing in their natural shape, without pesky hanger marks, creases, or wrinkles. Dimensions: 17‘’ W x 5.6‘’ D x 3.6‘’ H J.S. Hanger is a professional provider of high quality, solid, hardwood hangers for a great variety of uses. With sophisticated styling and practical design, J.S. Hanger is a welcome and useful addition to any closet or armoire. While keeping your wardrobe in peak condition, and adding warmth and sophistication to your closet d¨¦cor, J.S. Hanger will continue to bring the best clothing hangers to customers all over the world.

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