CedarFresh Cedar Hanger with Hanging Clips, Set of 4


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CedarFresh Cedar Hanger with Hanging Clips, Set of 4

Made from natural red cedar
Featuring a metal cross bar with hanging clips
Notches for hanging straps
Contoured angles for secure hold without pulling or stretching
Includes four hangers

Discover the luxury of a cedar closet with these premium Cedar Garment Hangers from CedarFresh Home Products. Your clothing with be protected and freshened from the inside as the natural scent of cedar repels moths, mildew, and mustiness from your wardrobe, extending the life and wear of your favorite cloths. Featuring metal crossbar with pant clips, contoured angles, and notches for hanging straps, this hanger is ideal for pants, skirts, vests, or difficult to hang pieces. Enjoy the luxurious scent of cedar every time you open your closet, confident that your wardrobe is properly protected. Red cedar's astounding effectiveness arises from the aromatic oils in the wood's fibers. Revitalize and boost your cedar product's scent and effectiveness by either (1) lightly sanding its surface to expose new fibers, and thus oils, or (2) by spraying the unfinished wood with the CedarFresh Cedar Power Spray or the Cedar and Lavender Power Spray (sold separately on Amazon.com). Let the spray dry fully and find your freshness refurbished! Household Essentials Item No.26240.

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