Women Share 76 Unasked-For Comments Men Have Made About Their Looks


Can you imagine receiving an unwelcomed and slightly ignorant comment about your hair, tattoos, or figure? Well, if you’re a woman, you probably can. Unfortunately, some guys out there feel the need to vocalize their judgment about women’s looks with no regard for their feelings whatsoever.

So when user peanutstail raised a question on the Two X Chromosomes subreddit, “Ladies, what are some of your favorite, completely unsolicited comments about your appearance you’ve gotten from men?” hundreds of replies started raining down, each more unbelievable than the previous one.

Whether it’s men expressing their opinions on the street, at a funeral, or literally moments before getting onto an operating table, it’s mind-boggling to read some of these stories. So check them out below and let us know what you think in the comments!


I once had a dude tell me, 'You really don't need all that blush,' when I had no makeup on and a bad sunburn across my face.
Tons of dudes can't tell what makeup looks like at all. I'm embarrassed for them when they say stuff about it.

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This old guy, at the bar my grandma would go to, told me my pants were too tight. They were regular jeans, not even skinny jeans or anything like that. I said, 'Why, can you see my d**k?' It embarrassed the s**t out of him.

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I've had a few guys tell me that my septum piercing is ugly and that men don't like that.

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I was told that it's so refreshing to see a woman on a night out with no makeup on, and how I am a natural beauty...while I was wearing a lot of make up!

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I had the random guy who sat next to me in class tell me that my scarf 'removed my neck.' He said that since I'm short, the look wasn't doing me any favors. It was in the middle of the winter. Unfortunately, my biological need to not freeze my butt off was getting in the way of his right to be physically attracted to me.

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The neighbours came by to see me leave for my high school prom. The little 6 year old boy next door saw me come down the stairs and gasped and said "she looks like a princess", it was 14 years ago and still the best goddamn compliment a male has ever given me.

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Before I climbed on the operating table for a spinal procedure, the anesthesiologist — a white man in his 50s — stopped me and, for the THIRD TIME, asked if I was sure I wasn't pregnant. I told him again, there's no possible way I'm pregnant, but I'll take a pregnancy test if he wants. Then, he said he didn’t believe me and that I was 'too cute not to be pregnant,' 'that I’ve got to have tons of guys climbing all over me because I'm so cute,' so 'how am I not pregnant?'

The surgical tech also sexually harassed me after watching what the anesthesiologist had said. I reported them both for sexual harassment at my surgical follow-up appointment. The surgical tech was fired, and the anesthesiologist 'retired early.'

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This one was actually really awesome, and I’ll never forget it. I was leaving the subway in Manhattan on my way to a portfolio presentation for a large gift company, hoping to god I’d land a big commission that was being discussed. I was outfitted for the occasion in a suit I’d specifically bought. As I ascended the stairs, from behind I heard, “I can see that you’re headed for an important meeting, and that you’re an artist. You look fantastic, you have taste, and you can do this. Knock them dead.” I turned, and the man who gave me these words just nodded, and smiled. It wasn’t predatory or demeaning- he meant it. And I landed the commission.

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A grown-ass, middle-aged man told me my legs 'went on forever' at my grandfather's funeral. Mind you, I was 14.

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I almost never wear makeup, but I got the whole works done for my best friend's wedding when I was her maid of honor. Throughout the day, I kept getting gross comments like, 'Oh, see how pretty you can be if you actually made the effort?' I was just generally feeling miserable.

Due to the scheduling, I only met up with my plus one after the main ceremony, on the way to the afterparty. We get into our car, and he looks me dead in the eye and just says, 'You look like a clown.' I could not stop laughing. I felt like a clown!

It was just really nice knowing that he didn't care that I suddenly looked gorgeous to everyone else in the room. The makeup wasn't me, it made me look like someone I wasn't, and he hated it for that reason alone.

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My guy friend told me I looked amazing and like I had lost weight a week after I had a miscarriage…that he was visiting to offer support for.

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'Your underarms are dark, isn't there a cream you could use for it?' And that is how I got flowers for the first time in my life.

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I was walking with my two-year-old nephew to get the mail when we crossed paths with a man I'd never met before. My nephew is very outgoing and starts happily blabbering to this dude. The guy crouches down toward nephew, locks eyes with me, and tells my nephew, 'Mommy needs to start dressing her age. You need to tell her she's not a teenager anymore, and she looks pathetic!' He then burst into obnoxiously loud laughter and walked off.

It was really weird. I was also dressed completely benign, but I was in my late 20s with blue hair, so that must have been his issue

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One day, I was walking from work to my gym. While at a crosswalk, a man in a beat-up, old pickup truck took the time to honk, roll down his window, and, completely unprompted, yell at me, 'Hey! You look like a b****!' As someone who does have strong RBF and has gotten, 'You should smile more,' many times, I was seriously taken aback. I usually have a witty response for the smile-more comments, but I think my jaw just dropped. I didn't even know what to do. He just drove away like nothing had happened.

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I had a friend tell me that he wished he could put my personality into his girlfriend's body, because, then, he'd have the perfect woman.

He managed a two-for-one insult, pretty impressive.

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This one has always stuck with me: 'Those socks are very provocative on you.' I was 17, wearing tall socks with shorts, a flannel, and a tank top (a typical 2010s outfit, lol). I was at a small house party with other teens in a basement, and I knew one person there. The reason I remember it? It was the host's dad who said it after giving me a body check up and down. I was like, 'Okay, thanks?'
I never wore tall socks like that again

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I've only had one comment from a male I can remember appreciating. I was at a gas station and I went inside to grab some coffee. A guy was walking past and without stopping he said "wow, you're so beautiful! The hair, the outfit, the makeup. It's really working for you. You are gorgeous. Have a great day!" It was so genuine and friendly and the guy kept on his way without looking for a response. It was nice that there was no apparent underlying motivation, nothing sexual, just nice.


My new male co-worker tried to build rapport by asking me: 'Why did you become a graphic designer if you're not pretty and don't have a dad who owns a company? Women don't make it in this industry otherwise.'

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I worked in the same building as a man, and we'd said 'good morning' to each other for years. However, we had never really had a conversation. Immediately upon seeing my new pixie haircut (my hair was long before), he said, 'Oh, [my name], NO! That's just not you…no…'

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I have PCOS, so I can grow a beard most 16-year-old boys are jealous of. I've lost count of the number of times I've been 'advised' to shave or wax my face.

Most often in high school, I've been told that I have more hair than my brother. I even had an ex who commented that he now understood what all his exes were saying. People also question my gender.

It used to upset me, but now I can't find any f**ks to give them. I still remove my facial hair, but I do it for me, no one else (it gets itchy after a couple of days).

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An old man told me I ruined my perfectly, beautiful body with all of my tattoos. At my place of work.

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I was a cashier and scanning a guy's groceries when he felt it necessary to tell me that I'd be sexier without my septum ring. I was only 18 and fresh out of high school. That was my first job. The dude had to be at least 40. It was a totally unnecessary comment from a stranger, and it still makes me feel gross just thinking about it.

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When I was in college (about 18), an older street musician (not homeless) told me he admired the confidence of my stride. Totally genuine and not even remotely sexual. That’s one of the best compliments I’ve ever received.

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Oh bonus comment! I was pregnant at the DMV and no one would give me a seat (120 degrees in July and I’m like 8 months and have hyperemesis) and so I was leaning against a rail in line to renew my license since I needed it to leave the hospital since my POS ex wasn’t driving me home after I delivered and just in case my mom couldn’t, and some loser sitting down tells me I’m a selfish, hateful woman for having anorexia while pregnant and not giving my baby what it needs. I am more than proud to say I looked at him and threw up all over the floor between us and on his pants and shoes before crying to apologize for the vomit, and the DMV workers rushed to my aid, cleaned me up, took my photo, and sat me in an air conditioned testing room to wait for my papers.

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On Christmas, my siblings and I talked through almost the whole night — we were quite drunk at some point. My brother told us that he thinks my sister is more beautiful than I am. He tried to soften his statement by saying I'm also beautiful, but my sister more adheres to what people would think to be beautiful.

I was not too offended with him saying that, because my sister and I really love each other and something like this couldn't come between us. Also, I've developed enough self esteem by now to think of myself as beautiful without comparison.

It was just like a 'Why the hell are you telling us this?' moment, especially because my sister was immediately telling me that she always thought me to be more beautiful, etc. I just told her that I think we're both hot

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My male best friend told me I'm always dressed correctly for the activity. I think it's an awesome comment and genuinely one of my favourite things I've ever heard.


I was walking through campus wearing a hot pink skirt and a cute guy walked up to me and said "Hey I like your skirt! No hetero!" And walked away. That guy was awesome.


I was dragging a canoe to a launch spot on the side of a road while a truck drove by - the passenger yelled out “you’re beautiful! The way you are!” It was unexpected, unnecessary, and made my day.

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'You look like you party.' I asked what he meant. He implied that since I had adult acne, I must do hard drugs and be down to party with him.

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An ex-coworker's boyfriend would always tell me, 'Pretty girls have long hair,' because I usually kept my hair in a pixie cut or a chin-length bob. That guy was a douche.

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Crossing the street all dressed up going to a club, guy walking the other way just says, "Flawless dress,"and keeps walking.


My great uncle stared at my teenage cousin’s boobs during a funeral, then came up to her after and said “you’d make a good nurse.”

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I'm young looking for mid 30s and work in a predominately old white male white collar industry. I'm heavily credentialed, upper management, on track to take over our office in the next 10 years. Yet, here's my favorite comments from clients and peers completely unsolicited:

1. You must be a great secretary, you have your own corner office. ((There is nothing wrong with being a secretary but a sexist assumption))

2. Are you actually credentialed? You look more like PR or recruitment or something, a pretty face to get more work. ((Same))

3. (When pregnant) don't worry, the baby weight will come off quickly. (I was not worried)

4. You look nothing like your professional photo, guess the job can really age a person (I wasn't wearing makeup in person)

5. I liked your hair better when it was darker. You looked more sultry. (I came in to work after getting highlights)

The list goes on.

I know a lot of these comments are more because I'm female rather than my actual looks but it still references my appearance when it doesn't matter.

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If we are sharing "favorite" but in reality least favorite its this one:

"Woops, I thought you were your mother, you look just like her" said by my dad's alcoholic friend when he groped my butt, and who, BTW, had no goddamn business putting his hands on my mother either.

I was 13. My mom 43. It was not an easy, honest mistake. I told my brother who was 17 or 18 at the time. My brother chased his sorry ass out of our house and punched him in the face. My dad was drunk and oblivious at the time, but once he sobered up I guess he heard, because I was never brought around this guy again. I am unsure if that was when their friendship ended, because the guy would still call and my dad would still talk to him, but he was never mentioned outside of the phone calls ever again. My mom told me I shouldn't have said anything, because my brother was already pissed at the guy for coming on to my mom and me saying that just escalated the situation.

Once back in the house my brother was still in a mad rage and punched a cabinet door. My mom gave him grief about it, my dad just fixed the cabinet door. None of it was ever mentioned again.

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“Ya know, I’m actually not the biggest fan of the nipple piercings, maybe you should just get rid of them” Literally in the middle of sex. I just-


Besides men I'm dating complimenting me, I haven't really had men comment on my appearance. 95% of the time it's women with the comments. I prefer it this way. Except for that lady who said I was too pretty to be Mexican. Fuck that.


I have a lip piercing that goes through my bottom lip (an Ashley) and I've had old fucking men following up compliments on it with "how does it feel when your boyfriend kisses you" and "what else do you have pierced?" while looking down suggestively.


I'm a whore or something because I got groceries in my pajamas. This dude kept yelling at me while I was disinfecting my shopping cart. I didn't really understand him, thanks to my headphones though.


When I was 14, a dad of one of my teammates told me I had “crazy eyes.” I didn’t quite understand what he meant, but it upset me nonetheless.


Yeah, I have had the messy hair comment too. I have curlyish, wavy hair. To add insult to injury when I had chemo and lost my hair my then boyfriend told me that he and his 8-year-old son liked my wig a lot better than my real hair. He was an abusive alcoholic trash and I am so glad that I kicked him to the curb when I got my strength back after chemo and knew I would survive. By the way: he was almost bald.


When I was 17, my cousin said out loud for everyone to hear: "wow, you got fat! Your arms are huge!"

I had started overeating after he sexually abused me.


While working retail at about 19 I had an older man tell me i had good wife birthing hips or something like that... I just started at him and finished ringing him up. Like what was he expecting? That I might ardently want to birth his disgusting children? I felt so gross after that.


I work as a bicycle mechanic, head mech at my work. Last month I serviced a bike for an old navy retiree. When he was picking up his bike I pointed to some of the additional issues I'd addressed and the exchange goes like:

Old Guy: "Oh, so you did the service then?" Me: "Ya, I take care of all the services on Monday Tuesday while (shop owner) is off" Old Guy: "That's impressive! I haven't been to a female mechanic before! Back in the day you woulda just been in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant ya know?"

He just dropped it in there so casual like, obviously didn't see anything wrong with saying it. I didn't know what to say, I was flabbergasted.


I was walking out of a Michael's and was waiting for an Uber when this guy drove by and randomly yelled out his truck window at me "Hey! Nice Haircut! Where did you get it? Walmart?!" I just didn't respond to him but it was really hurtful cause I've always taken good care of my hair and was already self conscious about the length. I had a super short bob because I had just finished BMT, where I had to get it cut even shorter cause it was too short for a ponytail but long enough to touch my collar. -_-


I’ve had plenty of guys tell me that I’m getting thicker and love calling me ‘slim thick’….While I wouldn’t have any issue with actually gaining weight, I know that their comments aren’t genuine and they’re just saying that because they believe that all skinny women want to put on weight and if they just tell me I look thicker than usual, I’ll be swoon over and sleep with them. It’s pretty annoying because I feel like I’m just now getting comfortable with how my body is and not going through extreme measures to try to gain weight to feel better about myself.


After sex (1st time) he complimented me on my clavicles.


We were both med students.


Oh, my. I have a list:

rando guy said he could tell I altered my shirt myself (I didn’t. I don’t sew, I leave that to the experts), while staring across the table at the section of fabric gathered between my breasts. At a multi-hour public event. I had just bought that shirt, and threw it out as soon as I got home.

middle aged female acquaintance who saw me daily in passing pulled me aside after I got a buzz cut. She told me that she associates that haircut with illness. Ok? She was clearly not trying to find out if I was sick. She wanted me to know she didn’t like it. A lot.

some asshole saw me through the window and snuck into my workplace. He reached out silently to tuck the tag into the back of my collar while I was turned the other way. So fucking messed up. I would have thrown him out but he scurried out the door like a cockroach as soon as I turned around.


Had a jerk tell me this when I was a teenager dressed up for Thanksgiving in a grocery store "Guys don't make passes to girl's who wear glasses." My response,"Oh yeah? Girls won't accept passes from guys who behave like asses!"


That my eyes are “battleship grey”


I was 14 and walking through a shopping mall when a guy in a group of his friends asking looking and making squeezing gestures to my breasts. "Are they real? Can I have a feel?"


I once had a younger man approach me at a bar to tell me “You look sexy, but, like, I can tell you mean business.”

I’ve seriously never been so flattered in my life, lol.


Actually oddest one was from a woman - who asked me if my hair was fake while touching it without asking (it’s not - I guess it’s pretty long though) and then proceeded to ask me to feel her boobs since she just got them done.


I’m half Latina and it’s really common to comment on someone’s weight in an “adoring way” Friends of my parents came to visit from Central America and I’ve met them maybe twice in my life. During dinner the mom commented to me about how I had gotten noticeably more “gordada” (fat) than when she last saw me (when I was a kid and a beanpole). In front of my boyfriend at the time whom they had just met.

Sexist asshole co-worker said I should consider wearing scrubs “that were more flattering”

Same job, being told I should wear makeup by other sexist male coworkers (I do wear makeup)

Endless comments that I “look tired” forever and ever


With my second pregnancy, I "popped" early. Overnight I suddenly had a little belly. We were visiting my in laws and weren't quite ready to share the news with anyone but his parents. Even so, we went out to lunch with some my husband's cousins. When we returned from the lunch my FIL said to us, gesturing at my belly, you can't keep that a secret. That was three years ago and my memory sucks, but I sure remember that.


Not from a man, but still hurtful nonetheless. My aunt, grandma, and mother were trying to help me find jeans. I kept telling them I was a size 10-12, but they kept dismissing it and said that I was a 16-18. It hurt my feelings really badly. The 16-18s were falling off of me, and when I went to show them the jeans that DID fit, the 10-12, they all just kind of got quiet. My hips look wide, but man did they really overestimate it that day.


I'm 6'1, but I like to wear heels when I go to clubs — so I'll range in height from 6'5 to 6'7. Just about every man I see says some version of, 'Wow, you're so tall.' I usually reply, 'Oh my god, are you serious?! Thank you so much for letting me know! I had no idea.' I've also gotten super shit, backhanded compliments like, 'You're pretty…for a tall girl,' etc.


I briefly dated a guy who thought it was appropriate to tell me after sex, "You have a flat butt." He tried to save it by following up with, "But do so I!" I'm 40 lbs overweight. I assure you I have ample booty. He didn't get to see it again.


There’s always a fatty comment. Or a comment about how big my breasticles are. Thanks, mate - I fucking know!

“Why don’t you get a breast reduction?” Is always fun when I’ve never said anything negative about the boobage.

My favourite ones are ones I’ve had from women.


“You have great birthing hips.”


I used to be a forklift driver. A truck showed up at the warehouse I worked in, I drove out to unload his truck. He turns to me and says "are you supposed to be on that?"

Without skipping a beat I said "nah, I just walked in off the street and thought I'd give it a go".

I unloaded everything off his truck with no issues and went inside without looking his way, I didn't even need to see his jaw drop moment.


Shout out to the dude who barked at me and my friend cause we're fat!


I'm sure there's more but the one that springs to mind is some random dude said I looked like a cocktail waitress. Not sure if intended to be compliment? I was more confused than anything tbh.


Customer told me I was going to get cancer from dyeing my hair pink. And he told me this multiple times over like 2 hrs, every time acting real concerned for me


To grow out my hair. I used to have long hair close to my waist but decided to get a pixie cut, shave it off, and now back to pixie cut. No one but me and my spouse like it. My hair is thick and curly and I had loose curls (it was pretty, won't lie, but a pain to deal with). Never going back because hair like that just reminds me of being depressed and stifled by the expectations set for me.


“You’re tits are in my top three.”


I loved this comment....I had a pixie cut for over a decade, it deterred many a boy. One day walking back into my apartment from the alley, this young kid who worked at the adjacent pizza place was taking the trash out and exuberantly yelled "I love your hair, it's just so practical, ugh" in a guttural tone that reeked of young hormones. It was so genuine and unhinged I still remember it.


Nice tits, shame about your fat arse. Or “Check out the tits on that” as I’m a lamppost or a boat, not an actual human.


I was working at my college's library when I was 19 and I'd work the graveyard shifts. This grown man (probabaly around 40) would often come in and just sit in the lobby for awhile. He was polite and wouldn't cause issues so I didn't mind his presence. One day I got a new pair of glasses and wore them to work and he came into the lobby that morning, spotted me, and said "oh. I didn't know you worse glasses. You have that whole sexy librarian look going on." It was very uncomfortable.


I got told to smile...a few days after my mum's funeral.


A few years ago one of my high school students said to me, "You’re not very nice, Mrs. Fork_Yeah, but your eyebrows are on fleek" and that one has stuck with me for some reason.


Lol I've got a few but most of them render down to

Oh shit there's a face above your boobs and it's not bad but you're fat so you should show even more boob.b


How about a positive, appropriate comment:

"I really like your sweater, very cool!" (It was a star wars knit sweater)

I still think about that nice, pleasant comment from a guy. For any guy or gal wondering why it is an acceptable complement, it i


None of the unsolicited gross comments I've gotten really stand out -- not an ounce of imagination in any of them, not that originality would make them better.

But I was genuinely delighted by the random man in downtown DC who told me my emerald green coat made me look like "a very beautiful Christmas tree."


I have two favorite stories. Both occurred at bus stops.

The first encounter was with this scraggly older man with dirty clothing, ragged shoes, a smudge of something on his face. He walked up to me and asked, "Are you homeless?"

Now, I'm on my way home from work. I'm in my business casual clothing, full jewelry (including wedding ring), Dooney & Burke purse, playing on my smartphone. If I looked at someone dressed like me, I really don't think that would be my initial reaction.

So I respond "No?" because I have no idea where this is going. I'm also looking behind me toward the gas station attendant, in case I need to run or something.

He says "Oh, no?" and I answer "No, I'm on my way home to make dinner for my husband and daughter." He looks surprised, and tells me, "Oh, okay, I was going to ask if you needed some place to stay tonight, you could come and stay with me."

At this point I'm thinking "Where? Behind your dumpster??" But I smile, I hold up my hand with my wedding ring and tell him "No I'm good, thanks." He wishes me well and totters off. Shortly after, I do see him picking through the gas station dumpster. Fortunately the bus arrived a minute or two after that.

For the second one, not so much the appearance comment but the conversation that followed...

Waiting at the bus stop, putzing around on my phone to pass the time. Random man with a suitcase walks up to wait as well.

Shortly after getting himself situated, he asks me, "Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?" I do an internal eye roll and respond, "Yes, my husband tells me all the time." He is instantly affronted. "I didn't ask about your husband!" I answer back in a calm neutral voice (because it's just he and I at the bus stop, and I don't know yet what I've got here), "Well, I didn't ask for you to say anything about my appearance, either."

He stops for a moment to process this. From my perspective it appears that this is entirely foreign and new information to him, that some random woman might not have a need for his opinion on her appearance. Then he comes out with this:

"Well, what else am I supposed to talk to you about? We're just going to have to talk about math!"

cue internal "WTF?!"

But no, he's serious. He starts going off on tangents about Euclidean geometry, and the Pythagorean theorem. At this point I breathe a little bit; more likely to be mentally ill but not a predator.

He is apparently happy to wax poetic on whatever mathematical concepts. I give him a few nods and "mhmm" at the appropriate moments to assure him I'm listening (I'm not, I have no idea where he was going with all that, but he seemed content just to have the audience), while still scrolling my phone, since I can see the bus on its way down the street. Once the bus arrives I "accidentally" drop something out of my purse and wave at him to get on the bus ahead of me. Once he sits down, I choose a seat about as far away from him as possible. Fortunately he took the hint and did not move to sit closer and continue the conversation.

TL;DR: men at bus stops can be weird sometimes.


Some guy in high school told me I have thick thighs. Turns out he really likes thick girls. ( I’m actually petite, I just have thick thighs) Oh well, Thick thighs save lives. Lol


“You have a big chin” thanks my guy!! Not like I was insecure about it or anything!!

Oh and another favourite: “You should call Jenny” as in Jenny Craig, because ya know… bullying women for being fat is real funny.

I hate men who give unsolicited comments.

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