Why Every Girl Needs A Pair of Platform Sandals


Platform sandals are godsent, especially for girls who aren’t gifted in the height department, without the pain of wearing real heels.  With the creation of platform sandals, gone are the days where extra height means stiletto heels, where you can’t walk further than your driveway before the discomfort creeps out. How you dread strutting in that stiletto heels the entire night only to come home with blisters on your feet and an achy heel!

Now you can add instant inches to your height with a big, sturdy sole instead, which is why the comfortable platform sandals have prevailed summer after summer.

You can style your chic platform sandals with just about anything, from a floaty maxi to a denim mini skirt with a crop top.  When the blazing hot sun appears in the warmer months, fans of boots can switch to chic or cute platform sandals.

Platform sandals are comfortable and easy to wear. You can even brisk walk on a pair of flatform sandals that aren’t too high. Choose a fool-proof color like black or white to pair most of your outfits. 

An amped-up super sole will be great for a party or café-hopping. Pair the sandals with something short to flaunt those elongated legs while giving you a completely even lift and adding a retro twist to your outfit. 

For those who aren’t into the platform sandals trend just yet, ease your way with platform espadrille sandals featuring straps that wrap around the ankles to get a bit of Roman flair. You can definitely rock them like a goddess.  

Platform sandals are a mix of comfort and sensuality, and the height elongates the wearer’s silhouette while providing significantly more support than stilettos. What’s not to love about platform sandals?

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