What links dental calculus with a ballet skirt? The Saturday quiz


From Al Swearengen to North African grain, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

1 What question did Linda Nochlin pose in a 1971 art history essay?
2 Who was the last monarch to rule France?
3 Where did Al Swearengen run the notorious Gem Theater?
4 Who is Britain’s most successful Paralympian?
5 What have nested at Loch Garten since the 1950s?
6 What was a “lucky country run mainly by second-rate people”?
7 Which song was originally about a plane to Houston?
8 In the body, what can be HDL or LDL?
What links:
Anima sana in corpore sano; antelope; victory goddess; Adolf Dassler?
10 Manchester barmaid; Yorkshire police officer; American TV chef?
11 Dental calculus; Hawaiian dress; ballet skirt; North African grain?
12 Shahada; salat; zakat; sawm; hajj?
13 Dunfermline; Bangor; Wrexham; Colchester; Milton Keynes; Doncaster?
14 Marie Byrd; Queen Maud; Victoria; Wilkes?
15 Spontaneous combustion; onstage explosion; gardening accident?

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