Weekend Update: April 3

Happy Friday to all! I hope your week was better than last, and that you have the MOST amazing weekend ahead of you! You deserve it!!

Tuckernuck: Wildflower Silk Royal Shirtdress (currently 20% off!) / Tuckernuck: Navy Fitzgerald Belt / Brixton: Joanna Hat (under $45) / Hermes: Oran Sandals (similar here) / Tuckernuck: Gold Birdcage Earrings / Shopbop: Green Cat Eye Sunglasses 

Five Items I Have My Eye On: -This Madewell tie-dye t-shirt dress -The CUTEST eyelet green dress! (I've been living in this skirt all week) -How amazing is this knit tank? I think it's my new favorite color for 2020 -The prettiest white earrings that I don't need but they're soooo cute -I cannot get this dress from J. Crew out of my mind
Best Sale of the Week: J. Crew is still having their 40% off sale right now, which is pretty amazing! Additionally, this isn't totally a sale necessarily, but I do have a great discount code for you guys: 15% off Equilibria with code COVERINGBASES. It has seriously done wonders for my anxiety right now and has helped a ton with getting to sleep and staying asleep. If you get their subscription box (which is what I have), you get an additional 20% off which is the best deal. It's literally the easiest thing to cancel too if you need it!
Weekend Plans: If it's anything like last weekend, it'll be needlepoint and romcoms ALL weekend!! I kind of really loved it. Hoping to watch the rest of Ozarks this weekend. It's a real issue that Andrew doesn't watch it so I have to find time when I can watch TV without him. Also, kind of random, but I have some fun ideas for needlepoint canvases that I either want to make or commission (to sell). Would anyone be interested in that at all?? Or am I totally barking up the wrong tree?
A Must Watch: Some good news with John Krasinski! If you have not watched this yet, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?? It's the best ever. Also, two of my favorites: John Oliver and Stephen Colbert just make me LAUGH.
A Must Read: "Stop Trying to Be Productive" by one of my favorites writers. It talks about how, now that we have all this time, there is a ton of pressure on us to take advantage of it. But the thing is, we're not working from home, we're home working through a crisis. Our minds are elsewhere now and it's OK to give yourself a break.
Most Popular Item of the Week: My new favorite sunglasses!! They are 40% off, making them $15, and they are the BEST.
My Amazon Purchases: Outside of food, nothing! A good tip if you are using food delivery and you're trying to find a delivery window is to just refresh every hour. They will pop up at random times but I've found a lot of luck doing it at the top of every hour and doing it at weird times throughout the day when others might not be on.
What Made Me Happy: Ticket to Ride!! It's a new board game Andrew and I started playing and I love it so much I downloaded it on my phone. And I am NOT a big phone game person. But here I am, totally addicted!! It's a ton of fun and great for anywhere from 2-5 players! #Fashion #SpringFashion #TravelFashion #SummerFashion #PalmBeach
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