Wednesday Wish List | My Closet Staples


This week’s wish list is centered around some of my personal core closet staples. To shop, click directly on the item or find its associated number below the collage.

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I love turtleneck anything and everything, always. When you live in the South, sleeveless turtlenecks are even better!

I recently got this long-sleeved striped top and love it. It’s super soft, it’s got the rolled neck and sleeves and is the kind of top you really can wear year-round. In my book, stripes can be worn almost as often as a solid.

I have several shirt dresses from Tuckernuck and this chambray one always gets compliments.

If you have a camel bag and a black bag, you’re set.

I’ve had this watch for at least 7-8 years and I still think it’s so gorgeous. There’s truly no watch I’d rather have.

I wear these slides all the time. I also have a different version of these and usually wear them all summer.

I’m sharing an individual in-depth review of these pants later this week, I wear them with so much. I call them “the pants that give you supermodel legs.” I love the crop flare version too!

I have worn this skirt on Instagram here, it’s so great. Washable silk for $50!? What’s not to love?

Thanks so much for reading and stopping by! I threw in a few more favorites below – XO –

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