We Love These 18 Funny Couple’s Halloween Costume Ideas, and Your Friends Will Too


If you’re only figuring out what to wear the week before Halloween, it may be too late. The sooner you and your partner start thinking about funny couple’s Halloween costumes, the more likely you are to be able to get what you want and actually have something funny.

Though there are lots of ready-to-buy costumes out there, funny costume couple ideas are just that: all about the idea. And ideas need to be considered beforehand so you can buy the relevant Halloween costume components.

We enjoy funny costumes as much as the next guy, so we came up with a few funny couple’s Halloween costume ideas of our own and found useful pieces to bring them to life. If you’ve been following the news (or popular memes) closely, you’ll definitely recognize some of them below.

And if you don’t want to put your own costume together, we grabbed a few off-the-shelf funny couple’s Halloween costumes too. We don’t think they’re as funny, but they’re definitely a bit easier to put together.

Check them out below and, for once, be the funny couple at your friend’s Halloween party.


1. Free Britney – Britney Spears and Security Guard

We’re going to call this one the Free Britney. Since the princess of pop might be under actual lock and key amid her controversial conservatorship, this costume idea could be a fun way to show your support. Naturally, being under lock and key, she’s going to need a security guard to accompany her everywhere.

Both costumes are easy to pull off either piecemeal or purchased all together and are bound to be among the funny couple’s Halloween costumes wherever your Halloween night takes you, especially if you go for the infamous Britney albino python angle from the Super Bowl XXXV halftime show.

Amscan Britney Spears Hit Me Baby One More Time school girl costume; funny couple’s halloween costumes

Buy: Amscan Party City 90's School Girl Halloween Costume Kit $36.60

Security Hat and matching T-Shirt

Buy: Security Hat & T-Shirt Bundle $28.07

Aurora Jungle 50-Inch Albino Burmese Python toy

Buy: Aurora Jungle 50-Inch Albino Burmese Python $27.99


2. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Although their relationship may be rocky, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West still make headlines for, amongst many things, their interesting fashion choices. Win Halloween this year by arriving at the party in this Kanye-inspired mask or hood paired with a graphic sweatshirt. Your partner can take on Kim’s widely discussed Met Gala 2021 look in this black-caped dress with face mask.

Kanye and Kim

Buy: Rapper Mask $25.99

Buy: VARWANEO Lucky Me I See Ghosts Sweatshirt

Buy: Charous Kanye-Inspired Face Mask $29.99

Buy: Yandy Mystery Gala Guest Costume $99.99


3. Eggplant & Peach Couple Set 

This set of emojis offer a funny and sexually suggestive element to the night. Slip into this eggplant and peach costume and watch heads turn. Sold as a set, each costume is one-size-fits-all and easy to wear over your clothing. These are easily the least sexy sexy Halloween costumes you can find in 2021.

Eggplant & Peach Couple Set Purple

Buy: Eggplant & Peach Couple Set $54.95


4. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

Be prepared to get lots of reactions with this Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis pairing, thanks to their recent revelation about their infrequent bathing practices. The look is actually pretty simple to pull off too. Go basic with a denim jacket or a gray t-shirt and apply some dirt to give it the full effect.

Ashton Kutche and Mila Kunis Costume

Buy: Levi's Men's Sherpa Trucker Jacket $77.88

Buy: Hanes Sport Cool DRI Performance V-Neck Tee $7.00

Buy: Mehron Makeup Charred Ash Powder $10.37


5. Judge and Not-A-Cat Lawyer

Courtrooms aren’t even half as dramatic as portrayed on film. That’s what made a lawyer appearing for a Zoom hearing with a cat filter so refreshing and so damn funny. Well, that and the lawyer’s candid admission, “I’m not a cat,” to the judge. The sheer confluence of absurdity — like, yeah, everyone knows you’re not a cat, sir — spread this story far and wide and is bound to be quickly recognized.

The judge’s side of the costume is straightforward. To be the not-a-cat lawyer, just cut a rectangle out of the cardboard, don the cat mask and hold the rectangle in front of your face to officially not be a cat on Zoom.

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Rubie's Adult's Judge Costume; funny couple’s halloween costumes / funny couple’s costume ideas

Buy: Rubie's Adult's Judge Costume $23.45

Forum Novelties Courtroom Gavel

Double Wall Corrugated Sheets, 36 x 48 inch, pack of 5

Cat Mask White Paper Blank Face Mask

Buy: Cat Mask White Paper Blank Face Mask $6.98


6. Economic Inequality – Jeff Bezos and Rocket Ship

Intellectual, yes, leftist, yes, but we’re standing by this couple’s costume idea because of the hilarious bait and switch. Most people will be able to tell you’re an astronaut and rocket or, even better, Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos, who went to space this year and, for some reason, wore a cowboy hat afterward. (Cowboys were frontiersmen and cowboys wore hats, therefore he must wear a cowboy hat as a space frontiersman?)

But then you tell them that you’re actually the personification of economic inequality. While this likely won’t track for everyone, we promise anyone with politically left-leaning inclinations will say “Damn, why didn’t I think of that?”

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Kranchungel Men's Astronaut Costume; funny couple’s halloween costumes / funny couple’s costume ideas

Buy: Kranchungel Men's Astronaut Costume $32.99

Enimay Western Cowboy Cowgirl Hat

Buy: Enimay Western Cowboy & Cowgirl Hat $34.99

Blue Spaceship Rocket Costume

Buy: Bodysocks Jet Costume $49.99


7. Rasta Imposta Golden Granny Roommate

This set is great for a double date Halloween night. You and your partner can use two of the costume or share the love by allowing friends to join in as the other two Golden Girls. Packaged as a set, these four costumes offer outfits and wigs for each character with an added pair of glasses and purse for Sophia. 

Golden Girls Inspired Costume, best couples Halloween costume

Buy: Rasta Imposta Golden Granny Roommate Pack $74.95


8. COVID-19 Vaccine and Microchip

Fact: Vaccine science is real and reliable, but that hasn’t stopped conspiracy theories from having their way with the only real solution out of the COVID-19 pandemic. One pernicious theory suggests the government is using the vaccine to implant microchips into the population. This is verifiably wrong but also objectively hilarious because of its ridiculousness. What better way to laugh at the conspiracy than to make up a funny couple’s Halloween costume about it and get people to laugh at it?

All you need is a syringe prop and a piece or pieces of cardboard that you can color with a sharpie into microchips. You can even slap a label on the syringe that says COVID vaccine if you want to make it easier for folks to get the joke.

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BinaryABC Halloween Giant Toy Syringe Prop

Buy: BinaryABC Giant Toy Syringe $12.88

Grafix Medium Weight Acid Free Chipboard Sheets, 25 count

Buy: Grafix Medium Weight Acid-Free Chipboard Sheets $14.39


9. Rasta Imposta Cornhole Game Costume

Fun and functional, this cornhole game Halloween costume will make for a great night. The set comes with two costumes and three bean bags that will be loads of competitive fun for everyone you encounter.

Rasta Imposta Cornhole Game Costume

Buy: Rasta Imposta Cornhole Game Costume $74.95


10. Flo + Jamie Progressive Insurance Costumes

Flo and Jamie Progressive Costumes

Buy: Flo + Jamie Progressive Insurance $54.99


11. March 2020 and March 2021

All you need to make this costume work are paper or cardboard signs identifying who is March and who is March 2021. If you’ve seen the memes, you know how to pull this one off: March 2020 should look extremely put together and March 2021 needs to look absolutely disheveled. Ideally, you would both wear similar clothing for maximum impact. Regardless, if you get the disheveled look right, we bet this one will hit close to home and warrant a chuckle for just about everyone.

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Grafix Medium Weight Acid Free Chipboard Sheets, 25 count

Buy: Grafix Medium Weight Acid-Free Chipboard Sheets $14.39


12. Jessica and Roger Rabbit

Channel one of everybody’s favorite animated couples, Jessica and Roger Rabbit with these fun costumes. Roger’s get-up comes with the full costume, headband, nose, and gloves. Meanwhile, Jessica’s outfit features a sequined red corset and skirt with a high slit. You may also purchase the glove and wig separately below.

Jessica and Roger Rabbit

Buy: Roger Rabbit Costume $59.99

Buy: Sexy Rabbit's Lover Costume $89.99

Buy: Jessica Rabbit Wig $18.95

Buy: Satin Gloves $8.44


13. Wayne and Garth

Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World are as lovable as they are funny. With just a few choice items from Amazon, like Garth’s Aerosmith T-shirt and Wayne’s signature hat, some ripped jeans, and a raggedy plaid shirt, you can be the couple that gives everyone at the party the permission to say “Schwing!” and “Party on!” any time anything fun happens.

Wayne's World Embroidered Baseball Hat

Buy: Wayne's Embroidered Adjustable Black Baseball Hat $12.99

Imapct Aerosmith Aero Force Men's White Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Buy: Impact Aerosmith Aero Force Men's White Short Sleeve Tee $24.95

90s Guitar Rocker Blonde Wig and Black Glasses

Buy: 90s Guitar Rocker Blonde Wig + Black Glasses $24.99


14. Hot Dog and Bun

People in hot dog costumes are just inherently absurd and funny. But separate the hot dog and the bun and you’ve got yourself a funny couple’s Halloween costume. Just be aware: No matter what kind of couple you are, every other adult will make highly sexualized remarks about the hot dog and the bun.

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Hot Dog and Bun Couple's Costume; funny couple’s halloween costumes / funny couple’s costume ideas

Buy: Rasta Imposta Hot Dog and Bun Couples Costume $44.40


15. Bugs and Lola Bunny

There’s a new Space Jam out, Space Jam: A New Legacy, and that means it’s as good a time as ever to go as Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny. The classic wisecracking rabbit is always a funny option, especially if you know some of his lines from the movie and make sure to have the Michael’s Secret Stuff water bottle in tow.

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Bugs Bunny #1 Space Jam Movie Jersey with Bunny Ears and Socks; funny couple’s halloween costumes / funny couple’s costume ideas

Buy: Bugs 1 Space Men's Movie Jersey Basketball Jersey $29.99

Lola Bunny #10 Space Jam Jersey with Bunny Ears and Long Socks; funny couple’s halloween costumes / funny couple’s costume ideas

Buy: Lola #10 Bunny Space Mens Movie Jersey Looney Basketball Jersey $29.99

Space Jam Michael's Secret Stuff Water Bottle

Buy: Michael's Secret Stuff Water Bottle $15.95


16. Mario and Princess Peach

An old go-to for couples, Mario and Peach are an easy always-fun couple’s costume. There are lots of pre-made versions to purchase, but there’s a good chance you could wrangle together the costumes with things you already have at home. For Mario, all you need are some blue overalls, a red shirt and red hat, which you can easily tape the letter “M” to. I did Mario for Halloween one year doing exactly this and everybody easily knew who I was, though I bought a hat because it was cheap and really the one piece guaranteed to ensure people knew who I was.

For Peach, you basically need a pink dress, blonde hair, a tiara, and some long white gloves to complete the look. And if you really want to mix it up, male-female couples can switch up the roles.

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Mario Odyssey Red Snap Back Mario Baseball Cap, funny couple’s costume ideas

Buy: Mario Odyssey Red Snap Back Baseball Cap $20.97

Disguise Princess Peach Adult Accessory Kit

Buy: Disguise Women's Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Princess Peach Adult Costume Accessory Kit $25.99


17. Peanut Butter and Jelly

Though peanut butter and jelly aren’t the funniest costumes around, they’re one of the simplest and, in our experience, always good for a chuckle for a few folks who appreciate its simplicity. After all, there’s no better way to say “we’re made for each other, even on Halloween” than showing up as the single greatest pairing of foods of all time.

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Adult Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume; funny couple’s halloween costumes / funny couple’s costume ideas

Buy: Adult Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume $34.99


18. Plug and Socket Costume Set

This hilarious and unique couples’ Halloween costume idea is great for any adult Halloween gathering. Sold as a set, they are 100 percent polyester and simple to wear. Even when you aren’t standing next to each other, everyone will be clear that the plug and socket belong together.

Rasta Imposta Plug and Socket Costume

Buy: Plug and Socket Couples Costume $39.56


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