Vegan Shoe Review: Jambu Caymen Sandals


Hello Friends!

Gentle Readers, I had big plans for monthly posts full of good stuff - food and fun and adventures... and then You Know What happened. Right after my last post, I received a lovely pair of spring sandals from Jambu Footwear to review and share on my blog. We were planning our annual trip down to Palm Springs to watch the tennis... and I thought - "I will save them and get some cute pictures in the desert with my sandals on!" But then the tournament got cancelled, and our trip got cancelled, and life was turned upside down. Honestly, it just didn't feel right to write about shoes. 

But we are all adapting and life goes on and yesterday was Mr. VE&T's birthday. So, I decided to put on my cute jumper and my cute blue Caymen Sandals and have a day of it! Two of our friends came over and we had a long-distance "stay apart" (opposite of a "get together"). We sat far apart in the driveway and had Aperol Spritzes in carefully-sanitized glasses. It was SO fun to be together and feel safe, to see their faces, to laugh and connect. Instead of pictures of me feeling stylish in Palm Springs, you get pictures of me feeling stylish in the driveway. Ha ha. 

Caymen Sandals, in Indigo

Jambu has a lot of cute spring vegan shoes for women this year, but I chose the Caymen Sandals to review because I didn't have any shoes like this in my life! They have an ankle strap, but actually it's a really an easy velcro that just looks like a buckle. I'm definitely a fan of easy on-off. I also I really like the coir styling around the base of the shoe... so summery and reminiscent of espadrilles. They come in indigo (blue), blush (a pale pink/ivory), and black. I ordered size 9 and found them to be true to size. 

They have a memory foam sole that is smooshy and comfy, but they aren't designed with massive arch support in mind. 

Our Front Yard... can you see Footie in the Window? 

I'm definitely looking forward to wearing these sandals all summer long. These are fashion, fun, kickin' around and feelin'-styley shoes... not hiking sandals! That's actually what I really love about them. So many of the sandals I have are extremely functional and not extremely cute. They're great for long walks or day hikes... but feel too clunky when I want to wear a skirt or just feel a little less sporty. These Caymen sandals feel simple and feminine and will go great with skirts and summery dresses - even if Mr. VE&T and Footie are the only ones who see me!

After our friends took off, I went to check on my veggie garden. Mr VE&T got this cute picture when one of our neighbors called out and said hello. I'm grateful for these little interactions! It was fun to go my garden chores in my pretty sandals - added a little emotional perk. Maybe I should dress up a little more often during all this shelter in place! (except that my cute jumpsuit was quickly covered in white footie furs after he cuddled with me --> less fancy. ha ha) 

Just for a couple more days!

Maybe you need some summer sandals to spice up your driveway time this summer? 

Use the coupon code VEGANEATS to get 20% off any shoes at - good through Thursday April 30th. Just a reminder that Jambu has lots of cute vegan shoes and vegan sandals, but not all their shoes are vegan. So many sure you're in the vegan section of the site before you start shopping! 

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