Valerie Ramsey, 80-Year-Old Model Shares Her Healthy Aging Tips


Every woman deserves to look good and feel good. Of course, as we age our quest for beauty might take a bit more effort than we’re used to. Nonetheless, women can learn to recognize the beauty of aging and acknowledge their beautiful self as they age.

Joining us today is Valerie Ramsey, an empowered woman who held off her dream to care for her six children. She pursued her dream career in her 50s, and around the same time, she was diagnosed with cancer among other medical issues. However, none of that stopped her from becoming a successful author and model.
Remember that Style Is Ageless
Impeccable style doesn’t stop when you turn 50. As women get older, we tend to prioritize comfort over style. But that doesn’t mean you should stop having fun with fashion. You have a ton of fun options out there so don’t settle for frumpy or matronly. Go out, experiment, and explore!
Know Your Body Type
Dress for your body type. That means you should find the most flattering pieces for your shape. Look for statement pieces that make you feel comfortable and powerful. Even if you value comfort over style, you don’t need to hide behind oversized shirts or jackets. You have a myriad of options, waiting to be discovered.

Like Valerie, for instance, you can find a comfortable athletic jacket for casual looks. Athletic jackets are not only comfortable but flattering as well. They cinch the waist and enhance your natural curves.
Accessorize with Jewelry
Add flair and personality to your outfits by accessorizing with jewelry. Invest in a few pieces that you can mix and match with other outfits in your wardrobe. Large statement necklaces are a good way to start. Whether they’re bedecked with gems or beads, accessories can give a vibrant flair to any look.
Exude Confidence
Learn to be confident in your own skin. That’s not selfish at all. It’s merely a way to put yourself out there and relate to other people. Once you become more confident, you’ll learn more about your value and your capabilities. You’ll find it a little easier to manage social anxiety, and you can continue to make life-long friendships.
Nurture Happy and Healthy Relationships
Avoid social isolation. Surround yourself with friends and family who love you. Engaging in activities with the people you care about the most in this world can be fun and relaxing. Also, having someone to talk to and confide in can help you get through life’s challenges. It will make you feel less lonely.
Seek Advice from a Nutritionist
A nutritionist can help you improve your health and life by teaching you how to enrich your body with nutrient-dense foods. If you want to take control of your health, seek guidance from a professional.

What do you think of Valerie’s tips on beauty and healthy aging? What are your secrets to looking and feeling your best? Let us know in the comments below. Click “like” if you found this article insightful and share it with other women who might need a bit of help.
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