OK....this post has nothing to do with Christmas but I had to return something to the mall [2 things I ordered from J Crew] and I wandered into Zara. It has been closed for renovation for a couple of months.

Zara is famous for big style but small prices! When you can get a cute top for a little more than you would pay at Target then I am all in!

Let's discuss some of the things I saw.....

I tried on this stretchy top and loved it! For 39.00 it was a steal....

I do love how this would elevate some skinny jeans....throw on some black heels and you're there!

I also tried on this one and thought the same thing.

I would not wear it with baggy pants though.....skinny black pants would look so much better I think. Again I think it was 39.00!

But how about this cutie? It has a boho feel and I love when you can just throw on a white shirt and be done!

So this white shirt is perfect for me. I am small on top so it would help balance things out if you know what I mean....wink wink!

Might not want to iron this puppy though....

This looks like something Coco Chanel designed! I love the bow....although it might look better on somebody younger than me!

They only had this in small and I couldn't get it zipped [not sure what I was thinking to even attemptthat!] but it was adorable!

I might have bought this headband if I had seen it! How pretty right?

Call me crazy but I really liked this top. Of course I would wear a cami underneath it....haha.

Pretty jeweled buttons.

I love a pretty top with fact I wear denim practically every is so easy to just figure out the top part of your outfit!

So listen I have noticed that Zara is made for small busted women....which is me. And....sometime I am between sizes....depending on the fit. But honestly y'all they really do have some cool stuff.

One thought....the store is so bright that I almost had to put on my sunglasses. Like they needed to dim the lights for real. I wonder if they did some study about that because frankly..... I hated it.

In other news I pulled into the bank drive through and they were doing construction so I was trying to miss a ladder and hit the curb.

All I heard was this loud hissing sound.....and I got that look of fear on my face as I hopped out and saw this.....Uh Huh. Thankfully it was their fault and this sweet guy doing the construction changed the tire for me.

It could have been because I had just come from a Christmas lunch and I had on a mini skirt....hee haw. Yeah #thisis67 Not going down without a fight. Just saying. [old Banana Republic jacket and scarf!]

Somebody asked me about my jeans on the last post. They are AG and these are the fit

I went to a party last night with my neighbor and look at this spectacular charcuterie tray! It was done by a local Atlanta company called CheeseMe. Look them up on Instagram!

And I popped into my favorite Floral store called Pollen.

Everything. In. There.

Well everyone should be ready for Christmas by now! I am trying to stay positive this season and my family and friends are checking on me daily to make sure I am OK. I am.

Just know that you guys are definitely helping....every comment....every thought.....every suggestion.


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