There are plenty of options to choose from when looking at brightly colored accessorie


s. Your bag, scarf, and shoes are all considered accessories. Of course, when deciding to accessorize with bold colors you need to choose the right dress. You may want to consider a rent a dress online service to ensure you have a stunning dress.

You also need to be in the mood to wear bright colors. Bright colors draw attention to you, they tell others that you are bold, outgoing, and exciting. You have to be feeling that way in order to pull off wearing bold-colored accessories.

Reflect the Color Choice

Contrary to popular opinion you don’t simply put on a bright scarf or shoes with a plain dress to ‘dress-up’ the look. If you are going to choose bold accessories they need to be reflected throughout your look. For example, stunning turquoise heels create a bold statement. But, the statement is enhanced if there are splashes of the same turquoise across your dress, perhaps as part of the hemline or as tantalizing glimpses when you move in a certain way.

This ensures the attention is on you, not just your stunning shoes.

Discover the Color Wheel

The color wheel is a must-have accessory for anyone who wants to look good. It helps you decide what colors go together. If you are feeling daring choose colors directly opposite on the wheel, it works. In addition, it takes a lot of the strain out of dressing and accessorizing as you will already know what color to put with your outfit.

The alternative is to use colors sat next to each other. This is often referred to as color blocking. It creates less of a bold fashion statement and more of a colorful personality confirmation.

Choosing opposites creates a very bold statement while color blocking is more understated. This approach allows you to add bold colors to any outfit. You simply control the colors according to your mood and how much attention you wish to attract.

Color Coding

Don’t forget that if you have opted for specific bold colors your accessories must match. For example, if you have a yellow top and purple skirt your shoes must be the same color as one of these. That means the same shade of purple, not just purple!

This creates balance in your look, again drawing attention to you, not just a specific part of your outfit.

Warm Colors

Finally, don’t forget that all colors have warmer and cooler tones. Warmer tones will be the darker, richer colors, while the lighter versions are cooler.

In general, you shouldn’t mix warm and cool colors in one outfit. It creates a confusing look.

Try It Out

The best way to ensure you are comfortable with the way you are accessorizing and using bold colors is to test it out. Rent a dress, add your preferred accessories, and then take a picture. You will find this is the best way to decide if you are comfortable with the outfit or not. 

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