The Top 10 Men’s Fashion Trends We’re Actually Excited About Right Now


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We’re still pretty fresh into 2022, but the year is shaping out to be a great one; for men’s fashion trends, that is. The first two months of the new year are all business for the fashion industry, as January and February are when fashion weeks worldwide take place. Not only does it set the tone, but this is where you’ll find all of the newest and hottest men’s fashion trends come together for the fall/winter collections. And let us tell you, men’s fashion week 2022 did not disappoint this year. 

Of course, luxury fashion designs in seasons, so to their standards, these upcoming men’s fashion trends will focus on fall/winter pieces even though we can see spring’s light at the end of our cold, wintery tunnel.

However, that doesn’t mean these fashion trends won’t influence other seasons. As you might expect for the latest season, men’s fashion trends focus a lot on outerwear and impeccable tailoring. For instance, we saw plenty of statement-making coats with big shoulders and varsity jackets with fun, striking designs. It was also nice to see that the puffer coat gets to live to see another season in fashion. 

Switching gears to tailoring, you can say that men love a good suit, so you know trousers and pants played a massive role in fashion week. But the mere style element that makes them a men’s fashion trend is that they’re more wide than ever. The runways of Milan and Paris also seemed to welcome a lot of femme aesthetics to this season as well. We noticed the pairing of skirts and pants — something that we need in the world of fashion now that it’s no longer stuck in the binary. 

Our Picks for the Best Men’s Fashion Trends of 2022

Be it the latest T-shirt brand or staple outwear reinvention, when it comes to men’s fashion trends, every season offers something new, but some things do remain the same. Subtle updates balance out big moves like men in skirts to wardrobe essentials such as knitwear. Here are the top menswear trends we are excited about:

  • Varsity Jackets
  • Big Shoulders
  • Skirts with Pants
  • Mary Jane Shoes
  • Puffer Jacket
  • Wide Pants
  • Knitwear
  • Faux Fur Hats
  • Balaclavas
  • Penny Loafer

To help you further prepare for the fashionable year that 2022 has to offer, we mapped out ten of the hottest men’s fashion trends that the SPY style writers are excited about — and picked the best one to help you rock the style. Read on to see what’s next in fashion for menswear.


1. Varsity Jackets

Varsity jackets have made quite the impression in menswear these last few seasons. We’ve seen varsity inspiration from footwear to jackets dominating streetwear looks, and now it’s made its appearance on Parisian runways like Louis Vuitton and Kenzo. The collegiate jackets are welcomed in just about any shade of the color wheel, from bright purple to muted brown. Let’s not forget their striking designs with prominent motifs and letter patches.

Zara Contrasting Patches Jacket

Zara Contrasting Patches Jacket Buy: Zara Contrasting Patches Jacket $119.00

2. Big Shoulders

For years, we’ve seen womenswear do several iterations of strong, exaggerated shoulders in blazers, gowns, and jackets. Now menswear is finally ready to put its spin on structured shoulders in its silhouettes. Fashion brands like Casablanca, Prada, and Rick Owens all have experimented with the growing men’s fashion trend in their Fall 2022 collections.

Karl Lagerfeld Paris Boucle Topcoat

Karl Lagerfeld Paris Boucle Topcoat Buy: Karl Lagerfeld Paris Boucle Topcoat $495.00

3. Skirts with Pants

Fashion is no longer restricted by gender norms giving everyone the free will to wear whatever they want. With that in mind, menswear has been amping up its feminine aesthetics in clothing and footwear. One of the most promising styles we have seen over the past few seasons is the skirt. The garment has proved itself to be one of the hottest pieces for the year, and the perfect way to wear it this season is layered over pants.

Julius Skirt-Effect Trousers

Julius Skirt-Effect Trousers Buy: Julius Skirt-Effect Trousers $760.00

4. Mary Jane Shoes

More on the femininity of menswear is the opulent Mary Jane. The traditional school girl shoe has been a longstanding footwear option among celebs like Tyler, the Creator and Harry Styles. Now they’re getting a mainstream fashion moment as they were seen all over the runways this season. The classic shoe took on many iterations like chunky soles, double straps, and even a high-top style.

Prada Brushed-Leather Mary Jane T-Strap Shoes

Prada Brushed-Leather Mary Jane T-Strap Shoes Buy: Prada Brushed-Leather Mary Jane T-Strap Shoes $1,050.00

5. Puffer Jacket

Go big or go home, at least when it comes to the ever-so-stylish puffer jacket. With the hiker-inspired gorpcore still remaining a positive influence on high fashion, the puffer jacket lives to see another day. The quilted outerwear is comfortable and functional, just as it is stylish. It’s the perfect piece to have in your possession when looking to take your outfit to the next level or just when you’re cold.

Saturdays New York City Tomo Puffer Jacket

Saturdays New York City Tomo Puffer Jacket Buy: Saturdays New York City Tomo Puffer Jacket $425.00

6. Wide Pants

The Y2K aesthetic is still having a long pivotal moment in fashion, and because of it, we have said goodbye to form-fitting pants and welcomed the oversized look. Pants are becoming wider and wider. At least, that’s what seems to be happening this season. We’re also noticing the influx of flare trousers coming from the popularity of 1970s fashion.

COS Wide-Leg Wool Pants

COS Wide-Leg Wool Pants Buy: COS Wide-Leg Wool Pants $135.00

7. Knitwear

One thing that we can all agree on is that knitwear is here to stay. From chunky turtlenecks to colorful cardigans, menswear can’t get enough knits. It’s one of the most effortless fashion trends you can be a part of without overthinking when putting together an outfit. When shopping for new knitwear, make sure they have print, distresses or patchwork detailing, as these are expected to be a men’s fashion trend this year. 

H&M Relaxed Fit Turtleneck Sweater

H&M Relaxed Fit Turtleneck Sweater Buy: H&M Relaxed Fit Turtleneck Sweater $34.99

8. Faux Fur Hats

Streetwear style has a considerable effect on men’s fashion trends and one particular item that has been making waves in the industry is the faux fur hat. The accessory seems to be the perfect outfit topper, as it was spotted all over the streets of Paris for the menswear Fall 2022 shows. Celebs like Rihanna and Tyler, the Creator, have both expressed their interest in the funky-looking hat as well.

Asos Design Faux Fur Bucket Hat

Asos Design Faux Fur Bucket Hat Buy: Asos Design Faux Fur Bucket Hat $20.00

9. Balaclavas

Another notable accessory that will be big in 2022 is balaclavas. The face-hugging garment became a trendy topic of discussion on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Not to mention, they’re the perfect item to have with a pandemic still going on. Typically, balaclavas are made of wool or yarn, but you can find them constructed in other materials too.

Boris Bidjan Saberi Cashmere Ribbed Balaclava

BORIS BIDJAN SABERI Grey Cashmere Ribbed Balaclava


Buy: Boris Bidjan Saberi Cashmere Ribbed Balaclava $233.00

10. Penny Loafer

Whether you’re a fan of prep style or just love comfortable footwear, the penny loafer is the shoe to have. The classy shoe is a staple piece in a man’s wardrobe because they pair well with anything from suits to just a casual pair of jeans.

Florsheim Moc Toe Penny Loafer

Florsheim Moc Toe Penny Loafer Buy: Florsheim Moc Toe Penny Loafer $125.00

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