The Koral Jumpsuit Is Hands-Down the Easiest, Comfiest New Year’s Eve Outfit That Money Can Buy


When the holiday season rolls around, I’m always ready to get dressed up and wear all the glitter eyeshadow money can buy. But as New Year’s Eve nears and parties begin to blur into one another, my excitement about spending one plus hours getting dressed and applying makeup starts to dwindle. In times like these, we all could use an essential wardrobe piece that keeps us comfortable, requires minimal effort, and still makes a statement—and that’s where the Koral jumpsuit comes in.

Known for its sweat-friendly and chic silhouettes, athleisure brand Koral has been making workout dreams come true since 2014. Even better? Most pieces are artful enough to carry you out of your favorite studio and onto the street. Or, in my case, to a party. So if you’re looking for dress-up options that don’t require feeling uncomfortable, this jumpsuit is pretty much the ticket.

Below, we rounded up some of Koral’s prettiest one pieces that you can throw a jacket over and walk out the door. (Glitter eyeshadow highly encouraged.)


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Shop the Koral jumpsuit for an easy—yet stylish—holiday look

Black Fara Seamless Jumpsuit — $135.00

This black jumpsuit will take you everywhere—festivities included. Layer it with a trench coat, fluffy shrug, or a leather jacket depending on what look you’re going for. And hey: If you slide it on for your yoga class the next day, more power to you.

Jet Infinity Jumpsuit — $145.00

The strappy, open back of this jumpsuit makes it stand out. You can also pair it with a long black skirt if you’re ready to rock a slightly different look, or wear it as is for a lightweight and effortless statement piece.

Koral Jet Infinity Jumpsuit, Black — $145.00

This leather-emulating mix of polyamide and lycra-spandex has a bold look that pairs nicely with a long blazer or a fleece sherpa. You could also throw on a thick belt if you really want to wear something loud and fun (all while staying super comfortable).

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