The Good :)


It seems that several of you like these rosy little posts and need the reminder of all the GOOD in life, just as much as I do.  At least once a week some sweet soul says "I like your posts."  I like being here too.  :) It can feel rather heavy in the world these days.  Am I right? Let's cling to the good little moments.  I hope you have your own collection too. 

I'm still hastily taking outfit pics first thing in the morning. And by "outfit" I mean either jeans and a top or a skirt and t-shirt, mostly with my Vans. 

Last little summer pile on the table. These peaches were delicious! 

Just waiting and waiting for it to cool down so I can wear my new Doc Martens.  My first pair ever! I can't wait to wear these with a nice pair of socks. My feet are always cold and these will keep them so very toasty. 

Are you a candle person? I definitely am.  Fall, winter, and even spring I light one or two each evening.  It's definitely part of my winding down routine.

Brett and I rarely go out to eat for dates.  We just prefer to cook at home after making a run to Whole Foods to get something for a treat.  However, we recently ate at this gorgeous restaurant-Arsaga's at the Mill, and it was a fabulous experience! 

If this isn't a real life look at life currently, I don't know what is.  The ever present mask. 

Anyway, I had the "Six Piece Salad" and I'm still thinking about it! SO very, very good, as were these fried mushrooms. We'll definitely be going back!

Brett had a delicious salad too. 

One evening the sky was the most brilliant shade of blue.  

We have a HUGE crop of passionflowers all over our back pasture. I actually sometimes use a passionflower tincture from Natural Grocers.  I bet there's a use for all those passionflowers but I just haven't taken the time to figure it out. The meaning of them is incredibly special.  I actually looked it up on my birthday weekend (which is this weekend!) a few years ago and every year our crop of them grows bigger and bigger. 

I wasn't feeling well last weekend so resting it was.  I watched Mary Poppins, one of my all time favorite movies ever.  Takes me right back to being a kid again.  

I really loved having this OPI olive green on my nails last week!

Betsy is always picking me little bouquets and tonight Anna designed her circuit board to play me "Happy Birthday".  Sweet girls.

A beautiful birthday card from my older sister!

Polka dots are my favorite. 

Bought myself Aldi flowers a whole week ago and they're still going strong!

More outfit fun. My favorite jeans currently are these Universal Thread ones from Target. I wear them a LOT and should probably get another pair.

We've had some really gorgeous sunrises the past few mornings! 

Same favorite jeans again.  The kids at work always like to see what jewelry, nail color, etc. I have on. :)

My very sweet co-worker decorated my desk for my birthday! It was such a joyful surprise to walk in to!

We had a chance to visit Grandma and Papaw's this weekend! A birthday present to myself, indeed.

I found these cute pumpkins for $1 each at Target. 

Our bookshelf currently.  The jar was a special present from Grandma and Papaw. 

Our fall mantle! I had about a second wondering if florals and bats go together and then thought "well, in my world they do!".  We are loving this vibe and are ready for fall.  

I've had Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday" song stuck in my head all weekend. 
I am 38!

My mom-in-law made this GORGEOUS quilt and I was admiring it one day at her house.  Today she gifted it to me for my birthday.  I just can't stop looking at it!

Black nails this week.  Polishing my nails, along with audio books (and all books really), candles, cooking dinner, sarcastic humor, musicals, coffee, and the sound of football on in the background are a few of my faves.

Yes, I still did grad school on my birthday. But then my treat to myself was to figure out how to shoot with my film camera I won on an Instagram giveaway.  Will any of the pictures turn out? That's what we wait to see.  Isn't it just lovely to learn something new and the anticipation of wondering how the photos will turn out? I find it absolutely thrilling.

Today I saw a heart in a cloud and also I've received the same message from God twice this week. I'm listening. :) 

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