The Best Mattress Toppers of 2019


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If your mattress has seen better days but a new one isn’t in the budget right now, your next best option is a mattress topper. They go on top of your existing mattress (hence their name), providing added support, plushness, comfort, or whatever else your mattress might be lacking—they basically give your mattress a facelift. However, there are a lot of toppers to choose from, and they range in price from as low as $50 to $500 or more.

To help you find the best mattress topper, we tested the top products on the market and found the Casper Mattress Topper (available at Casper for $295.00) is best for most people thanks to its high-quality construction and combination of comfort and support. While there are many budget-friendly options available, we found that you get what you pay for with mattress toppers, which is why we think it’s worth spending a little extra for a long-lasting, supportive topper.

These are the best mattress toppers we tested, ranked in order:
Casper Mattress Topper The Company Store Baffled Square Goose Down Featherbed Pure Green Latex Mattress Topper Avocado Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper Temper-Pedic Temper-Topper Supreme ViscoSoft Memory Foam Mattress Topper Parachute Down Alternative Mattress Topper Duck and Goose Co. Plush Premium Hotel Mattress Topper Linenspa Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper My Pillow Mattress Topper Credit: Reviewed / Camryn Rabideau
The Casper mattress topper took home the top spot thanks to its comfortable yet supportive material and high-quality construction.
Best Overall Casper Mattress Topper
Casper might be known for their mattress-in-a-box, but their mattress topper is impressive, as well. This mattress topper is made up of three layers of foam, and at the end of testing, it took home the top spot thanks to its comfortable yet supportive material and high-quality construction.

The Casper Mattress Topper comes in a surprisingly small box, and it’s rolled up super tightly in plastic wrap. However, unlike other products, this topper quickly expands to its full size—no 24-hour waiting period necessary. The triple-layer topper is made up of an “alt-latex” top layer, a graphite latex middle layer, and a viscoelastic bottom, and it’s wrapped in a gray cover made from a blend of polyester, rayon, and lycra. The queen-size topper measures 59.5-by-79.5 inches and is 3 inches thick, and while it didn’t quite come all the way to the edges of the mattress, we didn’t find this to be an issue functionally. The construction felt extremely durable, and it retained its shape well throughout the course of testing—there were no “body craters” left behind like with cheaper options.

In terms of sleep experience, the Casper Mattress Topper delivered. It was cozy and welcoming at night, conforming to your body shape without the weird “quicksand” sinking feeling of some memory foam. While it was pleasantly plush, the topper was appropriately supportive for both me, a side sleeper, and my boyfriend, a stomach sleeper. One night I did wake up feeling a bit hot, but I think that was more due to the temperature of our apartment than the mattress topper.

The Casper Mattress Topper is somewhat of an investment, costing $295 for a queen , but it’s actually middle-of-the-line as toppers go. Sure, there are models that cost less than $100, but we found they don’t deliver the same level of support and often wear down quickly. The only downside is that while the topper does have a cover, it can’t be machine washed—you’re supposed to spot-clean as needed.
Where to Buy $295.00 from Casper $295.00 from Amazon Credit: Reviewed / Camryn Rabideau
We found the Company Store White Goose Down Baffled topper to be much more comfortable than down-alternative options.
Best Down The Company Store White Goose Down Baffled Featherbed
If you’re predominantly concerned with adding plushness to your mattress, you’ll want to consider a down mattress topper, and the best in this category is The Company Store Baffled Square Goose Down Featherbed. This luxurious topper is filled with 95 percent white goose feathers and 5 percent white goose down fill, and we found it to be much more comfortable than down-alternative options.

This featherbed is roughly 4 inches deep and it has a baffled construction—those are the boxes formed by stitching—to keep the fill in place. The shell is a 200-thread-count cotton, and although there are no straps to keep the topper in place, we found that it didn’t shift much during use.

Sleeping on this mattress topper was like sleeping on a cloud. The down cradles your body and keeps you warm throughout the night, which my boyfriend and I enjoyed. It would be especially nice on cold winter nights! However, this topper doesn’t provide much in terms of support and by the end of testing the featherbed needed to be fluffed up a bit, as it got matted down in the spots where we usually sleep. The good news is it puffed back up easily. Plus, should you ever need to put it in storage, this mattress topper is much easier to store than memory foam ones.

Because of the plush nature of this mattress topper, it’s best for those who find their existing mattress too firm and want a little more “squishiness.” The stitching and filling appear to be high-quality, so we think this product is worth the relatively high price— a queen-size topper costs $249.
Where to Buy $249.00 from The Company Store Credit: Reviewed / Camryn Rabideau
The Pure Green Latex Mattress Topper delivers an amazingly comfortable sleep experience for a significantly lower price.
Best Latex Sleep on Latex Pure Green Natural Latex - Soft
Latex is known to be one of the best mattress materials thanks to its squishy yet supportive nature and long-lasting construction, but true latex mattresses are often extremely expensive. Luckily, several companies make latex toppers and if you want to try out this high-end material for yourself, the Pure Green Latex Mattress Topper delivers an amazingly comfortable sleep experience for a significantly lower price.

This mattress topper looks quite different than the others—it resembles a piece of foam, but there are little holes spread evenly across the surface. It’s bouncier than memory foam and it springs back to its natural shape faster. We tested out the 3-inch model that’s supposed to have a soft consistency and is made from 100 percent natural latex with no filler.

Upon first unboxing this mattress topper, we noticed it had a distinct smell—not unlike that of latex gloves. It took about a day for the smell to dissipate and it was also a bit difficult to put sheets over the material, as the fabric clung to the latex. Once it was all set up, however, we loved the experience of sleeping on the Pure Green Topper. It was the perfect combination of squishy and supportive, and it never got warm during the night thanks to its air chambers and the material’s breathable nature.

Additionally, this mattress topper is surprisingly affordable (compared to other latex toppers, anyway) at $199 for a queen. Just be warned that this topper will be a pain to store if you ever take it off your bed, as it’s pretty heavy and bulky.
Where to Buy Buy now at Amazon How We Tested The Tester
I’m Camryn, a freelance contributor here at Reviewed with a background in textile science. I’ve tested a wide range of bedding and linens—including everything from sheets and comforters to more niche products like electric and weighted blankets.

As someone who’s struggled with insomnia, I know just how important sleep is to wellness and the right bedding and accessories can make a huge difference in your sleep experience. I also know that a new mattress can be cost-prohibitive, so I was interested to see whether mattress toppers could rejuvenate an older mattress like mine, which is around six years old.
The Tests
Naturally, we tested these mattress toppers by doing a lot of sleeping on them. My boyfriend and I slept on each one for four nights, and I took regular naps on them as well. We have opposite sleep preferences—he likes to be toasty warm and sleeps on his stomach while I prefer to stay cooler and sleep on my side—so we were able to assess the toppers' suitability for different sleep styles.

We also considered experiential factors like how easy it was to install, if it smelled when unpacked or after testing, whether the topper stayed in place during use, and if it retained its shape. I used my background in textile science to assess the materials and overall construction of each mattress topper—two mattress toppers might both be made from “memory foam,” but different construction methods can yield a more durable final product. After all, if you’re going to invest your money into a product, you want to know it’s going to last for a few years.
Mattress Toppers vs. Mattress Pads
As you search for mattress toppers, you’ll likely get results for mattress pads as well. These products are quite similar and companies often use the terms interchangeably, but there’s a distinct difference between the two.

Mattress toppers are a removable layer of cushioning that you place on top of your existing mattress. These products are designed to provide additional cushion and/or support, and they’re often purchased by people who want to extend the life of an older mattress or are unhappy with the feel of their current sleep surface (we’re looking at you, college kids). Generally, mattress pads are between 1 and 4 inches thick and they’re commonly made from the same materials as mattresses themselves such as memory foam and latex.

Mattress pads, on the other hand, are essentially a hybrid of a mattress pad and a mattress protector. The main distinguishing factors between the two products are the thickness of the pad and the presence of a bed skirt.

Mattress pads provide some added comfort/support, but significantly less so than a mattress topper—they might give you a little extra cushion, but they won’t bring a sagging mattress back to life. They also come with bed skirts that hold them in place while toppers simply sit on top of the mattress.
How Do You Keep a Mattress Topper in Place?
You might be thinking to yourself, “If it doesn’t have a bed skirt, won’t a mattress topper slide around?” The answer is generally no.

Most mattress toppers are quite thick and heavy, so just using a sheet over them is enough to keep them in the proper position. A few of the models we tested had straps to anchor the topper to your mattress, but we found this generally wasn’t necessary.
How Do You Clean a Memory Foam Mattress Topper?
Lots of people eat in bed, which can pose a problem if you ever spill on your mattress topper. Some down-alternative toppers can just be tossed in the washing machine, but if you have a memory foam topper, the process is a bit more cumbersome.

To clean a memory foam mattress topper, you’ll want to first vacuum the surface. If there are stains, you’re going to have to spot-treat them using a mixture of mild soap and water. You’ll then need to use a sponge to gently rub the solution over the spot. Make sure you let it dry completely before putting the topper back on your bed. Never use bleach or harsh cleaners on memory foam, as it can degrade the material.

To avoid this hassle altogether, you may want to consider a mattress topper that includes a machine-washable cover. Alternatively, you can put a mattress protector over your topper to keep out unwanted liquids.
Other Mattress Toppers We Tested Avocado Green Natural Latex - Plush
The Avocado Latex Mattress Topper was another great latex option that we tested, but it ultimately got edged out by the Pure Green model because of its high price. The two toppers performed quite similarly, but the Avocado costs a whopping $449 for a queen— more than twice the price of the Pure Green Topper.

That said, the Avocado Latex Mattress Topper still provides a wonderful sleep experience. It’s made from organic Dunlap latex that’s 2.75 inches thick and it’s wrapped in an organic cotton cover. There’s also a layer of wool between the cover and the latex to wick away moisture, increase breathability, and prevent any smells from setting in. The cover can’t be machine washed, though—it’s spot-clean only.

We tested the firm model, but there are plush toppers available. My boyfriend and I liked the bouncy, supportive feel of this topper, but we agreed that the plush might be a little more comfortable. The topper never got hot during the night and it stayed in place well thanks to its heavy nature. It’s also easier to roll up and store than memory foam toppers, as the latex is a bit floppy.

You certainly won’t be disappointed in the Avocado Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper—it delivers a great sleep experience and you can tell it’s made to stand the test of time. However, this topper was the most expensive one we tested and the Pure Green Latex Topper works just as well for a lower price.
Where to Buy $449.00 from Avocado Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Topper Supreme - Standard
If you like your Temper-Pedic mattress, you’ll probably like the Temper-Topper Supreme—it’s made from the same “Tempur” material (a proprietary memory foam) as the company’s mattresses. The topper is 3 inches thick and wrapped in a soft removable cover. You can wash the cover in the washing machine, but there are specific instructions for doing so—you can’t use chlorine or stain removers and you should let it air dry.

In terms of its performance, this mattress topper did fairly well. If you sit on it, you’ll experience the “quicksand” sinking sensation associated with memory foam, but this doesn’t happen when you lay down. The topper is surprisingly firm, which my boyfriend liked it better than I did—he sleeps on his stomach, so he needs a more supportive surface. I thought it was nice, but I didn’t like it as much as the higher-rated options.

The Temper-Topper Supreme retained its shape well during testing and didn’t get hot at night. It does have a bit of a smell when you first unbox it, which doesn’t dissipate for a few days. This topper is also heavy and stiff, so there’s no way you’re going to get it back into the box for storage.
Where to Buy $399.00 from Tempur-Pedic $359.99 from Amazon ViscoSoft Serene Memory Foam Hybrid
The ViscoSoft Memory Foam Mattress Topper was one of the most unique products we tested. It’s made up of two pieces—a 2.5-inch layer of gel-infused memory foam and a 1.5-inch down-alternative mattress pad. To set it up, you place the foam layer on top of the bed and then anchor it in place using the pad, which has a skirt that hugs your mattress.

This mattress topper is very squishy and you sink into it when you lay down. It definitely provides a more plush surface, so it might not be the best choice if you’re looking for body support. While we did enjoy sleeping on this mattress topper, there were a few factors that kept it from ranking higher in our testing. First, the foam needs to expand for at least 24 hours before use. It also has a distinctly chemical odor that needs to be aired out.

Further, after several nights of use, the top pad had shifted out of place and, perhaps most concerningly, the foam already had “body craters” that weren’t bouncing back. For this reason, we think this mattress topper is made of low-quality foam and would wear down rather quickly. It might be OK for a guest bedroom where it doesn’t get regular use, but we don’t think it would last very long if you slept on it nightly.
Where to Buy $169.99 from ViscoSoft Buy now at Amazon Parachute Down Alternative Mattress Topper
If you’re allergic to down, you may be looking for a down-alternative mattress topper. The Parachute Mattress Topper isn’t the worst option out there, but we expected more from it given the price ($229 for a queen). This topper is made up of a cotton shell with hypoallergenic microfiber fill and it’s a few inches thick when puffed up.

After sleeping on this down-alternative mattress topper for a few nights, we determined it didn’t do much for the feel of the mattress. It provides a little extra plushness, but nowhere near as much as the true down featherbed. Plus, at the end of testing, there were two distinct craters where we slept and we needed to puff it back up again. This mattress topper is also dry-clean only, which is strange considering it’s just cotton and microfiber—two materials that are typically easy to care for.
Where to Buy $229.00 from Parachute The Duck And Goose Co. Mattress Topper
The Duck and Goose Co. Premium Hotel Mattress Topper is another down-alternative option. Sadly, it provided an unmemorable experience. When we first unboxed the topper, it seemed thicker and more densely packed than the other down-style products, but it didn’t change the feel of the mattress.

This 2-inch topper is made of a microfiber shell and a microfiber filler. It includes straps to anchor it to your mattress, but they were too small to fit and actually pulled the topper off-center. While this topper did add a small amount of cushioning, we thought it felt pretty much identical to sleeping on the bare mattress. The nice thing about this product is you can toss it in the washing machine if it ever gets dirty and it’s also quite affordable at $78.99 for a queen.
Where to Buy Buy now at Amazon Linenspa 2 Inch Gel Memory Foam
This memory foam mattress topper from Linenspa is a popular budget option, but it didn’t provide an elevated sleep experience. It takes 12+ hours to puff up to its intended size and there was an unpleasant odor that lingered for a few days. The Linenspa Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper was also a bit too small for our mattress, leaving an inch or so uncovered on each side.

My boyfriend didn’t mind sleeping on this mattress topper, but it detracted from my sleep experience. I found myself waking up numerous times during the night, struggling to find a comfortable position. I felt like I was sinking into it too much and my body wasn’t properly supported. The good news is that it didn’t get warm during the night and it retained its shape throughout testing.
Where to Buy $56.99 from Amazon MyPillow 3" Mattress Topper
If we had to use one word to describe My Pillow Mattress Topper, it would be Hard with a capital H. This mattress topper was so firm that it’s actually uncomfortable—it doesn’t feel all that different from sleeping on the floor and spending four nights on it felt like an eternity.

In addition to the foam being incredibly dense, we also had issues fitting the sheet over the 3-inch topper. This product does include straps to anchor it to your mattress, but they were quite loose and didn’t seem to make much of a difference. One of the positive factors of this topper is that the cover is machine-washable, otherwise, we wouldn’t recommend this topper unless you like an extremely firm sleep surface.
Where to Buy $369.99 from MyPillow Buy now at Amazon More Articles You Might Enjoy The Best Comforters The Best Bed Sheets The Best Bed Pillows

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