The Best Gift Ideas For Toddlers: Zaza Edition


The Best Gift Ideas For Toddlers

When it comes to kids, I never want to tell people what to do or make any of my platforms ‘preachy.’ I just want to share what works for us ( & Zaza ) & if you love something great, and if not, no worries.

Everyone parents differently & that’s ok. Like SNORE, imagine we all parented our kids the same? Horrendous. So boring.

What I love about all our platforms is that we have a lot of different opinions, ideas & perspectives but we can share them in a judgement-free way.

ANYWAY, let’s get into some gift ideas for you! These are things that I’ve gotten for Zaza this past year. She loves them & I think they make great Christmas gifts. 

In this post you can expect everything from her favorite food delivery, to her specific broccoli puffs, to lounge wear that is just too good. Baby cups & plates, the humidifier that makes all the difference if your little one has a cold & even the cute little rug for her Christmas tree. We get into a custom bunny stuffy, a baby bathrobe & sound bowls for them too. LOL. I mean, I got you covered.

Fully recommend shopping this week & choosing expedited shipping at checkout. LOL. Love leaving shit to the very last minute as so many of us do.


♡ Fashion

+ Moon + Mila lounge suit ( top & bottom )

This is the same suit Zaza is wearing on my latest Instagram.

+ Nike tracksuit

Zaza’s is sold out, but this one is cute too.

+ Pleated skirt & wool coat

She wore this outfit over Thanksgiving weekend & it was adorable.

+ Black boots

Lot’s of questions about these. They’re a staple.

+ Pajamas ( pink satin or strawberry )

+ Pink robe

+ Baby Barn anything & everything.

The Best Gift Ideas For Toddlers
Gifts for toddlers
toddler fall winter loungewear
toddler lug sole boots
Toddler holiday gift ideas

♡ Toys

+ Rainbow stacking blocks

+ Tea party set

This brand, Green Toys, also makes amazing boats & airplanes.

+ Ball pit with tent

+ Princess tent

+ Bath art

+ Unicorn stocking stuffers

+ Happi Crafts

Zaza loves the letters.

+ Busy Board

Zaza was gifted one of these & she is OBSESSED.

Toddler Christmas gift ideas

♡ Books

+ Baby Shark sound book

+ Rainbow: A First Book of Pride

+ We’re Different, We’re The Same

+ Angelina Ballerina

+ Pete The Cat Bedtime Stories

♡ Furniture & Cozy Things

+ Pottery Barn Sherpa chair

Zaza LOVES this & you guys went nuts when it was in my IG Stories. Voilà. You can have it personalized too.

+ Lonely Ghost rug

This is near her little Christmas tree.

+ Barefoot Dreams blanket

The coziest, blanket. I mean, you’ve heard me talk about it how many times?

+ Silkzees personalized blanket

This is a great gift to give a newborn. I just gifted one to my new nephew.

+ Heart n Hare personalized bunny stuffy

My friend in San Diego makes these. They’re so adorable & the detail is amazing.

+ TSC x Canopy humidifier ( use code PINKSALE for 15% off )

So ideal for little ones if they have a cold. Like helps so much.

+ Sound bowls ( more on why we love them here )

Zaza LOVES to bang these & it’s actually very soothing, even when she does it. LOL

Toddler Christmas gifts
Toddler Christmas gifts
The Best Gift Ideas For Toddlers
TSC x Canopy humidifier

♡ Eating

+ Little Spoon meals ( use code LAURYN25 for $25 off your first order )

Been loving these lately, for me & for Zaza. LOL.

+ Serenity Kids Broccoli Puffs ( use code SKINNY for 15% off your first order )

We literally don’t go anywhere without these puffs.

+ Avanchy bowl & plate set

+ Avanchy cup

+ Toddler Dining Table

This is so cute for snack time if she has a friend over.

+ Think Baby stainless steel water bottle

This is a great bottle to take on the go.

+ Munchkin sippy cup & weighted cup.

These are favorites for around the house.

Toddler high chair

♡ Holiday Things

+ Elf On The Shelf & accessories ( fishing hut, plane ride, balloon ride )

The things we do for them! Zaza loves it though. No wonder it’s such a popular tradition.

+ Plaid robe

+ Stockings

These are from Pottery Barn & you can have them personalized/embroidered.

+ Wooden ornaments & paint

These are super fun for a rainy day & to give to grandparents as gifts ( bcuz let’s be real, they’re not gonna be masterpieces ).

+ Velcro tree with ornaments

This is so fab if you need to keep your kid away from your curated, beautiful tree but still want them to feel like they helped decorate. LOL.

Toddler fashion
Toddler holiday fashion
Customized santa socks
Holiday themed toys for toddlers Holiday decor for toddlers

So there you have it, some of Zaza’s favorite things & also my favorite things to gift. Hopefully this post makes shopping for your little one a little easier. These are all things we use on a daily basis that Zaza LOVES, & we hope you love them too.

Cozy up by the fire with your almond milk hot cocoa & your computer & get ordering! Last minute as always. LOL.

Happy holidays,

x, lauryn

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