Sweatshirts Galore


The Helen’s Closet Jackson pullover was my favourite pattern of 2021, and I’ve got three unblogged versions to show you!

Let’s start with the two classic sweatshirts in absolutely beautiful Nerida Hansen french terry. I got these prints on sale in December, and even with shipping to Canada and some customs fees, they were on par with the cost of a plain bamboo french terry locally. A word of caution though – my friend was disappointed that the colours in her french terry order were significantly less saturated than the colours on their linen fabrics. I tend to like bright but slightly de-saturated colours, so I’ll definitely be ordering more!

The floral matched my periwinkle hair over the Christmas holidays, and the tiger print is just so fun! You can see I used self-fabric for the bands. I find it easier than trying to match ribbing.

(I had to include a winter prop photo!)

I love the way this pattern fits. It is one of those great garments you can put on in the morning and wear all day without ever having to fuss or pull it in place. Perfect for teaching.

This dress hack just had to happen! I sewed so many sweatshirt dresses around 2013-2016, and now many of those patterns don’t fit or just don’t feel like my style. This is certainly a very simple adaptation and a quick sew. I’m not in love, but it was a perfect use for this large-scale Liverpool knit fabric.

I thought about doing a simple folded hem on the sleeves and skirt, but decided to spice it up with some black and silver ribbing. I like the contrast!

*By the way* I’ve blogged 4 weeks in a row!!!!!! I’m trying to alternate finished project posts with discussion posts, which takes of some of the pressure. I’ve got two posts coming soon rounding up all my makes from Helen’s Closet, plus a dress that turned out more frumpy than I planned. I’m hoping you can suggest how I can alter it!

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