Sweaters, leggings and boots, oh my! Check out SEEN’s eight favorite street style looks from October

By Chelsie Dzbanski
1. Sherry Hour
To Sherry Hour, fashion is more than just clothe — it’s a unique way of narrating your life story. As a mom of four, Sherry is a fashion blogger who aspires to inspire other women to get up, dress up and never give up. She believes that looking your best, feeling your best and doing your best go hand in hand. Follow her on Instagram at @sherryhour for the cutest fall outfits, detailed Instagram stories on how to wear the same item multiple ways (love!) and so much more.

Sherry is pictured above wearing a snake print midi dress from Boohoo, headband from Amazon (shop similar), Louis Vuitton handbag (shop similar) and black booties (shop similar).
2. Antonela Sallaku
With a masters degree in architecture, Antonela Sallaku has mastered the art of angles professionally and on Instagram. She believes that fashion can be a powerful tool that gives us the confidence to carry ourselves in the best way possible, and she emulates just that in her daily life with her fashion choices. Antonela showcases her chic, polished and fashion-forward sense of style on her Instagram account @a_sallaku and, of course, crushes all the angles like a pro.

Antonela is pictured above wearing a tweed checked blazer from Zara (shop similar), grey turtleneck sweater (shop similar), khaki pants (shop similar), Kate Spade handbag (shop similar) and Nike sneakers (shop similar). 

3. Jonnelle BirdPhotography by Daniela Lisi
Itching to elevate your style, but don’t know where to start? Jonnelle Bird is your girl. As a personal stylist, Jonnelle’s goal is to make you “feel confident AF!” — as her IG states. While Jonnelle specializes in plus-size women’s fashion, she helps women of all shapes and sizes curate a wardrobe that focuses on maximizing confidence, body positivity and self love. Follow her on Instagram at @jonnellebird where she gives off nothing but self-confidence vibes with her eclectic sense of style.

Jonnelle is pictured above wearing a No* 36 mesh knit long sleeve top and Amber Turner bias skirt, both from Baacal. 
4. Chizoba Onwuzurike
Born with a creative eye, Chizoba Onwuzurike is a Metro Detroit-based visual/recording artist and model. Born in Nigeria, his cultural expectation was to pursue a career in law or the medical field. But Chizoba stuck to his passions and is now doing what he loves — creating art through a variety of mediums. He currently models for streetwear brands and other local projects, and is highly skilled with a paint brush. Follow him on Instagram at @101xoey to check out his work!

Chizoba is pictured above wearing a DET/USA sweatshirt from Survived and black jeans (shop similar).
5. Marta Derevoriz
Marta Derevoriz has been a fashion addict her entire life. She is slowly but surely breaking into the fashion Insta-blogging scene and currently has a fashion blog in the works — stay tuned! For now, you can check out Marta on Instagram at @martadervoriz where she shares her feminine style, outfit details and cute pics of her and her boyfriend doing life together.

Marta is pictured above wearing a Wildred Montpellier dress from Aritzia, Coach belt and over-the-knee boots from Aldo (shop similar).
6. Amanda Adamcheck

Amanda Adamcheck was just a girl with a dream to open up her own boutique, and she made that dream come true! Owner of small batch boutique Kiloh + Co., Amanda is now inspiring other girls to chase after their own dreams. From cute and comfy Detroit tees, “Michgander” merchandise, mugs and accessories, Amanda is killing the online boutique biz. This girl boss is also a marketing and social strategist for online shops and makers, and offers tons of tips, advice and more on her Instagram account @amanda.adamcheck. Also follow along on @kilohandco for the new merch drops, sales and more!

Amanda is pictured above wearing a leopard print sweater (shop similar), black skinny jeans (shop similar) and black booties (shop similar). 
7. Timothy Drake
Neiman Marcus social media marketing guru Timothy Drake never skips a fashion beat. His preppy, timeless and innovative sense of style is one to be watched and mimicked. From the bag he’s carrying to the shoes he’s wearing, it’s all in the details when it comes to this fashion-forward guy. Follow him on Instagram at @thetimothydrake for all things fashion and more.

Timothy is pictured above wearing a Gucci herringbone New York Yankees blazer, Ralph Lauren cable-knit sweater (shop similar) and Gucci tartan pants (shop similar). 
8. Faith Riggs
Faith Riggs is a dreamer, journalist, fashion addict and a Detroit native. Her blog is a lifestyle and fashion blog designed for women and men who choose to live their life colorfully. To live colorfully to Faith means to be unapologetic, confident, finding your true purpose and never letting anyone steal your color or power. It also means never turning down a great photo moment! Follow Faith on Instagram at @faaithzebra for product reviews, affordable fashion finds and more.

Faith is pictured above wearing a corduroy jacket from JC Penny, black square neck top (shop similar), striped pants (shop similar) and velvet scrunchie (shop similar). 
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