Slow Decorating: The Christmas Tree


We began decorating for Christmas early last week . . . and then we fiddled around with it for days!

A little here.


A little there.

Looking at old photos on my blog.

More thinking.

Perusing old magazine clippings I've collected over the years.


That's how we roll, Bekah and I.

(Does anyone else decorate s-l-o-w-l-y?)

But (other than the mess), we enjoyed the process! We played Christmas music (including lots of throwbacks to the 80's and 90's). We burned Woodwick candles for their evergreen aroma and for their cozy crackling sound. We may or may not have made a coffee run.

Slow isn't always bad!

Before I talk about this year's tree, let me share one of the songs we played on repeat as we decorated. Oh my. Such a glorious message!"You are the long awaited One! You are Emmanuel!"

Our first completed project: the Christmas tree.

We had talked about doing a theme tree this year. Not only was Bekah on board with it, it was her idea! It was going to be Colonial with dried fruits and pomanders, cranberry and popcorn garlands, dried flowers. But the Christmas season sneaked up on us and we didn't have all the things we needed, so we put that idea on hold until next year.

Bekah "fluffed" the tree and strung the lights, but when she added the strings of red wooden beads that we've used for years, I just wasn't feeling them.So for this year, I decided to use plaid ribbon as a garland. I cut my ribbon in four-foot lengths and wove them through the tree. It was easy and it's a fun change . . . but I'll still look for faux cranberry garlands for next year.

There was another change in this year's tree. We are missing Kati's ornaments because she took her treasured collection to her new home! (You can read about our ornament tradition here.) So Bekah hung all of hers, and Ron and I dug deep in our box and pulled out some old ones . . . and somehow, we have enough!

Here are some favorites . . .

This one represents our annual "Girls' Day Out" tradition.

One of Bekah's three piano ornaments

The chain saw man, representing the many, many years that Ron cut firewood to heat The Farmhouse.

One of my favorites. (I love sheep!)

Kati gave this one to us on our first Christmas at Pineapple House.

Granddaughter Maddie made this felt nativity.

Bekah loves Polish pottery.

This is Bekah's 2019 ornament, in memory of our dear Pinky who passed away in March.

To complement the plaid ribbon garland, I pulled out my plaid tree skirt. It was approved. :)

Curious minds want to know:
Have you ever done a themed tree? How long does it take you to decorate your house for Christmas?

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