Sizzling Styles for A Back Yard BBQ/Stylish Monday Link Up


Summer isn’t summer  in America without a BBQ. 

I love hosting BBQs.  The food is full of flavor and easy to make, (for the most part), and really, anything goes as far as hosting style.  I’ve eaten BBQ off of flimsy paper plates, and fine china,   I have gilled sea food  and roasted a whole pig.  The pig was a pretty major thing, requiring rented smoker/cooker and some help, but we got it cooked and everyone enjoyed it—I will leave it to the pros next time, though.

I am the first to own being extra, so I like finding cute dishes and testing my skills with various BBQ recipes and side dishes.  Every year I find myself trying different things—a few years ago, I was on a burger kick, then hot dogs  but my all time favorite is ribs.  When I get on a kick, I try all sorts of recipes and sides to go with it until the kick subsides or the season changes. 

It’s always fun to see what each year brings—this year it’s been fish and sea food—though I had a brisket sandwich the other day, and I can feel the urge to learn to cook a good brisket coming on.

Another great thing about being invited to a BBQ, or hosting one yourself is that just as the menu is super flexible, as is the dress code.  Denim shorts and a cute top, or a pretty sun dress are all welcome choices—it’s totally up to your vibe and mood.  

When I host poolside, I often choose a flowing sun dress, easily worn over my swim suit.  For some reason, I always think about serving fish and shrimp beside the pool.  This summer I pulled out one of my favorite shrimp salad recipes for a poolside luncheon with Roger. 

When we cook out in the back yard, I often choose to wear shorts and a top, and go for classic a red, white and blue theme on the table, which I favor from Memorial Day through July 4th.  Then I move on to decorating with coastal inspired prints and pastels.  

Today I’m wearing a perfect poolside sun dress from JMcLaughlin, a company I just recently discovered.  I tried this dress and a navy sun dress, perfect for the fourth of July.

It’s Stylish Monday, and I’d like to invite you to check out my Stylish Sisters from across the United States and Europe.  I always like to see how stylish women from across the country dress for summer BBQ, but most interestingly, how women abroad dress for their version of summer entertaining.  I hope you will visit these blogs—and if you are a blogger yourself, be sure to leave a link in the link up section below.

Be sure to check out these great blogs:

Amy – Amy’s Creative Pursuits – This year the 4th of July fell on a Sunday, so I created this patriotic look to wear both to church and then a Backyard BBQ.  

Suzanne – Ask Suzanne Bell – Even in the summertime, California evenings can get chilly, which is why for every sundress I own, there must be a coordinating piece to layer on when the sun goes down. See more on how I style one of my favorite maxi dresses, for a day-to-night backyard BBQ ready look, on the blog. 

Nancy –  Nancy’s Fashion Style -I myself often wear a long dress for such an evening. Firstly, you have less chance of being stung by the mosquitoes. And in the evening it usually cools down a bit and then a long dress is very nice. Preferably also a slightly wider dress or one that is a bit forgiven, because well, with a bbq I always eat too much! This pre loved dress is really great. Very elastic but also quite thick, so ideal for a person who is always feeling cold like me.

Andy – Pearls and Pantsuits – The hubs and I grill out every single weekend in the summer…heck, we grill out almost all year long! My typical backyard barbecue outfit usually consists of a swimsuit & cover-up, but just in case we have actual company over I would probably wear my fav Bermuda shorts and a cute top, like this one from Old Navy… I love the smocking detail.

Nicole – High Latitude Style – Backyard BBQ in Alaska means potluck and all meat and fish you eat was killed by one of your friends. When you are not a hunter or into fishing you bring whatever grows in your yard. Dressing wise it means combat or hiking boots, jeans and a tightly woven shirt to not become dinner for the mosquitoes when the BBQ  is in the evening. When the event is in the afternoon, a skirt like I wear in the photo is fine.

Emma – The Style Splash – This cotton jumpsuit is super comfortable and looks quite basic ..until you see the back! The sequin parrot gives guests something to look at while I’m tending to the BBQ!

Julie – Fashion Trends and Friends and Instagram FashionTandF –  Serving up some white scalloped shorts and a gingham top with ruffled shoulders for some backyard BBQ fun!  Shorts over 50 (well I actually just turned 60)…why not?  Gingham is always a great choice in the summer and says backyard summer fun!  Wear what you love and feel confident in and you’ll always look amazing!

Shelbee – Shelbee on the Edge – We had a backyard barbecue at my neighbor’s house a few weeks back, so I photographed what I actually wore to her house…this amazing new tie dye dress that has been in constant rotation since I got it back in May. I am also sharing swimsuit photos in my post…do pop by my blog to see it all!

Gwen – Gwen Lives Well and Instagram – GwenLivesWell -Nothing screams summer more than barbecuing with family and friends. ‘Tis the season for hot dogs, hamburgers, and yummy side dishes. So much fun! And you know what’s even more fun? Deciding on what to wear to a barbecue – yes, it’s a thing. Just ask my fashionable fashionistas because this is what we chose as this month’s style collab. Backyard barbecue-style apparently is a real thing – who knew? So let’s see what backyard barbecue-style means to these stylish sisters. This should be interesting!!

Michele – On Instagram as Seechele_styles – Bbq style to me means a thrifted striped dress and plaid bag that is thrifted too.  Sneakers are a must too while at a bbq

Nina – Sharing a Journey -Hosting a summer BBQ is one of the joys of summer.  From choosing just the right recipes, tableware and what to wear.  Today I am sharing BBQ favorites including an airy hostess dress everyone looks great in.

Lucy – Lucy   This month’s Stylish Mondays calls for BBQ attire- and this is exactly what I’d style up for enjoying a cook out amongst friends and family.  Summer and sunshine want me in bright yellow! Love me some bright happy colour under a large brim hat, cool drinks, great company and delicious food- I’m ready!

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