Questionable $2,500 hoodie makes you look like you were plucked out of Minecraft


Woman wearing Loewe pixelated hoodie

Enlarge (credit: Loewe)

Move over, Microsoft. There's a new company out there peddling clothing evoking memories of old tech. Loewe, a Spanish fashion company that apparently makes really expensive clothing, is paying homage to pixelated graphics à la Minecraft with a recently released line of clothing that makes you look like you plucked clothing out of a retro game and slapped it on your 3D body.

If you're a retro gamer (and especially if you're the type of retro gamer who uses a modern TV), you may deal with pixelated graphics frequently. The low-resolution look is so popular that Minecraft and other modern titles swear by it today. And now Loewe is expecting people to pay thousands to dress like their part of a retro reality.

As reported by The Verge, Loewe previewed the Pixel collection at Paris Fashion Week in October. Now, it's listing the products—including a $2,500 hoodie, $3,400 purse, $2,500 pants, $1,850 T-shirt, and $790 denim skirt—on its website for purchase.

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