One of the misconceptions about our society is that the older you get, the more frumpy, boring, and shapeless your clothes become.



This is true only if you want it to be true.

For those of you who don’t wish this upon yourself, there are some wonderful clothing options for women over 50. You can still be stylish, sexy, and fun at this age, so let your clothes reflect that. 

Clothes that make you feel good are just a few clicks away, so let’s get into it. 

Our Best Clothing Stores For Women Over 50

A favorite for all ages, Nordstrom is a particularly popular store for women over 50. There are several reasons for this. 

For one, Nordstrom has high-quality pieces. Most of the brands sold there are built to last, and when you’re in your 50s and above, cheap fast fashion is no longer what you want. 

Second, Nordstrom has a wide range of styles. Whether you like something funkier or something more classic, there are pieces for you here. 

Third, Nordstrom has a wide range of sizes and shapes so that every woman can find clothing items that make her feel confident and comfortable while looking her best. 

Lilly Pulitzer Dress, $148 | Tan Suede Sandal, $99.95 | Bone Tote, $345 | Gold Bracelet, $38 | Lipstick, $34

Eileen Fisher

If basics are your thing, then Eileen Fisher is where you want to go. This store offers all the classic looks that also manage to be trendy at the same time, without trying too hard. 

We also love that this brand strays far from the wasteful fast-fashion route and instead focuses on creating environmentally-friendly pieces that are sustainable and beautiful. 

Pleated Pants, $138 | Crew Neck Tee, $98 | Black Belt, $58 | Black Sandal, $165 | Black Bag, $268 | Sun Hat, $125


This store is a minimalist’s heaven. If your style can be described as clean and cool, then we would be surprised if you don’t already own something from Everlane. 

With just a few staples from Everlane, you’ll have a versatile closet that works for any occasion.

White Jeans, $78 | Blue Shirt, $100 | Tan Flats, $105 | Brown Studio Bag, $228 | Face Mask, $12

M.M. LaFleur

In need of something that blurs the line between office and dress wear? Look no further than M.M. LaFleur. This brand can be defined as chic and smart and will quickly solve any of your fashion problems. And if you need to travel and take nice clothes with you, M.M. LaFleur’s pieces travel beautifully. 


Dress, $240 | Gold Bangle, $110 | Gold Earrings, $95 | Slingback Heels, $120 


This brand can be described as effortlessly cool. Its pieces tend to be a bit more on the side of tomboy-esque, which means this is the place to come for jeans, great flats, and a chunky sweater, among many other things. 

The key of Madewell is that its pieces are designed to mix and match together, which is a huge bonus. As much as we love signature pieces, they are much harder to wear regularly. 

Paisley Blue Skirt, $98 | Ivory Tee, $45 | Coin Necklace Set, $48 | Earrings, $38 | Ring, $34 | Crossbody bag, $124.99 | Sunglasses, $65


Visit the Loft to bring some seasonal fun into your closet. This store has fun with the feminine parts of style and manages to be casual while doing so. 

Sundresses are a favorite here, along with the casual workwear and loungewear that has quickly become a staple in everyone’s closet over the last year. 

Blue Maxi Dress, $79.50 | Cardigan, $59.50 | Copper Sandals, $59.50 | Fedora, $49.50 | Sunglasses, $24.50 | Silver Chandelier Earrings, $34.50 | Silver Bracelet, $29.50


If your style can be described as boho, then make sure you’re shopping at Anthropologie. The clothes here are definitely more unique but also timeless. The trends here will last for a long time and veer more to the feminine side, though we love a good pair of Anthropologie jeans. 

This store is a cult classic that is loved by women of all ages. 

Slim Straight Jeans, $228 | Sneakers, $150 | Green Parker Tee, $48+ | White Slouchy Tote, $88 | Sunglasses, $38 | Lip Oil, $30 | Hair Clip Set, $18

L.L. Bean

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors but don’t want to go full outdoorsy mode with brands like Patagonia? L.L. Bean is a great middle-ground that gives you attire that is outdoorsy yet still feminine and stylish. 

The pieces here are on the casual side, which brings a level of comfort to match their laid-back style.  You can choose pieces to enjoy while hiking or adventuring outside or pieces that feel great wearing around the house. 

Chino Shorts, $54.95 | Cotton Tee, $24.95 | Birkenstocks, $125 | Tote, $29.95 | Sunglasses, $29.95

J. Crew

For a preppy take on some of your favorite looks, head to J. Crew. This store has been a favorite for years and has mastered the art of preppy looks with a bit of a twist. They have options like colorful blazers and some fabulous statement jewelry to pair with an otherwise basic pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. 

Yellow Pencil Skirt, $79.50 | Black Silk Shirt, $148 | Pearl Earrings, $38 | Pearl Statement Necklace, $78 | Black Leather Heels, $248 | Black Tote, $178


The biggest store of any on this list, Amazon has become an unexpected place for fashion. Though much of what you find on Amazon is hyper-trendy, there are plenty of options for fun and classic pieces for women over 50. 

Our main piece of advice when shopping on Amazon: do your due diligence and read the reviews. Make sure there are at least 200 reviews on something before you buy it, and make sure those reviews are mostly positive. 

Levi Skinny Jeans, $24.99 | White Floral Top, $17.99+ | Gold Sandals, $13.99 | Gold Earrings, $12.95 | Layered Bracelets, $15.99 | Gold Necklace, $55 | Vegan Leather Bag, $74.95 | Lip Gloss, $18

Altar’D State

Altar’d State is a rapidly growing women’s fashion brand with more than 100 boutiques in 30 states. They offer a place of respite and a distinctive shopping experience with the latest fashion finds, the most sought-after accessories, charming home decor, and gifts. In addition, the company seeks to inspire through action and supports a mission of standing up for good in the world.

Red Maxi Dress, $89.95 | Tan Heels, $59.95 | Floral Earrings, $19.95 | Crossbody Bag, $59.95 | Sunglasses, $24.95 | Travel Perfume, $20


Talbots began from a singular and personal vision, inspired by a joy of discovery and fueled by a commitment to timeless and timely fashion, extraordinary quality, and memorable service.

Through the decades, Talbots has expanded beyond New England and developed a devoted following of smart shoppers who rely on gracious service, great quality, timeless pieces—and Talbots famous “surprise and delight.” Today Talbots is a dynamic combination of heritage and innovation, translating the original Talbots DNA for today’s culture.

Black Chino Shorts, $54.50 | Coral Top, $69.50 | Black Sandals, $89.50 | Black Crossbody, $89.50 | Pendant Necklace, $59.50 | Gold Earrings, $29.50 | Sunglasses, $79.50

As we mature, our sense of style changes in almost every area of our lives. Our choices for furniture, home decor, cars, travel, and especially fashion evolve to suit our needs and evolving lifestyles. While most of us still like to shop on a budget, we’ve found that finding flattering, chic styles that will last and can work for most occasions has become more important. Hopefully, our list of the best clothing stores for women over 50 will help you find items that bring out your confidence and help you live your best life!

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