Ok trying something totally different this month! As you may have noticed, my Amazon hauls have slowed down quite a bit and I feel like I should fess up as to why


For a myriad of reasons that I won’t fully dive into, but the main reason being that my focus is nearly fully shifted towards the Shop, especially in times like this. I’m so thankful to have a growing business, where I am able to touch, feel, try on, and truly believe in the clothes that I am promoting. The Shop means the world to my family and I right now and since I am able to offer comparable price points, quick shipping and over 25 new arrivals a week, I felt like I was shooting myself in the foot a little while still heavily promoting clothing on Amazon that was all truly a shot in the dark. For each haul, I’d order 30-40 pieces, only 5-10 would truly work and most were coming directly from China—noting that Amazon was out of stock in a ton of fashion items and most never stayed available on Prime for long. It was becoming a stretch for me to truly believe in what I was putting out there, and that’s always been my sign that it no longer feels authentic to you as well. Now that’s not to say I won’t put out Amazon content anymore…I absolutely will when I have things to share! I definitely still shop across all categories on Amazon and truly love the thrill of the hunt finding new things that you can shop from home. This is simply an explanation as to why the clothing hauls haven’t been as frequent. I have been having this one clothing haul in my drafts since February, so I’m adding the links that I discussed on today’s IGTV to it and you can shop the styles below. Thank you for always being so encouraging and supportive
Spring Amazon Haul / IGTV Links Women’s:
Horsebit Purse Strap $17.95

Marbled Pop Socket $14.99

Black Sunnies $14.99

Neoprene Bag $41.95

ON ORDER IN IVORY | Pouch Clutch $33.55 (very similar designer version)

2pc Ruffle Bikini $23.99

Black and White One Shoulder Ruffle 2 pc $28.99

Orange and White Knot Front 1pc Swimsuit $32.90

((Swim Review Coming Soon!))
The MOST AMAZING MASCARA of all time! $4.99

Silk Scrunchies $4.99

Mini Face Brushes $8.99/4pk

Sonic Silicone Face Brush $17.99

Retinol Cream $19.99
White Desks (finally back in stock! $109.99 on Prime)
Wireless Ear Buds $21.99

Crocs Sneakers

Adidas Slides

Pogo Jumper for Kids $16.99 (amazing reviews)

Piggie Bows $14.99/20pcs

20 pack scrunchies $7.99

Scavenger Hunt Game $17.95

Toddler Nike Shorts $17.95

Adidas Pastel Tie Dye Shorts

Devotional for Girls 

DIY Jewelry Kit for Toddlers

Rainbow Toddler Dress (size up x2) $12.88

Baby Chick 2 pc Set for Toddlers $12.99

Slip on Rubber Shoes for Toddlers (shown in neon yellow and pink) $17.99

Zebra Dress for Toddlers $14.99
Math Word Problems Workbook

Reading Comprehension Workbook

Telling Time Workbook

Money Tub $11.99

Highlights Jumbo Hidden Pictures Book 
Amazon Spring Fashion Haul:
This graphic tee is so insanely soft and I love the feminine feel. One of my top recs from this haul! The shorts have been a best seller two years in a row and I still love them. Size up.

Pink Floyd Graphic Tee $29.99 (wearing a small) / Denim Shorts $27.99 (wearing a M)

Take it Easy Graphic Tee $14.99 (wearing a small) | Denim Shorts $27.99 (wearing a M)

This shirt has also been a best seller for two years now. The details make it look very expensive and I love the feminine details. For the $22 price, you should definitely give it a try. Size up.

Embroidered Babydoll Blouse $22.99 (wearing a small, but runs small) | Denim Shorts $27.99 (wearing a M)

Y’all have seen me wearing this graphic sweatshirt on Instastories a lot lately. I love the simple graphic and pairing it with my grey jeans or denim shorts. It’s a more feminine fit, so size up if you want more room. I’m wearing a small here and like the fit.

Ciao! Lightweight Sweatshirt $20.96 (wearing a small) | Denim Shorts $27.99 (wearing a M)

This mock neck muscle tank felt a little different and I really liked the silhouette. It’s east to dress down with shorts or dress up for work or church (see below).

Mock Neck Muscle Tank $15.40 (wearing a small / comes in tons of colors) | Denim Shorts $27.99 (wearing a M)

How gorgeous is this $20 abstract skirt?!?! Added it to my closet immediately!

Mock Neck Muscle Tank $15.40 (wearing a small / comes in tons of colors) | Printed Skirt $20.99 (wearing a small)

Loved this leopard pleated skirt too! Awesome for the workplace and would look great with a cropped blazer.

Mock Neck Muscle Tank $15.40 (wearing a small / comes in tons of colors) | Pleated Color Block Skirt $19.99 (wearing a small)

This dress was STUNNING! The shimmer and movement were to die for and if you have a Summer wedding to attend you should buy it ASAP!

Accordian Pleat Maxi Dress $39.99 (wearing a small)

This was a reader favorite from last Summer and it’s finally fully stocked again! Grab it while you can!

Floral Maxi Dress $28.88 (wearing a small)

This black dress was probably my favorite find. It’s simple and easy (AND COMFY) but also super flattering!

Tank Maxi Dress $18.66 (wearing a small) | Fedora Hat $16.99 

This is a great “work from home top” to wear on your Zoom calls. Looks amazing paired with white jeans or slacks.

Leopard Blouse $26.88 (wearing a small) 

Another really pretty top that’s feminine and such a pretty color.

Flutter Sleeve Blouse $16.99 (wearing a small)

THESE PJS ARE AWESOME! I added them to my lineup right when I got them in and think that with all of the money that you saved buying them from Amazon, that it would be darling to add a cute white monogram on the front pocket.

Super Soft Pajama Set $30.99 (size up)

Some fun earrings, too….

Pearl Hoops $9.95 | Resin Flower Earrings $12.89 | Beaded Gold Fan Earrings $15.98
If you liked this post, there are plenty more where this came from! Check out my AMAZON FAVORITES page HERE and there are years worth of Amazon posts and tons of favorite (most still in stock) to dig through!
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