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How was your week? We are getting ready for the older children to go back to school on Wednesday. I love that they have a short week on their first week back. While I enjoy the holidays I am looking forward to getting back to a good routine. Here are a few fantastic links that I've been reading this week:
This print is gorgeous - I'm looking for one similar!  This is a really good idea!! A Montessori Makeover for the Melissa and Doug See and Spell Word Puzzle at Kindling Kids Montessori.  This playroom is lovely, it's colourful and well organised at No Colo Da Mae. Can you believe this is a Montessori preschool? 123+ Kindergarten in Shanghai. It's stunning!  So many tributes to Maria Montessori on what would have been her 149th birthday.  This Montessori child's wardrobe is height adjustable, from Decoesfera. This provides a few ideas if you are DIYing it too.  If you are in Australia or know Sydney, you might enjoy this new release book A Bag and A Bird by well known Pamela Allen, "a cautionary tale about taking care of our environment as well as being a wonderful showcase of some of the famous sights of Sydney", I've just ordered it. If you are an Australian teacher, it's worth looking at for the classroom.  This is gorgeous - Pareu Printing at Montessori Handwork (from Rarotonga in the Cook Islands) for elementary students. Julia is one of my favourite Montessorians to read - Handwriting in the Montessori Early Childhood Classroom at Maitri Learning.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

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