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Looking for cold weather fashion? Check out these winter outfit ideas for women over 40 and learn how you can look stylish and warm.

I love how beautiful fall and winter are but when it comes to fashion, I want warmth once the temperatures drop. Cardigans and jeans are one of my favorite cold-weather looks.

When I need to dress up a bit more, a long sleeve swing dress, leggings, and boots are my go-to outfit. Cute and stylish.

Cold Weather Fashion

There are lots of ways to stay warm and look stylish in the winter. Dressing in layers is by far my favorite tip when it comes to staying toasty as the temperatures drop.

How do you dress stylish when the temperatures drop?

If you want to stay warm, it’s important to keep your core warm. Your core is basically the area around your midsection. So, think of vests and warm sweaters that fall below your hips.

And, you want to opt for fabrics that are warm and heavier than during the summer. I can’t do wool because I’m allergic to it. But, I absolutely love fleece and anything faux fur because it is so warm.

How to layer for cold weather fashion

As I mentioned, layering is one of the best ways to stay warm. This means you can wear a cami, long-sleeved shirt, vest, and a sweater. Or, you can wear any combination of those depending on the temperature. 

And, when it comes to bottoms, there is no reason you can’t wear leggings and boot socks under your skirt or dress. It gives you a nice extra layer of warmth against colder temperatures. 

Don’t forget about accessories. You can always add a scarf for a little bit of warmth. And, if you are too warm, you can remove it later in the day. 

If you’re not sure how to wear a scarf, here are some tips on how to wear a blanket scarf. Or, learn more about how to tie a scarf.

Accessories to stay warm

If hats are not your thing, you can easily wear a knit headband to stay warm. Or, ponytail hats are another cute option. They keep your head warm without the need to destroy your hairstyle while wearing it. 

And, hand warmers are a nice alternative to mittens or gloves.

Jewelry for cold weather fashion

Don’t feel like you can’t wear jewelry when you layer. When it comes to cold weather fashion, it’s often easier to wear a bracelet, rings, or earrings than it is to wear a necklace. 

If you really want a necklace to stand out, it’s best to choose a long necklace rather than a short one especially if you are wearing a scarf or sweater.

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