Kitchen Cabinet Painting - Reveal of the Finished Project


 Hi Cottage Friends,

My kitchen cabinet painting project is finished (except for a few little things that need attention), and I'm happy to show you the results.

I recycled a tension rod and two brackets, that the previous owner of my home left behind, to hold my sink skirt. The rod was white, so I painted the ends black, and attached the rod brackets to the cabinet frame. I've kept the doors and will paint them later, then keep them with the hardware in case some day I sell my home and the next owner wants to put the doors back on. I'm good at filling holes and painting, so I'm not concerned about the holes I drilled for the brackets. The door to the right of the skirt is where the trash can is, so I won't need to move the skirt to dispose of trash. I'll be storing supplies and other items I occasionally use behind the skirt.

I added knobs to the two tip-out trays from the same Etsy shop that supplied the knobs for the cabinet over the range. I wanted the sink cabinet to have a different look from the rest of the cabinets. The sweet bird sold me on these knobs.

When I first planned this project, I had in mind to makeover my sink cabinet to look more like a piece of furniture, and I found some Pinterest photos that inspired me. 



Unfortunately, the design of my cabinets didn't allow for adding decorative pieces on the sides. I had considered removing the tip-out trays and installing a false drawer front to replace them, and then adding an applique before painting, but the cost to change out the tip-out trays to a false drawer front was about $125, and I just couldn't justify the expense. I mean, really, it's not that much money in the grand scheme of things, but I'm pretty frugal and thought that money could be better spent on other things in my home. The total cost to change the tray knobs and make the skirt was about $27, so I'm glad I made that decision.

Now that the cabinets are painted, I'll turn my attention to painting the trim and baseboards, and finishing the faux brick wall. I have a plan for my dining chairs, too. Not to mention lighting changes and other decorating ideas I want to make happen.

I hope you'll stick with me as I continue making this home my own. 😊


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