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Here’s what you missed last week from my small corner of the crochet world… Before leaving on vacation I started a new Christmas doily I hope to have finished by November 1st!

The Latest…

Fall vacation 2019. It’s my way of journaling our travels and our first stop; Morro Bay with side trips to Solvang, Cambria, and Harmony… [Read More…]. We’re about to embark on a 4-week trip where we visit Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and Camp Verde. A trip six months into the making to be entirely cancelled just after the first 3 days.

Past Free Pattern!

What free crochet pattern was posted last week? Mummy patterns and candy corn patterns Revisited!

Don’t let this giant bloodshot eyeball scare you! A fun and wacky coaster that will have everyone laughing, but this ghoulish coaster is also easy to stitch and will work up quickly to the delight of … [Read More…]

What Pattern Is It?

The pattern I’m describing is:

I’m definitely shaped into a long rectangle I’m stitched in filet I lay flat I’m perfect for the table And I boast snowmen!
You can begin your search here!

Here’s the pattern described last week!

Gobble Up Thanksgiving Placemat

This pattern is available here!

Thursday’s Upcoming Free Pattern!

Every Thursday a new free pattern will be published, or an old one from the archives, will be republished!

I’m republishing the Autumn Spice Cup Cozy pattern and including some beverage recipes you’ll want to enjoy too! All perfect for Halloween and right through Thanksgiving!

Past Top Five Friday Finds!

I try to find comparable free crochet patterns that coordinate with my latest free pattern on the blog. And five patterns keep it simple, easy to reference and the of course, only the best! Here’s what I found last week:

This week focuses on my pick for the Top Five Friday Finds in free crochet patterns for Halloween wreaths! You’ll love these Halloween creations to place on your front door to greet guests! … [Read More…]

Featured Patterns!

At Crochet Memories I have lots of patterns, but unless you’re looking for something specific, few people have the time to simply browse. It’s never too early to start on Christmas projects. We’re decorating the Christmas tree!

Festive Candy Cane Cover Collection

We’re decorating the tree and having everything ready before the tree goes up is so important! These four candy cane covers are so pretty and lacy and will add just the right touch to your holiday decorating needs!

Angel on-High Tree Ornament

If you love angels but need a smaller one to adorn your tree; this little hanging angel is perfect. She boasts sweet pineapple wings and a dainty shell skirt. She’ll add that special touch every tree needs!

Pineapple Star Tree Top Ornament

The perfect tree topper; our beautiful pineapple star ornament. sits proudly atop your tree to crown it perfectly! Family and guests will admire a tree that displays crochet ornaments and toppers.

Crochet News – say what?

Do you know where this crochet covered tree was found?

In Cambria, California. It’s located in East Village near a yarn shop.

Crochet Magazines You’ll Love!

Who doesn’t look forward to magazines filled with new and awesome crochet patterns? Here are three – and yes, these are affiliate links!

This Week’s Menu Plans:

If you’ve followed the blog much, you’ll notice I publish my upcoming menu plans for each week. Why? Actually this is to keep me on the up and up. I tend to get busy and before I know it, I’m out of steam and if I don’t have something planned, it’s the same old question that plagues many households at around 6:00 in the evening with; “What’s for dinner?” “I don’t know, what sounds good…” until eventually you’re ordering pizza or running through the drive thru at McD’s. Here are my menu plans:

This week I’m diving into my new cookbooks to create some fabulous southwestern meals that include… [Read More…]

Crushing on Amazon

Who doesn’t love to shop? And who doesn’t love to save money. I’ve found that often when comparison shopping, Amazon has the best price and being a Prime member, means no shipping charges. These are what I’m looking at now…

I used to own a garlic press but hated using it because it was so difficult getting all the garlic out of the tiny holes. I’ve resorted to smashing garlic after I chop it fine with the wide edge of a knife. It works but I think this tool would be better!

Tuesday’s Trivia!

Reverse Single Crochet also goes by other names; which one?
Turtle stitch Lobster stitch Crab stitch Shrimp stitch
Here’s last weeks answer to “Tunisian Crochet also goes by other names; which one(s) apply below?”

All of the above, which include; idiot stitch, railway stitch, fool stitch, and Princess Frederick William stitch. Here’s a link to read more!
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It’s a spoon mold? No, it’s candy mold! And a great way of handing out small gifts to neighbors and coworkers too!
Serve warm drinks with a dessert spoon made out of Candy Melts candy Dip the candy spoons into candy sprinkles Dip into finely chopped or ground nuts! #KeepMePosted

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