Japanese actress Yui Aragaki stars in new H&M campaign


Gakki steps into summer as the ambassador for a new sustainable fashion line.

As one of the nation’s most popular actresses, Yui Aragaki brings star power to everything she touches, and global fashion retail chain H&M is now hitching their wagon to her star for their upcoming collection.

“Gakki” as she’s fondly known, will be stepping into the role of brand ambassador for the chain’s “Let’s Change” campaign, which kicks off on 27 April, ahead of Golden Week, a string of public holidays that begins on 29 April this year.

The collection features items made from sustainable materials, which the 32-year-old can be seen modelling in a series of photos recently released by H&M Japan.

Earthy tones dominate the collection, which includes a top (1,799 yen) and matching skirt (2,499) made from recycled polyester.

Gakki’s fun, casual style is a perfect fit for jeans made from recycled cotton (4,999 yen), which come with a slit in the hem to create a bohemian look.

Gakki’s confident side shines through in this sleeveless jacket (3,999 yen) and matching shorts (2,999 yen) set, which are also made from recycled cotton.

▼ 100-percent organic cotton is used in this cardigan (2,499 yen), top (1,799 yen) and skirt (2,999 yen) ensemble.

▼ And this shirt dress, which is priced at 2,499 yen.

Speaking about her role as ambassador for the eco-friendly collection, Aragaki says:

“I thought this would be fun and an opportunity to do something new, and becoming an ambassador for this was very meaningful to me.”

By 2030, H&M says it aims to only sell items made with materials that are recycled or procured sustainably, and the company is already 65-percent of the way towards reaching that goal.

With Gakki on board to help promote the new collection, hopefully more retailers and customers will seek out sustainable fashion in future. Because eco-friendly alternatives aren’t just limited to store shopping bags.

Images: PR Times
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