Its Gray, Gloomy, & Gross Out Heres The NYFW Street Style Antidote To All That


Fashion Week has once again arrived in New York City, marking the first of four stops on its tour around the world (well see you next week, London). But, this NYFW is already shaping up to be uncharted territory.

For starters, the once invite-only event is now opening up to the public, with tickets to Proenza Schouler, Christian Siriano, Monse, and others costing as much as $1,750 per seat. Theres also the news that some of NYCs most celebrated designers are skipping the event altogether. Telfar chose to show earlier in Paris during Mens Fashion Week, Tom Ford debuted his fall collection in Los Angeles, Jeremy Scott will show in July during next seasons haute couture calendar, and Maryam Nassir Zadeh chose to forego showing her fall season in a show format.

But as long as there will be any shows to watch, there will be street style.

Following a particularly dismal January, the main thing on everyones mind is staying warm, dry, and out of the dumps, dressing in a way that might will spring to come quicker. Easter-like puff-sleeved dresses were winterized with the use of pastel turtlenecks, fuzzy bucket hats covered fresh blow-outs, and layers of Heattech allowed leather Bermuda shorts and lightweight knits to feel weather appropriate.

The real hero piece of the week, though, was outerwear... for obvious reasons.

I'm doing my best to use sustainability as my biggest style inspiration these days," says Refinery29's Editor-In-Chief and Co-Founder Christene Barberich. "I no longer buy new down coats, especially given what we know now about the sourcing of down. I exclusively wear vintage or used down now. Layering in interesting ways is always appealing to me, too, especially when its cold out. I have a VERY old, super lightweight Uniqlo puffer and a vintage denim jacket that I like to layer under lighter-weight coats since the climate these days is unfortunately predictably unpredictable. Lighter long coats from designers like Rachel Comey, Rodebjer, and other more conscientious designers are also a go-to.

I have one quilted leather jacket from a brand called AWAKE that I'm really excited to wear, and one vintage smocked leather jacket that I got in L.A., says former Refinery29 fashion editor and current street style maven Alyssa Coscarelli. Vintage bombers, faux furs, and leathers are fantastic, too.

I've spent the last few months embracing leather trenches, one from Veda and another vintage one that I got in Paris. I'm excited to keep that trend going this week, says The Zoe Reports Senior Fashion Editor Aemilia Madden. But my North Face puffer keeps me warm no matter how crazy the weather gets.

See what cold-weather tricks are up showgoers sleeves by clicking through the slideshow ahead.

This slideshow was originally published on February 8. It's since been updated.
And you thought gingham was a summertime-only fabric...

Halston SagePhotography by Polly Irungu.
Hey Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here with an S spotting during NYFW.

Blake LivelyPhotography by Polly Irungu.
The panacea to gray days.Photography by Polly Irungu.
Okay fine, two panaceas.Photography by Polly Irungu.
This look is making a case for a suit set that doesn't match.Photography by Polly Irungu.
Everything about these looks the layering, the lenses, the louche robe coat, the long collar tips is glorious.Photography by Polly Irungu.
Leopard and leather: A magical combination.Photography by Polly Irungu.
The cross-body just got an extra-cozy upgrade thanks to the addition of this faux-fur strap cover.Photography by Polly Irungu.
When your sandals are this good, the pain of letting your toes out in the middle of winter takes a back seat.Photography by Polly Irungu.
Red-on-red is one of the most reliable and most rewarding styling tricks. And when we see it done really well? **chef's kiss**Photography by Polly Irungu.
Where do we sign up to stan this girl group?
Photography by Polly Irungu.
Photography by Polly Irungu.
Teddy coats, puffers, and windbreakers these three showgoers have all of this seasons most sought-after coat trends mastered.

Photography by Polly Irungu.
Introducing the shacket, the thick-and-cozy shirt that's become the sartorial solution to this seasons confusing weather forecasts. Photography by Polly Irungu.
After five days of dressing your fanciest, sometimes you just need to slip on your favorite chocolate-colored lounge set and be on your way.
The next generation of street style photographers is here and their looks are as good (if not better) than the subjects of their paparazzi photos.

Day Five

This patchwork skirt is so good, we're beginning to eye all our old printed shirts like a piranha.

Wearing a Ganni skirt.Photography by Polly Irungu.
Beanie, who? We're only wearing fuzzy toppers from now until spring. Photography by Polly Irungu.
This showgoer could be wearing stained sweatpants underneath this trench for all we care and we'd still call this outfit a 10/10.

Carrying a Dior bag.Photography by Polly Irungu.
You can always count on Prada to give your Fashion Week look an extra oomph.

Carrying a Prada bag.Photography by Polly Irungu.
This is no summer camp tie-dye.Photography by Polly Irungu.
Spice up your army green trench coat with a touch of netting. Photography by Polly Irungu.
Are brown and orange the '70s-inspired color combo that's about to take over? Photography by Polly Irungu.
A casual zebra sighting in the wild of Manhattan's East Village.

Pernille Teisbaek wearing Attico boots. Photography by Polly Irungu.
These two showgoers were destined to meet and swap umbrellas.

Nicole Chapteu
Photography by Polly Irungu.
If you hadn't noticed, we're die-hard fans of the plaid blazer.

Wearing Cline boots.Photography by Polly Irungu.
Styling a bomber over a wool coat? Now this is an outerwear hack worthy of a shoutout. Photography by Polly Irungu.
The Joe Goldberg baseball cap, but make it fashion. Photography by Polly Irungu.
Florals for spring? (You know the rest...)

Anna Wintour
Just wait until you see the cardigan's matching lounge pants. Hint: They're really, really good.

Lindsay Peoples Wagner wearing an Eckhaus Latta sweater and carrying a Chanel bag.Photography by Polly Irungu.
A tie-dye oversized suit doesn't exactly scream wardrobe staple, but after bearing witness to this photo, we don't know how we can live without one. Photography by Polly Irungu.
There's a positive correlation between the number of giant pockets a coat has and the likelihood of us wanting it.

Christene Barberich carrying a Ganni bag.Photography by Polly Irungu.
All we have to say about wearing a rain bonnet is why the hell not?

Tahirah Hairston Photography by Polly Irungu.
The fleece trend just won't quit (thank god). Photography by Polly Irungu.

Day Four

When you're trying to manifest good weather by wearing sunny hues, but you end up getting rained on anyway. Photographed by Polly Irungu.
Wine..not wear head-to-toe burgundy? (Sorry)Photographed by Polly Irungu.
Three guesses what's inside this mini briefcase bag? Photographed by Polly Irungu.
A heeled platform loafer that gives our moods a lift, too.

Jillian Magenheim carrying aBrahmin bag.Photographed by Polly Irungu.
The solid-colored statement turtleneck has become a Fashion Week mainstay. Photographed by Polly Irungu.
During Fashion Week, nothing, even a mini skirt in 20-degree weather, is off-limits.

Aimee SongPhotographed by Polly Irungu.
Happy (almost) Valentine's Day to this pink and red color combo and this color combo only.

Babba Rivera (left) Photographed by Polly Irungu.
This look is making a serious case for mesh on mesh. Photographed by Polly Irungu.
A convincing argument for Team Neutrals. Photographed by Polly Irungu.
A brown leather trench will never go out of style. Photographed by Polly Irungu.
Pale pink and chocolate brown is really doing it for us this week.Photographed by Polly Irungu.
You heard it here first, folks: The big Santa belt is going to be the accessory of the season.

Wearing Prada oxfords.Photographed by Polly Irungu.
Two tank tops > one tank top. Photographed by Polly Irungu.
The off-one-shoulder look might not be practical, but it sure looks great. Photographed by Polly Irungu.
When you're always ready to fire off some business cards.

Aemilia Madden wearing SIR The Label.Photographed by Polly Irungu.
Retro Western fringe meets St. Mark's nailstuds.Photographed by Polly Irungu.
When in doubt, just wear your duvet to winter fashion shows.

Naomi ElizePhotographed by Polly Irungu.
This look is a misty dream.

Carrying a By Far bag.Photographed by Polly Irungu
Thick-soled Dr. Martens will forever be our favorite winter boot.

Shilpa Nadella and Rajni Jacques.Photographed by Polly Irungu
When your handbag doubles as a between-shows napping pillow >>>>>

Carrying a Chanel bag. Photographed by Polly Irungu
The boys are back in town and they're looking very on-trend. Photographed by Polly Irungu
We're feeling calmer already after looking at this head-to-toe lavender look.Photographed by Polly Irungu
The scene at Spring Studios was red-hot once this showgoer arrived.Photographed by Polly Irungu
Cheetah and zebra? The more the merrier!

Maddie Swanson wearing Ganni.Photographed by Polly Irungu
Turn your summer outfit into a winter outfit with the help of a leather blazer.

Wearing an Orseund Iris top. Photographed by Polly Irungu

Day Three

The 2000s baguette bag is back but this time around, it's also bedazzled. Photographed by Polly Irungu
Photographed by Polly Irungu
When a pop of color is more like a sliver of color.

Wearing Prada oxfords.Photographed by Polly Irungu
When the temperature drops, nothing feels more like a hug than a shearling coat.Photographed by Polly Irungu
We're getting major Matrix vibes from this full-body leather ensemble with flat knee-high boots.

Wearing Bottega Veneta boots.Photographed by Polly Irungu
During Fashion Week, the dress code is always pants-optional especially when Marine Serre is involved.

Wearing Marine Serre tights.Photographed by Polly Irungu
This look is like a tall glass of lemonade on a hot summer day, but whatever the winter version of that is.

Jenna Igneri wearing a Vintage 1980s Cline leather blazer from Lidow Archive, Nomasei loafers, and carrying a Fendi bag from Lidow Archive. Photographed by Polly Irungu
If this doesn't make you want to add Fair Isle vests to your vintage thrifting list right this second...

Wearing a Ganni vest.Photographed by Polly Irungu
We're happy to report that yellow-tinted lenses are making a serious comeback.

Christie Tyler (right) wearing Gucci loafers.Photographed by Polly Irungu
Didn't you know? It's Bring-Your-Dog-To-Fashion-Week Day. Photographed by Polly Irungu
From the yellow jacquard coat to the red statement bag there's nothing we don't want to copy from this showgoer's look. Photographed by Polly Irungu
This is how you fashion pack.

Tara Gonzalez (left) carrying a Kara bag, Ryan Norville (middle) carrying a J.W. Pei bag, and Michelle Li (right) wearing a The Arrivals coat, a Sandy Liang skirt, a Nunoo bag, and New Balance sneakers.Photographed by Polly Irungu
The higher the platform, the closer to God. Photographed by Polly Irungu
Get yourself a pair of sneakers that perfectly match your favorite coat...Photographed by Polly Irungu
...but can still look good without it. Photographed by Polly Irungu
Calling all tiny hat stans! This man is now your leader. Photographed by Polly Irungu
Get yourself a dress that peek-a-boos from head to toe.

Gabrielle Korn wearing an Apparis coat, Big Sister dress, Coclico shoes, and an Alexander McQueen bag. Photographed by Polly Irungu
Friends that Fashion Week together, stay together. Photographed by Polly Irungu
What's it like to be dressed in a cloud?

Yolanda Macon Photographed by Polly Irungu

Day Two

A layered turtleneck might just be the low-key street style trend of the season. Photographed by Polly Irungu.
Sharp haircuts, and sharper coats.

Bryanboy and Tiffany Hsu.
Photographed by Polly Irungu.
When you have to go fishing at one and attend a Fashion Show at two.

Wearing Marc Jacobs.Photographed by Polly Irungu.
Sometimes, when an outfit is really good, being cold is worth the pain.

Lauren Caruso (left) and Alyssa Coscarelli (right) wearing Tibi.Photographed by Polly Irungu.
More cow print, please!

Christie Tyler wearing a KUZYK jacket, Acne Studios pants, and Prada oxfords.Photographed by Polly Irungu.
Head! To! Toe! Plaid!

Naomi Elize wearing a Bourguessa coat and Miista boots.Photographed by Polly Irungu.
These two are a master's degree in color theory, all by themselves. Photographed by Polly Irungu.
A mini cardigan over a knit dress? Yes, please.Photographed by Polly Irungu.
Don't you just love a Telfar spotting during fashion week?Photographed by Polly Irungu.
Spotted: The Vans x Sandy Liang collab out in the wild.

Gabrielle Korn wearing Vans x Sandy Liang jacket and an Alfeya Valrina bag.Photographed by Polly Irungu.
The chunkier the chain, the better the outfit. Photographed by Polly Irungu.
This 'fit is the result of sk8r boiz and fashion girls joining forces.
Photographed by Polly Irungu.
A multicolored suit with a leather patterned bucket hat? It shouldn't work, but it does. Photographed by Polly Irungu.
These hats deserve a slideshow of their own.

Susie Bubble (left) and Tina Leung (right) wearing Noel Stewart x Self Portrait hats.Photographed by Polly Irungu.
You just got slimed!

Emili SindlevPhotographed by Polly Irungu.
Do we need to go out and buy a red coat? Yes, and you do, too.Photographed by Polly Irungu.
A casual feathers moment. NBD.

Amanda Murray wearing a Staud bag.
Photographed by Polly Irungu.

Day One

A monochrome brown 'fit takes NYFW, this time with an optimistic peek of midriff. Photographed by Polly Irungu.
Three cheers for stick-of-butter dressing (with a hint of perfectly burnt toast).

Photographed by Polly Irungu.
The only thing better than the look on this showgoer's face is her outfit's vibrant color combination. Photographed by Polly Irungu.
We've been on the lookout for the perfect pair of black knee-high boots for months now, but after seeing the pair on this showgoer, it's clear that our search is officially over. Photographed by Polly Irungu.
More mock-croc in 2020, please.

Wearing Nike Air Force 1s. Photographed by Polly Irungu.
We're all for any look that gets us thinking about a Happy Meal.

Wearing Margiela Tabi boots and a Gucci bag.Photographed by Polly Irungu.

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