The fairer you are, the wiser you become.

Fairness means to be unprejudiced, equitable, impartial, objective, dispassionately examining, and open-minded. Fairness is a concept with two characteristics to be judged by each individual for her/himself to be fair or unfair towards others.

“Being fair” is a mentality which takes multilevel thinking practices to gain wisdom: Being fair starts with being objective. Being objective means you are not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; but make judgment or decisions based on unbiased fact. Relative objectivity is a continual process in which we skirt the edge of what is possible. In fact, we are social beings with individual histories built upon both our own experiences and the life stories of those around us. See differences as just different and not as a confirmation of some preconception. To be fair and less judgmental takes self-awareness and insightful observation, tolerance and inclusiveness.

“Being fair” demonstrates a positive mentality and attitude: The very thought of unfairness comes into our mind when we face some sorts of challenges. Life acts unfairly many times by rewarding someone else for our achievements; one’s reputation gets tarnished by rumors or gossiping; or the old rules from the outdated customs or cultures limit our life opportunities and choices; even worse, the man-made or natural disasters cause many damages to the innocent people. We as the most intelligent being on this planet must acquire the ability to contribute in a positive way in unfavorable circumstances, and overcome barriers to become more fair.

“Being fair” is to gain empathy and treat the way people want to be treated: Be intellectually curious to understand how people think, not how they look, be insightful to understand people from different angles and be inclusive to appreciate cognitive differences and different points of view to approach problems. People have different preferences and interests. Sometimes in order to be truly fair, you need to treat others the same by treating them differently. The mentality, action and behavior to reflect fairness need to be encouraged via open communication, let individuals embrace their bias by sharing it with others in a non-threatening context.

Fairness is one of the most significant traits in wisdom, the fairer you are, the wiser you become. Set common principles for looking beyond the surface, and continue to improve your ability to be fairer and improve professional maturity.
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